Raimi Confirms Campbell’s Meaty Spiderman 4 Role

Bruce Campbell dropped a hint that he would have a bigger role in Spider-Man 4, and finally Sam Raimi was asked to confirm it. And he does!

MTV Splash says:

When MTV News had a chance to talk to Raimi, of course we needed to know if Campbell was speaking the truth. After sneaking into cameos in the first three “Spider-Man” flicks, has the “Evil Dead” star really nabbed a major part in the fourth installment?

As soon as I asked Raimi this question, he burst into laughter, as you can hear if you click on the video in this post. “I promised him we would write something because I really love putting him in the pictures,” he then said. “I promised him a good, meaty role.”

While I am in the camp that would LOVE to see Bruce Campbell in a bigger role.

Maybe they will have him star as a minor character who will admit to being unable to keep a job and confessing to past jobs of a wrestling announcer, stubborn usher and faking an accent to be a snooty Maitre d’. And flesh out the role getting past the reoccuring plot of Peter being unable to hold a job.

Whatever it is, I can’t wait to see him better off, but I don’t think “meatier role” will be the speculated role of Mysterio. But I can hope.

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19 thoughts on “Raimi Confirms Campbell’s Meaty Spiderman 4 Role

  1. Truly awesome news. I wanted Campbell to have a bigger role, beyond just a cameo, ever since he was in the first Spider-Man movie. The man is just awesome and his longer part in Spider-Man 3 was one of the best parts of the whole movie. Which isn’t saying much for that weak film, but still, he was really great in it.

  2. If chins could kill:confessions of a b-grade actor is one of the best reads I have had in ages. This guy is awesome cause he knows he is nothing more than a B list actor and he revels in it. Bruce Campbell for President LOL

  3. Sam Raimi needs to stop fucking concentrating on sucking this guys balls and getting his first shitty car in all his movies as a cameo and try and make a good Spider-Man 4 movie

    As a fan of 1,2, AND 3- I’m fucking worried.

    1. You’re worried that he’s going to spend to much time trying to write a role for Cambell in the movie? Why? You think that’s going to consume him to the point where it hurts the movie? lol

      1. Omg. I just dont see Mysterio being a villain I can take seriously.

        BUT, then again…. I said the same about Juggernaut and he ended up looking like someone that would rape me in jail repeatedly (which is a good thing…not for me but for the character).

    2. LOL, okay…

      I take it your not a fan of Bruce Campbell.

      It’s just Sam wanting to give Campbell a bigger role this time around. Campbell only helped Raimi get to where he is today by being so awesome in the Evil Dead series. Just because this is the first Spider-Man 4 news in a while doesn’t mean it’s all Raimi is working on for the movie.

      Ya he screwed up Spider-Man 3, but it’s cuz he was pushed into throwing Venom in there. Poor Venom. Hopefully the producers will leave him alone for part 4. Other then that I’m not worried in the least little bit, as long as there’s a good villain that Raimi can use for Spiddy to play well off of, the movie should be great.

      Also, don’t forget Raimi is already working on the World of Warcraft movie pretty much at the same time as Spider-Man 4. So compared to that, him working out a bigger role for Campbell is a very small distraction, if you can even call it a distraction at all.

      1. The only thing this man seems committed about is giving his fucking car a cameo in all his bitch ass movies.

        I bleed out of my eyes everytime someone points out Campbells awesome cameos in the Spiderman movies shortly after complaining how much the movies suck.

        This is Raimi:

        “Well..we still havent decided who the main villain will be…keep an ear open..”

        this is him 2 minutes later:
        “Bruce Campbell WILL have a bigger role! I just finished planning it, and his cameo is going to rock everyone’s socks off…and.. a little surprise to all my fans… my car is going to have a pretty sick scene as well”

        I liked him in Evil Dead (maybe because I was 6 when I saw that fucking movie) but his roles in SpiderMan have always made me want to rip my little puppies fur off

  4. Wow that would be awesome with a capital A if Bruce was a baddie in Spidey 4, his cameos have been awesome, time to give the big guy a bit more of the spotlight.

  5. I’m just happy their are giving him a bigger role, since he started working in Burn Notice I’ve noticed his popularity has been increasing.

    Not that he’s going to start becoming anything more then a B-list actor but it’s nice to see him getting work.

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