Skank Robbers Fake Trailer to become a Real Movie

Machete was grown from pure fantasy in a fake movie trailer and thanks to stem cell research will now be developed as a fully realized film, and it seems that Martin Lawrence and Jaimie Foxx refused to be outdone.

Bringing their popular gender bent characters from their respective comedy shows together for a fake movie trailer aired during the BET awards, the pair are now making the spoof into a reality.

Lawrence played Sheneneh, a stereotypically flashy Detroit ghetto girl, as a recurring character in five seasons on his mid-90’s FOX sitcom “Martin”. Foxx played Wanda, a character meant to be the ugliest woman in the world, in several skits on hit early 90’s sketch show “In Living Color”.

The two fan-favorite characters were brought together for the first time in the awards show sketch back in June for a mock movie entitled “Skank Robbers”.

Now the title Skank Robbers is going to be adjusted to simply “Sheneneh and Wanda” for the feature treatment.

For those of you who read this far without shaking your head in wonderment, here is the original fake trailer that will become a real movie.

Wow. Just… my brain hurts now.

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10 thoughts on “Skank Robbers Fake Trailer to become a Real Movie

  1. Im sooooo excited that this movie is real and is coming out soon! I LOVE me some MARTIN.. Marty Mar!!!!!! He is the best comedian ever! I love Jamie also. You know what would be even CRAZIER Madea and Grandma Klump in this movie too. That would be some sick shit!!!!!!!!!!
    Chris Rock needs to have a female character too… That would be funny!

    1. I didn’t see the tailor, but I don’t think they should add other actors in just yet. I want these two comedic actors to have their moment and if it’s a hit and a couple of sequels and then begin to add Eddie Murphy, Jim Carey, Bizz Markie and other’s but not at the start of the movie have a moment where they need to recruit more members to do a bigger bank job, then bring in more skanks.

  2. In my opinion, they should also include Wanda’s sister Judy who was played by Biz Markie. Maybe Judy could be driving the get-a-way car.

  3. LOL, wow indeed.

    It’s great in the trailer when Foxx just pops up as the Wanda character again after all this time, he still looks pretty damn funny as Wanda to me. But the rest of the trailer was awful.

    But Martin Lawrence makes me want to kick him in the face every time I see him. The man is all out of character ideas and none of the ones he made up in the past were any good at all, especially his Sheneneh character. But yet he continues to push these awful characters out there anyway.

    Maybe Foxx is doing this as a favor to Martin. A favor so that Lawrence can actually get some work for a change, before his annual appearance in the next Bad Boys movie, which to me is his only kind of good character, and Big Mommas House 3? Ya, I still can’t believe they’re making that one either…

    1. Why are you hating on Martin. Just because you don’t think he’s funny or his characters were funny doesn’t mean no one does. Martin helped a lot of people get into show business. His characters and his show was the best and first of it’s kind. All his characters are memorable Otis,Shenene, the white dude, Jerome, the Karate dude come on hate on some else because you are waaaay off base with that comment. Next!!!

  4. I can’t imagine how much your brain hurts. My brain hurts from seeing that still of Jamie Foxx on the YouTube imbed haha. But yeah. I posted about this too, and I think I may have to stop defending Foxx’s career and Oscar win after this film comes out.

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