Action Packed New Moon TV Spots Online

With Twilight a mere week away, I am glad to see more of the advertising focusing on the Action of the story. There is already enough twibashing going on, but if someone sees this and thinks, “Hey, there might be something to that” then they wont have to feel so bad taking their girlfriend to go see it.

Two new TV spots have come out and the first of which is called “Never Hurt You”

While the second is titled “Battle” it leaves out the hints of mushy parts completely.

This is already looking better than the first film, as the book was better too.


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20 thoughts on “Action Packed New Moon TV Spots Online

  1. I’ve seen the first Twilight….to me, it was just alright. I don’t know many guys who actually love the story as much as the woman do, but that could just be the people I know. I am however, looking forward to the 2nd installment due to its apparent increased action. I guess it’s action, it doesn’t seem like edge of your seat, guns blazing type of action, but action none the less and any increase from the last film would be a positive one to me. Also, in response to the no shirts thing, in all seriousness, there are no problems with it obviously, it’s part of the movie, but I do fear that every single time there is a shirtless Jacob or Edward or any other man for that matter, I am going to have to sit through the screams and shouts of 15 year old girls. I am not looking forward to that.

  2. Enough with the ‘young girls’ and ‘teen chicks’ kind of words. Its getting boring. If you don’t like it then don’t go watch it[or say you don’t like it] and shut the fuck up. Not everything is created for you to like.

  3. this movie is rated pg-13 for “SOME” action and violence. Which means there probably won’t be a lot of action and it will be all crappy teen romance. Oh yeah this movie looks awful.

    1. While I can’t stand anything about the franchise, I need to disagree with the PG-13 remark. It’s my understanding that ‘The Expendables’ is also en route to being a PG-13, yet will have more action in the first 10 minutes than all Twilight films meshed together.

  4. In the New Moon book, the wolf pack go without shirts because they have a much higher body temp than normal. This is why everyone is in jackets and they are running around without their shirts on. Stephanie Meyers wrote them that way, to which I say: THANK YOU!

  5. whats with all the BOYS with shirts off….wtf this movie is already marred by this crap…now will the movie be any good…i really dont think they care cause the money will be made….i would watch this if it was not a CK1 commercial

    1. They are the wolfpack and turn into giant wolves.

      Its pretty clear in the book that they spend their time in very little clothing because they shred it when they phase into wolf form.

      Are you that insecure with your sexuality that a few bare chested men would stop you from seeing the film?

      Or are you just enjoying your reserved seat on the bandwagon trying to fabricate reasons to hate this that just prove you know nothing about it.

      1. Come on Rodney, really? I mean you’re right that shirtless men isn’t anything to get excited over, but to make insinuations about someone sexuality over a comment? That’s a bit much.

        Not to mention there’s a completely non plot related reason for the shirtless guys. Who is Twilight targeted to? Teenage girls. Put two and two together, you get shirts off.

        And the dude has a point- the amount of Twilight fan service is a bit excessive.

      2. Not at all. Why bash the film over shirtless men when you dont even know why they are shirtless.

        There is a plain and simple explaination that had nothing to do with trying to be a Calvin Klein commercial, and he would have known that if he knew anything at all about the series.

        He bashes the series knowing little to nothing about it because its trendy to bag on the big dogs.

      3. Rodney, you don’t make since. One: If a gay guy touches my leg on accident but it was close to my manhood, should that be a ‘logical explanation’? Just ’cause you don’t know much about something doesn’t mean a bunch of bare chested men are gonna’ make your drive any stronger. And you said their clothes shreds off. Congratulations, why are they wearing pants or shorts still then? You’re just protective over what you like or love. Maybe it’s not your sexuality, but that gives you no right to bash on someone. You’re a fool. It’s ridiculous.

    2. If you are going to bash the film bash it over things that matter. like the terrible acting, hilariously bad effects and all round crapness of the thing. I have seen some bad things become popular and have been able to understand or see why but this twilight craze has be absolutely baffled. I really cannot see what anyone sees in this thing.

    3. Bigsampson

      I cannot agree or disagree. I don’t understand your point. Youre saying that youre against them wearing no shirts?

      But… did you KNOW that theyre werewolves or did you think they were vampires as well?

      Theyre werewolves. If youre a werewolf you dont want to wear your favorite shirt everywere. They have little control of their morphing.

      There really isnt much of an argument about this.

      If they DID wear shirts, people would bitch anyway “This movie is stupid! why are the wolves wearing clothes if they KNOW theyll rip them appart!”
      People will complain about anything.

      1. Yes…they have to not wear shirts because they have trouble controlling their morphing.

        It doesn’t matter what half ass reason the book tells you… bottom line is the characters were written that way in order to better market the franchise for their target audience (young girls).

        He asked why they are shirtless. This is the answer. Period.

      2. That is a byproduct of the actual answer. The plot dictates for a number of reasons that they wear very little clothing because it gets shredded if they dont strip down before changing.

        Thats the answer. Period.

        No one complains that Rain will be topless for the most part of Ninja Assassin, or assumes its done purely to market the film to teenage girls. Nor did the naked Rose in Titanic make it more appealing for the male audience. It was just part of the plot.

      3. When a girly movie comes out and guys show their 6 packs, boys throw a bitch fit.

        When American Pie and movies that portray girls as pretty much, whores- come out, girls dont complain.

        I think we seriously need to stop bashing Twilight. Its more successful then most shit thats out right now. Lets face it, however you wanna look at it, its more successful then freaking Avatar.

        While we make fun of Twilight, Robert Pattingson is swimming in a pool of hundred dollar bills

  6. Yeah the action is good,but I think its a plus.

    Twilight is a romance, the action is but an extra. The books were good because of the relationships and romance, not because of the top notch action.

    If youre going to see New Moon for the action, youll be surprised because it DOES have good action, but its main focus is still the romance.

    I like Twilight because they showed the human side of vampires instead of making them dumb brute black eyed zombie-like demons who act on pure instinct, which got old 10 years ago.

    1. “…black eyed zombie-like demons who act on pure instinct, which got old 10 years ago.”

      As oppose to the ever so original “vampire falls in love with a human girl” story line?

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