American Gladiators are Superheroes!

That they are even making an American Gladiators film is just about as silly as the spandex clad personalities that make up the adventurous TV show, but now a new level of ludacricy is being added to the proposed feature film.

The Gladiators become superheroes!

Geeks of Doom offers:

Peter Iliff has been brought in to pen a brand new feature film in which the world famous American Gladiators become superheroes. The movie is said to be based on the TV show we’re all familiar with that began in 1988 and recently came back for a short two-season run.

I guess it makes sense. What does a bunch of physically intimidating TV personalities going to do now that the show is cancelled? That’s right! They will take to the streets and fight crime! After all they still have those fancy costumes, so why not??

Back in the day I used to watch a cartoon that had the Harlem Globtrotters in it, and each of them had a superpower that reflected their flashy on-the-court personalities, and I assume that is what they are going to do here. With flashy names like Lazer and Nitro, they could have laser powers or run super fast. Its an easy stretch.

The movie will be written by Peter Iliff, who you may not recognize, but he did write Point Break, Patriot Games, Varsity Blues and Under Suspicion. He is also listed as producing Superman Returns, 300 and Where the Wild Things Are. So he has a nice little resume.

Will he impress with Gladiators? Or will this be so silly it isn’t worth the time?

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8 thoughts on “American Gladiators are Superheroes!

    1. Without a doubt the hottest female mma figher/ american gladiator. I highly doubt this movie will make any sense. But since I used to watch the show when I was a kid I’m up for a little nostalgia here and there.

  1. If they’re going for silly, they should have gone with the American Gladiators finding themselves thrown back in time to 100 BC in Rome. They could be forced to fight in gladiator games and take punishment from lions, bears, dogs and real gladiators not using nerfed quarter staffs.

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