Bootleg Expendables Trailer Leaked Online

Some bootleg footage of the Expendables Trailer has leaked out and got all over your internet. As usual, someone left the lid off and now the whole place smells of the stuff.

The return to classic action has a tasty all star cast like Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Randy Couture, Eric Roberts, Danny Trejo, Charisma Carpenter, Steve Austin, Curtis Jackson, Brittany Murphy and David Zayas all being the Sundae upon which Sylvester Stallone is the cherry.

How can this go wrong?


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43 thoughts on “Bootleg Expendables Trailer Leaked Online

  1. I always miss the trailers before that take them down …..this sounds great on paper …I hope its good … I love these kinds of super action movies …Stalone still rules !
    Its missing Bruce Campbell

    1. Darren
      Snipes is in fucking jail, mate xD

      I not only secound that, i shall reform your question:

      “Why the fuck are there rappers who think they can act? And actually DO show up in movies!?!?”

      See, you had to ass a fuck, some exclamation marks and you had to make a more obvious quesion.

      Agreed, Mos Def was surprisingly good in 12 Blocks

    1. i agree….but people seem to be in love with those stupid campy 80s action flicks. nothin better than jumping away from explosions. but hey it looks like retarded fun…specially for fans of commando n whatnot

      1. This film is very much for the people who enjoy all those campy action films. I remember as a youngster sitting down with my dad and watching such classics as Commando, Raw Deal, Cobra, Bloodsport, and Above the Law on VHS. The acting was crappy, the dialog was horrendous, the plot always wafer-thin, the violence unnecessarily over-the-top, but they were fun as hell! Stallone’s latest is a love-letter to those extravaganzas.

  2. wow I saw the beginning and I thought, what’s this shit and in the end I was still thinking it. The acting looks horrible… I thought “Hey, is this movie supposed to make fun of the action genre?” when I saw the first 20 seconds.

    1. Most of those action movies from the 80s-90s starring Van Damme, Seagal, Schwarzenegger, Stallone, etc. had shitty acting. I never watch those films for the acting, but instead for the cheesy one-liners and grand explosions. “The Expendables” looks to be a homage of action films from yesteryear, and I’m totally stoked for it! It’s hard to imagine anyone walking into this movie looking for grade-A acting. Lord knows I’m not. Then again I could be the only one. ;-)

    1. I know and, thats great- but…woah…

      Is this cast THAT GOOD? This is a little too much…

      I still am not cure Arnold is in this, did Rodney say that as a joke? Isnt arnold busy with the whole California thing? (Sorry im not on top of my politics)

    1. aw shit Mr. T and Kurt Russel???!! SHIT! That woulda been awesome! But Russel already said way back when he did that movie “Soldier” that he was done doing action movies….uuuh THUS he was done doing movies…pretty much…

    1. If 50 cent should ever be in a movie, this would be that movie. He doesn’t even need to know how to act cuz all he has to do is be buff as shit (which he is) and kick ass. Easy peezy baby.

  3. All i can say is
    “AUSTIN, AUSTIN, AUSTIN, AUSTIN!” lol. looks good. What a cast. thematticus said it best “BEST CAST EVER!” lol.

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  5. Over the top movies like Crank & Shoot Em Up, Are fantastic for what they are. Fluff, and when you’re in the mood for fluffy actions, why not turn to these movies. movies like this that should be stoooopid silly but there are the ones to avoid, kinda like GI JOE, and i think those pathfinder type movies could be a lot better too.

  6. ‘a return to awesome action movies Michael Bay worked so hard to destroy.’ are you on Acid, when it comes to all out action Bay Rocks, I dont care what anyone says, its seems to be in fashion now to diss bay!

    1. The Bay criticism has now gone full circle. It used to be people hated him for making brainless action films… now we should hate Bay because he has destroyed brainless action films?

      1. i just remember the episode of entourage where he wouldn’t make a Aquaman 2 because michael bay was attached to the film, i laughed my ass off for at least a day.

  7. Best. Cast. EVER.
    A close second is the cast for Machete, but how can this go wrong? At worst it will be so bad it’s good. At best it will be a return to awesome action movies Michael Bay worked so hard to destroy.

      1. LOL. True, but there is a difference between a fluffy action film like this looks like and the 2 hour long music video shots Bay uses.

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