The Movie Blog Uncut Podcast – August 3rd 2009

Hey guys. Welcome to the newest installment of The Movie Blog Uncut Podcast. On today’s show I’m joined once again by Soul Video, and along with us comes Chuck Norris and Christina Warren (contributor at Flickcast and her own popular blog).

Today we talk about a bunch of stuff including:

1) Are people too stupid to get smart movies?

2) Lindsay Lohan joining Machete a good or bad thing?

3) Rob Marshall directing Pirates of the Caribbean 4

4) True Lies 2 actually happening?

5) Funny People

6) The Collector

All this and a few things more.

You can listen to or download this episode of the podcast here.

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25 thoughts on “The Movie Blog Uncut Podcast – August 3rd 2009

  1. John;

    1) I’ll be very curious to see if you go back to what you’ve said in this podcast, when your film comes out.

    2) Regarding Chuck’s comments about ‘Synecdoche, New York’… I hadn’t seen the film, but I took a look at the discussions online, and maybe this is a great example of how ‘pretension’ on the part of the filmmaker slips into the discussion, and becomes a far greater factor than the question of the audience not being ‘smart’ enough to appreciate a particular offering. (Having said that, I stand by my comment about general intelligence being much lower than a benevolent society would like to believe.)

  2. Not only are (many) people too stupid to get smart movies…

    …but many (reasonably) smart people just can’t understand that what they ‘like’ is, in fact, crap. *Stupid* crap.

    I find the latter a much harder topic to have a discussion about.

    The truth is that people by-and-large are much, much less intelligent that we want to believe them to be. One only has to visit message boards for proof.

  3. I think stupid is the wrong word to describe most audiences. I think the more appropriate word would be lazy. Why do most people shy away from remakes? It’s not because they’re stupid, it’s because they’re lazy. People want films like Transformers 2 because they expect their summer films to be like junk food.

    Another thing is that what is the definition of a “smart” film?

    1. And I would completely 100% agree with Dan. You can draw comparison between cinema and fast food in that regard meaning that people will only pick something where they know what to expect and know what it’ll taste like. People are too scared to try new stuff I guess. But I don’t think we should accuse said people of having a lesser intelligence because of that.

      And what’s wrong with the Pirates of the Carribean ride Christina?

      Thanks for the show guys.

  4. There might actually be some truth to what Tom Arnold is claiming. During a SDCC interview someone asked James Cameron how he feels about a “True Lies” sequel. He stated that he’s open to the possibility, but only if Schwarzenegger returns. Then again, maybe Arnold read/heard Cameron’s response and made up the rest. After all, he’s been saying a sequel has been in the works for years! lol

  5. Hey John,

    For some reason there’s a problem with getting your podcast off itunes anymore. I have no problem with other podcasts. Is this a problem you’re aware of?

  6. He probably will take steroids for it.

    1. I already got to

    2. Lohan joining is a bad move, no one cares what she’s in anymore

    3. It’s alright. Adding talent is always good but i’m not sure if it’s a franchise that needs him.

    4. I think it’s good news and bad news. But we don’t really NEED another one.

    5. I liked it. I thought it was very funny. But your right, I didn’t feel the deep stuff worked at times.

    6. The Collector is a VERY good premise. I mean that’s genius. But “From the writers of the last Saw films” is not an impressive thing to have attached to your advertising. The movie felt just like Saw. It was kind of predictable, i thought it was ok

  7. I believe Rob Marshall, without a doubt, is going to bring something refreshing to the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean. The first film was beyond entertaining, the second one (like John said) was okay, and the third one was terrible. Loved this episode, eagerly anticipating the next.

    1. it wasnt that badWrite Comment here. Before you do, review these rules:
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  8. That’s how I feel about Watchmen-People didn’t get it. Thanks for getting around to this finally. People ARE to stupid to get smart movies.

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