Dreamworks decides to get Wicked

Young Adult novels seem to be the new barrel to which we have yet to reach the bottom. This of course is not a new trend, but one that is simply getting a lot of attention as of late.

Well the lesser known book series called Wicked has been picked up by DreamWorks and the first book will be made into a feature film with options for the rest of the series.

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Aaron and Matthew Benay have sold a pitch to DreamWorks based on the five-book series Wicked, written by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie. DreamWorks co-president of production Mark Sourian preemptively grabbed the adaptation for mid-six figures and optioned the rest of the series.

Described by someone close to the project as “Twilight meets Wanted with witchcraft,” the young-adult “Wicked” novels include “Witch,” “Curse,” “Legacy,” “Spellbound” and “Resurrection.”

Now keep in mind this is NOT the book from which the Broadway Musical Wicked got its source material. So this in no way is connected to the proposed movie based on the musical.

I wonder if witches will replace werewolves after the current Vampire craze is over?

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4 thoughts on “Dreamworks decides to get Wicked

  1. I read these books. They are quite violent for young adults. Albeit it is magikal violence, but people die and get severly disfigured. If they do this right it will be a great film. If they decide to go the teen girl route they will ruin a “wicked” idea.

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