Jennifer’s Body Featurette Clips Online

Jennifer’s Body is one of those films I am anticipating will be bad because Megan Fox has yet to show us any ability to act. Her entertainment value seems to come from her pinup sex appeal or waiting to see what absurdity will come out of her mouth in an interview.

But Jennifer’s Body also stars Amanda Seyfried who has yet to let me down. So there is hope.

Aside from sounding like she is rambling on, Fox doesn’t offer much in the way of verbal fumbling in these featurettes. Perhaps there is hope?


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11 thoughts on “Jennifer’s Body Featurette Clips Online

  1. its another species type of thing right. most likely will be good enough to waste 2 hours but not leave any lasting impression or for the new to puberty teenage boys who have parents who block tv shows/internet fodder for the flopper

    woot woot

    I like that italian looking chick from the matrix/bang bang shoot em up or whatever that movie was called. if your going to make a sexy movie use her please.

  2. I agree. I don’t understand all the hate on Megan Fox at all. When I go and see a movie with Ms. Fox in it, I don’t go in expecting acting chops like Jodie Foster.

    For the movies Fox has been in, she seems just fine. Why all the hate? She beautiful, and entertaining for the roles she has taken thus far.

  3. I didn’t see anything that tells me this will be completely terrible. Not yet at least.

    I don’t understand the Megan Fox hate. It’s not like she’s getting cast as the lead in a Paul Thomas Anderson film. She’s been in a Michael Bay film about robots and now a Diablo Cody film. What did she possibly have ruined for you?

      1. I kinda agree with you.

        I mean, sure, Megan Fox is definitely eye candy…but I wasn’t at all unimpressed with her performance in Transformers.

        It’s not like I’m saying she’s a Meryl Streep (<333) or anything like that, but I have a hard time seeing what is so shitty about her acting.


    1. I gotta agree with ya. Bad grammer aside. Who fooled themselves into thinking she would be the next oscar winning actress? She is hot and for Transformers and Jennifer’s body isn’t that enough?

  4. Aw, I didn’t know she was sacrificed for some emo band to become popular. I just thought she was a bitch who wanted to kill guys for the fun of it.

    I’m all good now. This’ll be a good popcorn flick on those days where you just wann watch people die.

    1. I’ve heard it doesn’t show anything. I saw a clip from this film on Bloody Disgusting, and from what I’ve seen so far she shows once again that she has the acting talent of a porn star, yet she makes mainstream films.

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