Empire Magazine Iron Man 2 Cover Online

We get our first peek at the Iron Man armour on the cover of Empire Magazine’s January 2010 issue.

The posing is perfect. It could be an intimidating look from the Man of Iron, or it could be just the armour standing on its own, granted with its eyes a glow and its power core never far from the chest of Tony Stark I have to assume it is the bold stare of Iron Man that is breaching the page just daring you to Jaywalk.

I don’t know that my anticipation could be higher for the sequel, though they are doing a good job keeping my interest maintained!


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50 thoughts on “Empire Magazine Iron Man 2 Cover Online

  1. I thought both TDK and Iron Man were overrated. The second time I watched TDK the thing just fell completely apart for me.

    I’ve seen TDK 2 or 3 times now and that was enough for me. I have no desire to ever see it again.

    Same thing with Iron Man. I didn’t have nearly as much of a problem with it as I did TDK but…meh.

  2. My beef w/ X-2 is the lack of Colosuss and Iceman. granted it’s only possible to keep focus on so many, BUT, we got cock teased with Iceman and colosus seemed like the effects guys added it in for fun, say what you will about X3 but at least the unpopular director put Iceman in full glory(2 seconds) and gave us at times cheesy effects he hit us hard w/ Profess. X !

  3. Same opinion about TDK …

    Correcto mundo on the “Kane” Mat S
    I used it to express that basically IronMan was a exciting time in the theatre and that so was TDK.
    That said, I think that saying one was mediocre and the other was the best of all time is bullocks. We tend to put box office receipts and greatness in the same category now-a-days and this to me is inaccurate. were always gonna have the Batman vs. issue and D.C. VS. mARVEL ETC. To me Ironman was a suprise cause they coulda went in a Wild Wild West direction or Daredevil and didn’t. Favreau carefully handled the material and even for his lack of action scene experiance he delivered. The sequel should ROCK!


    1. All I said is that I thought Iron man was okay. I never stated anything about any other specific comic book films.

      Comic book films I’d put above it:

      – The Dark Knight (easily the best comic book movie)
      – Batman Begins (2nd best in my opinion)
      – Spider-Man
      – Spider-Man 2
      – X-Men
      – X-Men 2

      1. X-Men 2 is one of my all-time favorite action flicks. It’s fast, it’s fun, and there’s some interesting depth to the plot. One of the only faults I can find with it are the inconsistencies with the comic.

      2. The only real problem I have with it is that Cyclops got completely shafted and Wolverine has an overly prominent role.

        Other than that, every character somehow knows how to bust out martial arts moves!

      3. TDK has to be one of the most overrated films of all time(IMO). One of Batman’s most well-known villains of all time is killed after 20 whole minutes of screentime. And, the ferry boat scene is just rediculous. Great film, but highly overrated.

      4. The ferry boat scene showed that there was good in Gotham. But, it was all ridiculous. Do you really think criminals who rape, kill, mug, etc won’t kill a boat load of people?

        Not in this case. Nolan killing off Two-Face was as bad of a decision as Burton killing off The Joker.

      5. Two-face was going to die anyway, either through infection or simply being shot down, he makes it clear that he doesn’t want to “escape”. Besides, what’s he going to do, rob banks?

        And people who have committed crimes can’t seek redemption? They’re suddenly incapable of doing the right thing and righting their wrongs?

    2. I also simply said that Iron Man was just okay, I didn’t hate it or anything. Also I love The Dark Knight, I think that’s somewhat overrated too, though, mostly because I know many people that claim it’s one of the greatest films of all time and I don’t.

      1. Technically, yes you’re right, I didn’t quite mean it in that way though. I just meant that a LOT of people have said that it was one of the top 5 greatest films of all time (even Empire magazine, ranked it in, I think, within the top 10 of their 500 films of all time list) and, for me at least, it’s nowhere near that high. So in that respect, I think it’s overrated. Still great though.

  4. Uh oh, here comes a hefty one.

    Okay, you’re right, people seem to think that just because “Citizen Kane” is time and time again at the top of professional greatest films of all time polls that every film should be compared, in every aspect, to it, which is probably impossible to do accurately (not to mention pretty pointless). They can’t be measured on all qualities if they are in different genres, but they do share many filmmaking qualities that can (and will) be compared. So to say that they should not be compared in any way or they should use a different set of measuring tools to tally the qualities of filmmaking (again, specifically the filmmaking aspects) is also innaccurate.

    “Citizen Kane” is still HUGELY important for two reasons, though.

    One, it was very influential in the ways it compiled all of the most effective filmmaking tools that prior filmmakers invented before it and used all of them to tell a seemless story. It dissected a man’s life in a couple of hours and sent a message to everyone that “film” was one of the “big boys” now.Not long ago, most other entertainment mediums didn’t take movies seriously at all.

    But, that’s probably isn’t the reason it’s at the top of so many lists. It’s probably more due to the second reason it’s so important, which is what it represents. It is the first time that Hollywood threw piles of money (it was the most expensive film ever made at the time, I believe) at something that was nothing more than someone’s pure, personal, artistic expression. Instead of smoothing down all the edges and making a smooth faceless big budget movie that won’t alienate anyone because it has no point or stance on anything (thus making them money), they completely trusted the filmmaker and backed him no matter what. Why did they do it? Because they didn’t know better and they’ve never done it again since. Because they didn’t get big returns.

    “Citizen Kane” would be on these lists no matter what, but the reason it’s at the top is probably more of a statement that the one movie like this that Hollywood had backed completely, but wouldn’t dare try again is going to be considered their finest. Critics and filmmakers want them to think that they’ll never have another “Greatest Film Ever Made” until they just give money to the artists and back away, letting them have completely free artistic reign.

    So yeah, the “it’s not Citizen Kane arguement” is very overused and rarely ever used accurately, if you interperate it that way.

    Alright, that’s enough film history.

  5. Didn’t like it BTW just using a example of (so-called) high standards.
    yeah it is over used but an example non-the-less.

    point is Iron Man fuckin’ Rocked!

    1. Yeah, well, even Orson Welles said that Citizen Kane is an ultimately unengaging story.

      Which, by the way, the guy who wrote Iron Man himself admitted that the action was horribly structured, among other things.

      Matt S’s observations are valid. And besides, a movie is a movie. The same standards should be applied to both comic-book movies and 1930’s classics, because they’re both produced in the exact same medium, in which specific rules always apply.

    2. Who the hell decided that Citizen Kane was the be all and end all of film and the one masterpiece by which all other films must be measured?

      This “its not Citzen Kane” bullshit is so over used its lost any hope of effective communication or validity.

      Not ever movie has to be a serious drama. And you cant use the qualities of a serious drama to measure the qualities of a comedy, or action or ANY other film for that matter.

      At this point Citizen Kane isn’t Citizen Kane.

  6. My response to a lot of the jobber babber going on above:

    Yeah, I have to admit that I thought “Iron Man” was simply okay and I’m not really anticipating a sequel at all.

    I love RDJ and his usual sarcastic wit, but I just didn’t find it to be all that funny in “Iron Man”. The story wasn’t terrible, but I didn’t think it was really very good either, it was rather cheesey in my book (which isn’t automatically bad, but didn’t fit the movie they were trying to make very well)

    Yes, it had great actors, but I thought most of them were acting well below their capabilities. It was dissapointing.

    The action, when there was any, was pretty banal, from the way it was shot to what was actually happenning on screen.

    And most of all, I rarely found the supposed excitement that was happenning on screen to be exciting at all. Which is a crippling issue for a film like this, when that’s it’s main motive.

    Yes, they did a good job of placing the comic book on film, but they should have been trying to make the best film they could rather than the best comic book. It’s an adaptation, they should have adapted more, in my opinion.

    So yeah, I loved “The Dark Knight”, thought “Star Trek” was pretty great, “District 9” was pretty good, “Iron Man” was simply ok, but I would not label any of them as “brilliant films”. That’s my honest opinion and I know for a fact that I’m not “impossible to please”, even though I (god forbid) don’t think “Iron Man” is all that hot.

    (btw that list is for those of you who think you need to know what I thought of these “highly rated and successful” movies before you decide whether or not I know what I’m talking about…… When, in reality, it doesn’t mean shit)

  7. Cookie Cutter? maybee but what action film or comic film is not cokie cutter?

    Ironman was a blast to watch, had good acting, was believable, and gave us a fun clifhanger.

    it’s as good as it could have came out.
    Hype is warranted in this case.

    1. I agree. If you’re a fan of the genre then Iron Man was an excellent film as was Dark Knight. As a life long Batman fan, DK was the movie i’ve been waiting for since i was ten. Now if we can just get them to make Christian Bale stop using that voice and maybe try introducing some kind of digital/tech device instead to hide BW’s identity it would be perfect IMO.

      1. I dunno, I’m a fan of the genre (for now, I used to be a huge fan, but as the days go on I’m losing more and more interest… mainly do to the cookie cutter mentality) and I didn’t like “Iron Man” very much. Loved “The Dark Knight” but I don’t think it followed the way of the cookies cutter, very much. So, yeah.

    2. Well, as someone who’s movie sandards are higher than most of the people I know (sometimes to a fault), I say that I think hype is never warrented. Almost everytime a movie is hyped up and I fall for it it’s a dissappointment.

      Hype sucks. If a film is truly great it doesn’t need hype, it needs recognition. We should recognize great films rather than hype up any random films we want a ton of other people to agree with us on.

      BOOOO hype!

      1. Oh, and to put what I said above into perspective, my movie standards aren’t even all that high. Which is kind of depressing.

        I just don’t like the industry spoon feeding me dog shit (see, that’s not a rediculously high standard!…… By the way, I’m not saying thy “Iron Man” is dog shit, it’s not great though)

  8. ya unbelievable how low we all sunk.
    iron man 1 was mediocre at best.. sure compared to all the other crap out there it was good… but on its own nothing special at all… but now everyone will hype part 2 as there was no tomorrow.
    dark knight wasn’t that awesome as everyone making it out be either btw.

    1. Sounds like you are just impossible to please. Both Iron Man and Dark Knight are brilliant films. I dare ask what qualifies as good if you insist on bashing these highly rated and successful films.

      1. It had a great story, amazing action, great actors and great characters. What more is there?

        Its an adaptation of the comic and did a great job bringing it to life on the big screen. I don’t know what more there is to expect from a comic book movie.

        Not inventive? That’s pretty vague.

      2. What was inventive about it? It was a by the numbers comic book movie. In fact, most comic book movies are pretty much the definition of cookie cutter.

        RDJ was the real reedeming feature. The villain sucked, the terrorists were bafflingly stupid and the plot was loaded with logical holes.

      3. I definitely don’t think it’s cookie-cutter. Far from it. You guys have got to be kidding me if you actually think that the plot was cookie-cutter.

        And yet, while the plot was well structured, the action and it’s relation to the plot was not. The writer ended up apologizing for how terribly that aspect was done.

        I look forward to a second. But I don’t think that Iron Man was anywhere near as good as Dark Knight.

      4. Visually, the action was definitely impressive. But it was the structure that bothered me. It just felt…choppy. Not smooth and fast, like most all good action flicks out there, not to mention comic-book movies.

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