Kill Bill Volume 3?

I have often said that Tarantino is not the legendary god of film some make him out to be. At the same time I don’t dislike the guy, but his unique stylized film making is not for everyone and I find he is about 50/50 for me. Sometimes I love his stuff, other times I could care less.

Likely my favourite of his films is Kill Bill. Contained in two volumes (as opposed to sequels) the film came back to back. Well now Tarantino is talking about returning to the franchise for a third chapter.

The Guardian says:

“The Bride will fight again,” Tarantino said on Parla con Me to loud cheers from the studio audience. Tarantino first unleashed a yellow-tracksuited, sword-wielding Uma Thurman as the assassin out to dispatch her former boss in Kill Bill: Vol 1 in 2003, followed by Vol 2 in 2004. The films, which have grossed more than $330m (£208m) worldwide, also revived the career of the late David Carradine.

“I think me and Uma needed a 10-year break,” he explained. “I love the character and I think she deserved 10 years of peace. She deserved 10 years with her child, Bibi. But after 10 years something will happen that makes her fight again.”

I understand the desire to call it Volume 3. But in reality it should be Kill Bill 2 since the first two were one uninterupted story with an interuption. Which is why they called them Volume and not 1 & 2. This new story will be 10 years later, and hardly a direct continuation of the same story. This will be a new story.

SpolilerBut then can you call it Kill Bill? Will her new adversary also be named Bill? I hope to hell they don’t say he survived. Aside from having to recast Bill (Caradine passed away earlier this year) it would take away from the epic journey that the Bride had to take to face him.

So I am very much looking forward to a Kill Bill Volume 3 or whatever they choose to name it.

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29 thoughts on “Kill Bill Volume 3?

  1. Does anyone remember what happened to Bill i.e. David Carradine? He died of autoerotic asphyxiation in Thai hotel room (or maybe not. Apparently his ex-wife was so suspicious of his death that she investigated his death and wrote a book about what she found, “David Carradine: The Eye of My Tornado). How can there be a new Kill Bill without Bill? I feel that would be a huge mistake. The entire point of the first two volumes was to kill bill. David Carradine’s character played a pivotal role. How can you replace that?

      1. I said “how” could you replace that not “why”. I know that Bill dies. Kiling Bill was the entire point of the film. To carry it on any further would be silly.

  2. I don’t see how people can bash inglorious? #44 in Imdb’s top 250 for a reason lol… It’s probably better than reservoir and certainly better than Kill Bill (at least vol 2)… When I saw Inglorious for the first time I absolutely loved it, the ending was great! And not to mention Christoph Waltz may be one of the best actors I have EVER seen.

  3. MR Tibbs is spot on..I remember an interview with QT just after the part two came out saying pretty much exactly the same the thing.

  4. Tarantino’s only faultered for me with the terrible Jackie Brown and the completely one-dimensional Ingluorious Basterds. Otherwise, I love his movies. I’d be exciited to see Kill Bill Vol. 3.

  5. To me Tarantino is at sometimes a genius, and others a total failure. He can make films like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill or Reservoir Dogs- and then make total crap like Inglorious Basterds, Death Proof, Jackie Brown.

    Much like John’s argument about Polanski, people try to use erroneous arguments to validate his bad movies- saying “Oh yeah but Pulp Fiction was sssoooooo good!” But you know what? That still doesn’t make his bad movies any better.

    Now, to get back to the topic- Since for me the Kill Bill films were total win I would like to see a third, but I won’t necessarily go into thinking it will be as good, especially since Tarantino can be so inconsistent.

  6. Yea I read bout this like a week ago he wants to start production in 2014 on it n have it revolve around vernita greens daughter gettin revenge on thurmans characater n he also said he has a draft for a vol4 which centers on two crazy88s killers who uma left limbless n the other without eyes but I don’t like the premise to this one as much as I do to vol3

  7. I think it could be do-able… Have Elle be the main antagonist. She learns how to fight blind as well as Stevie Wonder plays the piano… She ropes in Vernita’s daughter. Maybe Sophie Fatale… There were still some villains left to work with. You could even have Uma fight Esteban (Bill’s father figure). Maybe he’s more agile than we were led to believe…

    1. Whenever anyone brings up the fate of Sophie and Elle, I can’t help but imagine the pair trying to drive a car. Yeah, prosthetic limbs and all, but funny mental image.

      If he kept his word, I’d go see a third movie.

  8. Never gonna happen. He does this all the time. Where is the Vega Brothers movie? Where is that Less Than Zero Remake? It’s all random stuff he feeds people from time to time.

  9. I recall the scenario for a sequel would involve having Elle fight Vernita Green’s daughter…like she tells her in the movie when she wants revenge she’ll be ready.

    1. Exactly. I read somewhere that that is why he wanted to wait so long in between movies, because he wanted to use the same girl and give Uma time to age a little bit. Who knows if the girl can act though…….

    2. In that case it should be named “Kill Beatrix” and the star should be Ambrosia Kelley (a.k.a. Nikki Bell). …and that would make sense though as to why he could justify calling it “Kill Bill Vol. 3” I mean, you can’t shoot it(simultaneously) with the same actress playing the role if she is too young for the part at the time.

  10. If I recall correctly… wasn’t Kill Bill originally planned to be a 3 volume set, but then at the last second he combined the second and third volume making it two volumes instead? I could be wrong, I just have a vague memory of reading the three volume thing while the first volume was in production. Not that it has anything to do with this third movie, just something interesting that he would come back and decide to make a third movie anyway.

    1. It was originally supposed to be 1, split into two (along with losing a couple of really cool scenes).


      after KB1&2 came out, he spilled the beans on possible ideas for vol. 0/3 which would either be about bill’s adventures before kill bill, or vernita green’s daughter getting her revenge on the bride.

  11. Read about this the other day. If he can make it a solid trilogy I’m all in. I hope he doesn’t make a franchise amount of sequels though. I’d like to see what he does with it though. I’m in.

    1. Considering he takes FOREVER to put a movie out, from the time it’s announced to the time it’s in theaters, I doubt he’ll be using too much more of his time on this franchise, unless he licenses it out to someone else for like an anime series or something…which, now that I think about it wouldn’t be all that bad, if they perhaps had a prequel series showing her adventures as an assasin before everything turned sour. But that’s just me.

      But yeah, he surely won’t be taking time to make a 4th, and that’s if he’s even serious about part 3.

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