First Look At Iron Man Mark IV Battle Armor

The world is converged right now in San Diego at the annual Comic Con and one of the reveals has been Iron Man 2’s new armor. Vic from Screenrant was walking the floor and came across this display booth set up by Marvel showcasing the 3 versions of the Iron Man armor used in the first movie, and a brand new 4th outfit (clearly going to be used for Iron Man 2)

The cool thing about the display case is that the Mark III still has all the battle damage on it Tony suffered when fighting Iron Monger at the end of Iron Man 1.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Iron Man 2 just isn’t going to satisfy like Iron Man 1 did… but keep in mind I did originally think that the first Iron Man movie would be all that good and I was dead wrong about that.


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27 thoughts on “First Look At Iron Man Mark IV Battle Armor

  1. Iron Man is way cooler than Spiderman.
    Mark VI is awsome.
    I hope that Iron Man franchise include a HALLOWEEN costume for each sizes.
    That will be awsome if they will do this, probably they will earn mor money with this thing.
    I’m dispose to pay 1000 Euro for this.
    They can use plastic materials for this.
    I’ll probably look like two meeters and a 70 cm back.
    This will be even cooler if the Suit is packed in a Suitcase like in the Animated Series.

  2. I liked the first one, it wasn’t anything spectacular, but it was very entertaining, and I look foward to seeing the next one. I wonder if there will be any hint as to who the next villian (iron man 3/avengers) will be.

  3. Have faith, John. It is possible for a comic book sequel to surpass the original. Look at Spider-Man 2 vs. Spider-Man. (On the other hand, following that example means Iron Man 3 will probably contain a scene involving battle-armor breakdancing…)

    1. “following that example means Iron Man 3 will probably contain a scene involving battle-armor breakdancing‚Ķ)”

      That might actually be funny.

  4. What a shame, they had an arsenal of villains to pick from and they picked the weakest ones.

    Oh, but!

    Gwyneth Paltrow will be playing Rescue! Shell get a suit too…which is cool, now theres 3 awesome good guys and 3 half-ass fucking horrible class-C villains

    1. You know I’ve never found Paltrow to be very attractive and even that brief lesbo scene she was in didn’t turn me on, but oh man she looked sooo good in that pic.

    2. Well in the comic books she got her suit. It had no weaponry but she got a suit built for search and rescue.

      And yes Matt & Jim, she happens to be the most beautiful person to ever set foot on our planet.

    1. I know. What pisses me off is that some human being knows exactly what it looks like and i dont. Lucky sons of bitches.

      I hope hes got all the machine guns and rockets on his shoulder.

    1. I liked Iron Man, but not nearly as much as most people did. Accordingly, I’m not as excited for Iron Man 2 as much as most people are, but I’m still fairly excited.

    2. I liked the first one but not as much as Batman Begins. This second one I am looking forward to but that is because I am typically and optimist and usually hope for the best in movies.

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