Timberlake Reynolds and Cooper all up for Green Lantern

After reading yesterday that Justin Timberlake was a serious consideration for the role of Green Lantern, that little glimmer of hope I had for DC’s JLA lineup to follow the Avengers format fell apart.

But word comes out at the butt crack of dawn that they have narrowed the feild of contenders to Three possible Hal Jordans and Timberlake is on that list. All three of these actors had contracts that had them put things on hold til a decision was made, but that ended 5 days ago.

Collider offers:

According to the Reporter, the holding deal on all three actors expired Monday, which means they have to pick someone quick. Also, the article says the studio, producer Donald De Line, and director Martin Campbell each had a different choice.

So this is where you come in. Since they couldn’t reach a consensus, they’ve opened it up to the fans and online community. Which is crazy. They’ve pretty much raised their hands and said we give up. We can’t decide.

So who’s it going to be? Despite saying they are throwing it out for the fans to decide, I doubt that the execs are trolling the blogsphere searching for an answer. But we can still discuss it here. (You do know they read this site first anyways right?)

Justin Timberlake
I lost all faith, and hoped against hope that this was just some publicity ploy by Justin’s agent to get his name out there even though he never would be seriously considered. Some are even defending Justin claiming he has some “serious acting chops” which he just may have (he was decent in Alpha Dog) but I just don’t see him carrying a film on his own.

I would sooner see an actor in the role, and not a singer who is aspiring to be. Not to say that he couldn’t break that mold like some singers have (and I do believe Justin could be one of them) but I just don’t see it yet. Let him do some more supporting roles before asking him to carry something like this on his own.

Ryan Reynolds
Reynolds is a fine actor, and though most assume his sardonic wit and zany presence make him perfect for Deadpool (which we all hope is the Deadpool we wanted all along) I have no doubt that he could play a straight laced cocky test pilot with the sense of duty that Hal Jordan needs. In fact if it wasn’t for Deadpool, I would say go for it.

I just don’t see him getting this with so much Deadpool noise revolving around him right now. They will want to market the film with ACTOR as Green Lantern, and it would be hard to single him out as that identity when he did so well with another popular character in a competing franchise. I’m not saying they CAN’T, but I suspect that because of this, they WON’T.

Bradley Cooper
Coming off the insanely popular The Hangover right now has put this guy in the spotlight. And its not like Cooper is an unknown, but he has done his time on TV, and other smaller roles in some mostly bigger films and then being one of the driving forces in THe Hangover? How can they NOT pick this guy.

Its a marketing win, he is a fabulous actor, and he doesn’t have any of the qualities that would hold him back from the role from the other two.

Personally I would have liked to see Nathan Fillion or David Boreanaz in the role, but they were going with a late 20s Jordan, so they just were not on their radar.


So out of the final contenders for the Ring, which actor would you prefer to see as Hal Jordan?

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