Megan Fox is tired of Megan Fox

Megan Fox recently did an interview in Rolling Stone magazine where she complains about how the big Hollywood lifestyle is getting her down. Then in perfect Megan Fox form she absurds herself into a quotable quote that may just define her career forever.

“I’m really tired of being exploited and having everything I say sensationalized. It’s an unbearable lifestyle.” On that note, I think it would be really fun to exploit her by sensationalizing something she said.

To wit: “Men are scared of powerful, confident vaginas. But I wasn’t born with a special vagina.”

But what you were born with is a killer rack and sensual good looks that qualify you for eyecandy roles.

I don’t hate Megan Fox, and I don’t understand the hate that she gets. I find entertainment in her god like ability to shape words out of the verbal farts that come out of her mouth. I wonder if really she is as vapid as she is portrayed in every public forum we have witnessed her in.

I mean, Fox is what Fox is. Eyecandy. Can she really expect much more when she got her first major film role in a movie because she gave the director a chubby while washing his car?

I don’t mind when Fox is cast in roles made for a hot girl bending over a car with her midriff glistening in the heat. Shes great at that right? But when Jennifer’s Body put her in the lead role and all the marketing surrounding the film was enticing you to see it because of Megan’s Body or Megan’s lesbian kiss scene, or that there was a chance she would be NAKED… we made some assumptions about her again.

Could she come around and prove to be a fine actress? Sure she could. I just don’t see that potential.

She’s eyecandy. And that is not a bad thing. She can get a lot of money working roles that require eyecandy that don’t even need her to be naked. That’s a good living.

If I was typecast as a slightly chubby blogger geek in his 30s and my agent was lining up films for me to be in, I would ride out that train to the very end!

Just remember that Miss Fox said it herself. Her vagina isn’t anything special.

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29 thoughts on “Megan Fox is tired of Megan Fox

  1. Am I the only one that doesn’t hate her? I don’t love her but she doesn’t irritate me as much as a lot of people are. I think she’s just candid. Maybe naively so. And people say stupid silly things all the time. The press just magnifies it.

  2. What I find most tiresome is the amount of exposure she receives on this very site, surely its obvious that this story been run at all is only exacerbating the matter further.

    It seem that in recent months she has received a massive amount of coverage on here and on far too many occasions is the story itself, not whatever movie she might be involved in.

    I’m a big fan of the site, don’t get me wrong, but i think it might be time for you to focus on the movies once more, not whatever vapid non-story concerning Ms Fox and her cliched, hollywood existence popped up this week. It’s clear that she is making a career out of being an FHM featured adolescent fantasy figure, not aspiring to be a great actress, so her protestations are pointless.

    For the sake of all of us who are bored to tears by Megan Fox I think it’s time to move on…

  3. LOL, all I gotta say to he is good luck with that. Because until she proves otherwise, looking and talking sexy on film is all she’s got.

    Might help if she wasn’t always half naked and making kissy faces at the camera all the damn time.

    So… “Men are scared of powerful, confident vagina’s. But I wasn’t born with a special vagina.” What exactly is this suppose to mean? Are women who are powerful and confident born with a “special” vagina and she wasn’t born with one? Or women who aren’t born with a “special” vagina’s are powerful and confident?


  4. I would like to see her drop the sexual persona and just do something stupid, like a dumb comedy or whatever. There’s two genres where acting skills aren’t that important; horror and comedy. She’s already done one, why not the other?

    She should play a character that makes her look stupid(er) and ugly(-ier).

    1. If you think that ANY genre doesn’t require acting skills then you need to start watching better movies my friend.

      Just because its horror or comedy doesn’t mean you dont need to know how to act.

      1. Totally agree w/ you here Rodney, but maybe what he means is slapsticks or “scary movie” type comedy. There are plenty memorable horror or comedy genre movies that really standout because the acting skill of the actor/actress, like The Sixth Sense, When Harry met Sally, Clockwork Orange (is it a horror?), Psycho, or Monthy Python series…..

  5. Claiming that Darren’s entire post is based on politics or religion is incorrect at best. The point here is that her personality is a turn-off for many, and that fact is irrefutable. As for the comment: “You act like an airhead, you’ll be treated as one”, that’s irrefutable as well. People are treated as what they are perceived to be. That’s just simple logic.

  6. BEAUTY for Ms. Fox is only skin deep. In the past few months, she has had her own foot lodged down her mouth, and now she whines about being “exploited and sensationalized”.

    You don’t understand the “hate” Rodney? Well, can it have anything to do with her Miss Diva like personality (“Michael Bay is like Hitler”)? Her support of legalizing pot? How about having allegedly been bullied by a few nitwits and taking her wrath out on The Bible Belt? She’s losing fans on a daily basis, Rodney.

    Her looks only get her so far. Her antics get her press. Now she moans about both. Maybe her best acting is off camera. I don’t want to sound like a ‘hater’ but hey, facts are facts. You act like an airhead, you’ll be treated like one.

  7. I enjoy what she brings to the films she’s in. Has nothing to do w/ her acting. So far, she hasn’t proven she can do anything besides read or repeat lines on a page. Maybe she’ll get the chance in the future. Maybe.

    I don’t think she should be taken so seriously. She is not Meryl Streep. She has the last name of FOX. Come on people!

  8. I’m officially tired of Megan Fox, but the things she says are hilarious. In the beginning she seemed like kind of a cool chic in the interviews I heard her give, but lately she’s simply dumb and annoying. She also is constantly frowning at award shows! At both the MTV Movie Awards and VMAs she sat in her chair looking like a bitch and barely cracking a smile. I think some of this attention has gotten to her in both good and bad ways…she needs a reality check. LoL

    1. “I’m officially tired of Megan Fox”

      Same here. She talks soo much shit that its not even funny anymore. She says she bi yet she finds men to be “dirty”, and feels “safer” with girls, yet you have all these stupid teenagers that find her attractive. And she only gets cast in films because she hot, and she has the acting skills that of a porn star, yet she makes mainstream films.

  9. Well, does she really think people are paying attention to her because of her brilliant acting skills? She’s eyecandy, nothing more. She puts herself out that way so she has no right to complain that she’s being “exploited”.

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