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I don’t often talk about direct to DVD stuff here… especially animated direct to DVD stuff… but this one has me very excited.

There are two comic book story lines that I’ve been waiting to read for a couple of years now that I’m pumped about finally getting around to. One is “Planet Hulk” and the other is the sequel to it, “World War Hulk”. I’ve heard so many people say so many positive things about these two story lines that I’m itching to finally get around to them.

Anyway, Marvel has jumped on the popularity of these stories and have produced an animated movie of “Planet Hulk”. I’m actually really looking forward to seeing it!

You can see the trailer for it here:

So have any of you read the comic series? Does the trailer look like its captures the essence of the story?

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44 thoughts on “Planet Hulk Trailer

  1. The Planet Hulk comic was good, not as great as people were claiming it was though. The pacing was attrocious and it was quite underwhelming. It was more or less an average story padded to 13+ issues.

    The movie looks like a pretty good adaption though.

  2. I’m not impressed with the animation either, and I don’t like Hulk’s voice. A guy with that kind of lung capacity is going to have a big voice…he sounds human.

  3. I must say, I’m not all that impressed by the animation. Or rather, the details. If you look at f.ex. 00:41, or the close-ups at Hulks face, it’s not all that impressive. That an animated movie has lower animation-quality than some anime is disappointing.

    Besides that, though, it lookes cool.

  4. All those Marvel Animated “films” are unwatchable. OK, the ones I’ve tried to watch are unwatchable (Avengers, Iron Man). Hands down the DCU direct-to-DVD movies have been mostly excellent quality and watchable.

    How come in this one, Hulk is not Bruce Banner at any point? Is he ‘furious’ the entire time? And good point, Richie… he seems rather well-spoken for a hulking, angry beast.

    1. Well in the Planet Hulk storyline Hulk and Bruce Banner are very closely meshed. Banner’s consciousness comes through the Hulks persona and he can change back to Banner at will but chooses to remain in the Hulk state, he is in total control which makes him extremely dangerous because Banner is a genius and that is what the Illuminati fear. Without giving any spoilers, I would tell you only to read Planet Hulk and you will find a moment where Bruce Banner reveals himself.

      As long as he is in the Hulk state he is safe and near invincible and that is where this current Banner feels safest. Although he is still often prone to fits of near uncontrollable rage as he has always experienced in the past.

  5. Pardon my ignorance because I have not read the series but this hulk seems articulate and well spoken vs. the hulk we all know that’s more brute and unable to control his temper…

    1. Hulk goes through different states (mostly depending on the writers). Sometimes he is rageful, sometimes he can speak, sometimes he is in control.

      This is one of those control times. It is written into the story I believe

  6. That looks awesome. I love the books. Quick question why does Warner Brothers have the rights to all things DC and does some other company own the rights to Marvel? Fox releases a lot of their movies but so does Lionsgate and New Line made the Blade movies, which I believe to be a Warner owned company.

    1. Time Warner owns DC and Warner. Marvel stands on their own feet and is free to licence their characters to anyone they want

    2. Lionsgate usually handles the Marvel animated films (they also distributed the LA Man-Thing, and, since they bought Artisan years ago, they have all three LA Punisher films, although each are different stand alone films for better or worse.

      New Line had the Blade films before the sale to Warners.

  7. Hey John I wanted to ask you about Louis Leterrier’s Incredible Hulk Film and the future of this movie. Now from what i can see it seems you enjoyed the movies but i wouldn’t say you loved it but you did liked it better than Ang Lee’s version. To me this version hit so many right notes with how the hulk should be and how the story line went and also how obsessed General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross was to get the hulk’s DNA for his own evil deeds. I heard and i saw in an interview with Louis Leterrier about how much he wanted to implement the Wold War Hulk Story line in a future hulk sequel but he said since there is an huge amount of marvel characters going up against the hulk and his companions it would be impossible to do since half of those characters maybe more, are not even shown in any marvel film to date. to me Leterrier seems like the right man for the job is there was ever a chance for this film to be done.what do you think of this?

  8. this looks pretty rad, the comic was a good read and the trailer makes it look as though they haven’t deviated too much from the source. can’t wait.

  9. Pretty close to the comic. Looks good. I agree the The Hulk vs Wolverine, Marvel put out was great and DC’s direct to DVD animation lately has been very good. Superman Doomsday, Batman Gotham Knights, Justice League New Frontiers, Wonder Woman and the latest, Green Latern: First Flight are all top notch. With Planet Hulk and Superman/Batman: Public Enemies coming soon, comics fans are getting some serious lovin!

    1. the planet hulk series and world war hulk were both great story arcs. this looks to stay fairly close to the comic.although he was tricked into going on space as banner not as hulk so i would like to see how they play that off. looks great and in response to some one earlier the avengers do not destroy the planet.u should read WWH. FYI small ***small spoiler***

      if this sticks to the story of comics u will see a good cameo.

    1. Sorry posted too soon. Basically the Illuminate get fed up with all the destruction and havoc Hulk causes and figure this is a way for them to wash their hands of Hulk.

  10. Planet hulk starts off brilliantly then takes a nosedive near the end, same for world war hulk (even though it has the greatest one shot ive ever seen when hulk owns black bolt.

    1. I disagree, I didnt feel Planet Hulk takes a nosedive at end. The conclusion is/was it should have been. However, World War Hulk throughout was a huge let down for me. It was obvious they were riding the coat tails of the hugely successful Planet Hulk. I just felt that alot of the cross-overs and tie-in’s to World War Hulk were trash and really added nothing to the story.

      Planet Hulk is quality throughout.

    2. I agree with Planet Hulk being pretty sound throughout, but WWH did leave a lil to be desired story wise but it was fun to see him whup down pretty much the entire Marvel line up lol.

  11. I loved the Planet HulkWorld War Hulk series.

    It was the first time that made me WANT to read a Hulk book. Hulk smash? Yes, and this time its not just rage.

  12. Doc Bruce Banner,
    Belted by gamma rays,
    Turned into the Hulk.

    Ain’t he unglamo-rays!

    Wreckin’ the town
    With the power of a bull,

    Ain’t no monster clown
    Who is as lovable.

    As ever-lovin’ Hulk! HULK!! HULK!!

  13. is this the begining of Hulk Wars…if so it looks amazing….but it leads me to wonder if the avengers are going to blow up the planet and if hulk will come back looking for blood.

  14. I think that all the animated movies both DC and Marvel make are amazing. They stick so much closer to the comics that I am really excited about this. Planet Hulk is one of my favorites and the trailer looks amazing. I just hope it is cit short though. Most of these animated movies are only 75 minutes long or so.

    1. Most of the time, it’s easy for animated films and shows to stick to most source material. That’s not a knock or anything, but…a live action film might have to explain or justify a look of a character where as in an animated film/cartoon it’s taken at face value and rarely explained. I know, I’m preaching to the choir here…

  15. never read the planet hulk. not read comics in sev years. but the movie looks bitchin. I love all marvel and dc movies. cant wait.

  16. Planet Hulk deserved its own animated movie, it was an absolutely brilliant storyline! I always thought PH would make an excellent live action movie as well.

    I would suggest that anyone who hasn’t read Planet Hulk do so immediately, you wont be sorry.

  17. It sort of looks like it follows the story. Thing is Hulk was sent away around the start of Civil War, and played kinf od a key role in the things that got Civil War moving. Which I doubt they are going to go into. Who knows. We shall see.

  18. The straight to video animated movies both Marvel and DC have made so far have been fantastic, and it looks like this will be just as great.

    1. Yes, they have. I even was surprised at Next Avengers, which plotline I despised, but it kept my nephew transfixed for an hour and a half, and the animation was decent. His enjoyment became mine.

      But the one I was really impressed with was Doctor Strange.

      I’m a little surprised that they haven’t done more characters, and bring more awareness to them- not just when a live action version is around (such as Invincible Iron Man)

      For DTV fare, Marvel Animation is fairly okay.

      As for DC?

      Superman vs. Doomsday.
      there you go

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