The Movie Blog Podcast – September 15th 2009

Greetings folks and thanks for joining us for the newest installment of The Movie Blog podcast. On today’s episode I’m joined by Soul Video, Christina Warren and Kris Tapley. Together we talk about:

1) Patrick Swayze

2) Spider-Man 4 Stuff

3) Indiana Jones 5

4) Hancock2

5) Big Fan

6) The Informant!

7) Sorority Row

All this and a few things more.

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26 thoughts on “The Movie Blog Podcast – September 15th 2009

  1. I want Nagy and the Priest man (totally forgotten his name) back! Those podcasts were legendary! Although I do greatly appreciate the efforts of the new weekly podcasts!

  2. I agree with everyone in the podcast saying that E is a fuckhead not being with Sloan and instead going for schizo Ashley.

    “I would be groveling in front of Sloan.” – Tapley

    Well put, Tapley, well put. I’d do the same thing.

  3. Spider-Man 4 if spider man 4 comes out I think it will have the same main theme and maybe spider man and mary jane will get married and the baby might have powers also who would be the other super villian in the movie?

    Hancock was on of my favorite movies and if they came out with Hancock 2 they could grow with the main theme!

    Sorority Row seem like an amazing moviee!!
    i really cant wait to see it

  4. Great cast, and show as usual. I loved the mini review of the Informant! I have never seen that Hayden movie that was mentioned before but loved The Insider, can’t wait for Friday to see it. Hey John, I just wanted to know if we will ever see Doug again on a show in the future?

  5. I cant believe that 4 human beings that are knowledgeable on movies would gather and all agree that Hancock was “okay”

    I mean…WHAT a coincidence!

    Its like finding 4 really smart stockholders that would all agree that GMC is what we should invest on next.

    I cant believe I just witnessed this from four people that know 45 times more shit about movies then me:
    “Yeah…it was alright…”
    “Not the best movie…but pretty good”
    “It wasnt The Godfather but i enjoyed it”
    “Meh…id like a sequel..not complaining…meh”

    I litterally stood up to walk out and had to sit down because my little brother wanted me to stay. I did this when the blonde girl threw Wil Smith outside, it was the worst scene ever…it ruined the already shitty movie. And i was like
    “Shes a super too? Thats it” ::::gets up::::

    NOTHING AGAINST YOUR OPINION YOU GUYS, it was a great podcast, im just dropping my 2 cents as well…i have NO PITY for this movie. I dont care if Will 8 Pounds Persuitofhappyness Smith was in it.

    1. I enjoyed the first half (I saw it as a popcorn flick with some family), but even I…a guy who absolutely loves movies and has a hard time saying or looking for negative things in them…was a little annoyed with how poorly they developed the “second half” of Hancock.

  6. Wow…I’m starting to think I’m the only person in the world who likes Kirsten Dunst! I’ll admit that she was miscast as Mary Jane, but as much as she didn’t fit the role, I never really minded her in the films. I also admire her as an actress in general.

  7. hancock has a great first half …sets up a great great villain and then half way through turns into one of the biggest pieces of shit i have ever endured. and i watched twilight so that is saying something.

    if they can make a sequel more like the first half and avoid the absolute nonsensical second i am onboard

    1. Im sure that the line that drew the first and 2nd half for you was when she threw him accross the street and you found out she was also a super.

      Thats when i lost it too. AND i didnt even like the first half!

    1. Hey Phil,

      I don’t know that I “loved” Hancock, I just thought it ended up being “good”… but not “great”, which is why I’m a little surprised it’s getting a sequel.

  8. No surprise, once again every other sentence that came from Soul’s mouth was audio gold. Best line: “You’ve been Happened” ROFL!

  9. I seen an Interview a while back where bruce campbell refers to himself as the only charachter to defeat spiderman… He went on to think that was fairly significant tso maybe he was refering to that.

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