Saw VI Teaser Trailer Online

I actually enjoyed the first couple Saw flicks, but after that they just turned into a repetition of the first with more creative torture porn graphic scenes, which frankly bored me. What was once fresh and interesting in the world of Horror has become boring and lacks impact.

But there is no sign of the popular Saw franchise slowing down and a teaser for the sixth attempt has hit the net.

I know some might be all jazzed about this, but it isn’t grabbing me by the short hairs.

The film comes out October 23rd, a tradtionally good time of year for horror flicks, so for those eager to see it maybe it will even get a full trailer before the month is out.


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15 thoughts on “Saw VI Teaser Trailer Online

    1. I think the carousel is what makes it disturbing. Personally, when I think of it, I think of when I was younger..when I’d play games on it (and fall off, haha).

      What makes the carousel so disturbing, IMO, is that they can take something that you associate with children and/or childhood and turn it into a deathtrap. Personally, I think that’s more effective than have each arm and leg attached to a car driving in an opposite direction.

  1. The thing about the Saw franchise is that they have a niche of moviewatchers and enough loyal fans (like me) who allow the film to earn 20+ million or so the first weekend, do reasonably well a couple weeks after that, and then tank, but still make a decent profit because the films are so low budget. Sort of like guaranteed “money in the bank” for Lionsgate.

    I was not a huge fan of Saw V, but will certainly be going to see the sixth just because I’m hoping the writers can pull off a nice twist like in the earlier movies.

  2. I loved and still have the first film. The second one was ok but overall disappointing. I always told myself that I keep watching if the endings were intresting enough to want to see the next film. Well SAW 5 was the failure. The ending was so week and you can see it coming a mile away. SAW 6.. not intrested.

  3. Has anyone else noticed that that classic “saw music” that accompanies all the movies has been showing up in previews for other movies? Valkerie used it and now that The Box movie that is coming out with Cameron Diaz and James Marsden has it. It bugs me. I guess it doesn’t BELONG to the saw franchise but I sure associate the two.

  4. I’m a HUGE fan of the series, and I always defended it from the hordes of pessimists whom had, to me, made it their mission to convince me how low the SAW franchise has gone in recent years.

    Now, I still love SAW, and will probably continue to watch the series until it ends…but I can’t help but be bummed out and disappointed that Lionsgate would want at least two (maybe three) more sequels of a series that was planned to finally end at 7. I know it’s like “oh, well they shouldve ended it at like…the first one”, but if you paid attention to interviews and such, they were already planning on making seven SAWs, for whatever reason….now nine?!?!?? That’s where they lost me.

    However, the SAW train is inevitable, so at this point there’s nothing we can do but sit through the next three years of everybody in the film dying, maybe even the antagonist, but somehow finding a way to ressurect the bad guy. Cheers.

  5. Isn’t this trailer a few months old by now? I thought Saw 6 was supposed to be the last in the series. They should bring it back to is roots with 2 or so people locked up again.

    1. Yeah, this is old. They DID have the carousel clip, but Lionsgate’s (the last time I checked) was taking those down.

      ..Probably because fans were hardcore analyzing it and figuring stuff out before the film was released. It’s refreshing to not know everything.

  6. i like the Saw franchise, because of the story it tells, but the last few meaning 4,5 were ok. not nothing new only back ground polt that werent needed. some of the story could have been shorten a lot and the writers could have come up with a better story. in part 5 the people who were traped in the house, it gave no explination why those people are there. i was trying to figure out why they were there in the first place and what do they have in connection to the story, i found nothing. oh well i hope number 6 will gave a reason theses people are being killed. those are my thoughts.

    1. I think five was a pure ‘filler’ for the SAW franchise. I agree that 5 was definitely a “wtf” movie, with the choosing of the random group of people…and it MIGHT explain their real purpose of being in the movie (there’s a screenshot of Jill pinning up pictures of the victims, along with their tapes, on a wall).

      But I guess they’re there because of the scandal they all revolved around involving the fire that was fixed.

      ..that’s all I got.

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