Scorcerer’s Apprentice Teaser Poster

There hasn’t been a whole lot of talk about Disney’s live action adaptation of their own Scorcerer’s Apprentice (originally part of their musical art film collective Fantasia) but now from the floor of D23, the Media Expo of all things Disney, we get a peek at the first teaser poster and title art.

I like the updated feel of the font and colours. I look forward to seeing more about this soon!


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7 thoughts on “Scorcerer’s Apprentice Teaser Poster

  1. Well, I have always been a Nic Cage fan until Ghost Rider. Sorry, I just thought he was a terrible Johnny Blaze, and the movie bleh.

    I have mixed feeling about this one as well, I dont see him in this role either. I hope he proves me wrong though, as I would like to believe again.

  2. I never liked Cage until I saw him in Adaptation. Anyone who says he’s one dimensional has probably never seen Adaptation. Not only is the movie brilliant, but Cage manages to not only hold his own, but excel, versus two of the best talents out there – Meryl Streep and Chris Cooper.

  3. Aww, I like Nicolas Cage. I mean, sure, he may be a one-dimensional actor in some ways…

    But I loved him in National Treasure :-D

    …or maybe it was just the movie plot I enjoyed.


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