The Movie Blog Podcast – October 5th 2009

Hey there folks, and welcome to the newest installment of The Movie Blog Podcast. Today I’m joined by regulars Soul Video and Christina Warren (of Mashable.Com and Flick Cast) and also by first time guest Roth Cornet of ThinkHero.Com.

Join us as we talk about:

– Clash of the titans

– Couples Retreat

– New Law about paid reviews

– Zombieland

– Invention of Lying

– Star Wars In Concert

– Box office chat

All this and a few things more.

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15 thoughts on “The Movie Blog Podcast – October 5th 2009

  1. Just thought I’d chime in: the proposed law regarding compensation for reviews may be one of the most dangerous the web has ever seen:

    Money shot: “Nobody likes deceptive advertising or fishy bloggers. But I’d rather wade through steaming piles of unethical crap on the Web than give the FTC Javertian powers to pursue shady advertorial. This is one of those cases in which the government’s solution is 10 times worse than the problem.”

  2. I’m a girl who love’s Star wars & i’m sick to Death of the Prequel hate & ben foster need’s to give up acting! He sucks!

  3. Yeah, The Invention of Lying is a movie with a great premise, but poor execution. Somehow not being able to lie causes you to blurt everything on your mind uncontrolably? Also, it was billed as a romantic comedy, but turned out to be some bizarre, preachy atheist “propaganda” as you described it. I definitely felt tricked.

  4. My guess is you guys missed the wonderful “Rodger Dodger” in 2002, but Jesse Eisenberg, who is in fact five years older than Michael Cera, has been doing his thing for a while now. He just hasn’t made wise career decisions.

    1. I really like that flick, Kris. And I forgot that Jesse Eisenberg was the kid. I just remember how damned unlikeable Campbell Scott was (intentionally so). I also thought that I would be seeing big things from the director in the future. It’s seven years later and I haven’t heard anyone say “Dylan Kidd” in a long time.

  5. While I felt that the Invention of Lying was underwhelming I think you missed the point about almost every character being rude. Gervais (as the narrator) already mentions in the first minute that because no one can lie, everyone always says what they think.

  6. Hey Josh great podcast i am going to go see Zombieland now and your gave me a great b day present last september when u did it on my b day thanks for great podcast pleas do more

  7. Excellent fun on this podcast!

    I thought Eisenberg nearly sunk Zombieland. I didn’t buy for one second that he would have been one of a handful of survivors…and I didn’t buy that he was the author of the rules for survival.

    I also thought that several key scenes got the short shrift…especially the big showdown with Woody Harrelson.

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