This Is Exactly What I Was Talking About

Last night I put up a video blog about the over-crowding at Comic Con and how the line ups for things are just far too insane to even consider going to panels for (especially when I can just find out everything that gets revealed at the panels online 5 minutes after they’re done). My buddy Kris over at In Contention put up this picture of the line up today for the Twilight panel. See what I’m talking about? The line was probably already half that size last night. Uggg… no thanks.


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42 thoughts on “This Is Exactly What I Was Talking About

  1. SDCC as well as the Chicago Comicon and Philly Comicon (both of which got bought and riuned by Wizard Magazine) have grown way beyond the bounds of the comic book culture. The fact that Hollywood and the game industry regularly turn to the comic book industry to rape and pillage is why these shows are the way they are now.

    As far as the Twilight fans, they are no different than star wars/trek, LOTR, Harry Potter or any other sci-fi fan for that matter. Yes, they are deicated to the point of being scary. But after going to the Chicago show for 7 years in a row, the male to female ratio was like 1000 to 1 if not worse. At least Twilight is helping to change that. Still wouldn’t catch me there, even if my wife wanted to go (and she is a Twilight fan)

  2. dont understand how people here can knock the fans, not a fan of twilight, but ive seen star wars/trek fans do worse…and the harry potter folks are big as well. let people pursue their passions……….that being said there are way too many fuckin people in that line

  3. All of that can’t be for Twilight alone folks. Indeed… Avatar is also scheduled for today.

    It SHOULD be said that among today’s panels (tenative) according to the CC site, is a “Masters Of The Web” panel. Now, I don’t know how many folks in that pic are for Summit be it AstroBoy or Twilight, for Jim Cameron’s Avatar, for Terry Gilliam…but if half of those folks are for Masters Of The Web…

    That half will be jipped and go back to the hotel because Campea isn’t there!!

    1. They will probably look back and remember the good times they had with friends and other fans. I’ve done many geek/nerd things in the past and sure I laugh at some of the things I’ve done but I also remember the good times.

      Remember that while you are knocking on them for being nergs/geeks others are doing the same thing for you because you are “wasting” your time commenting on a movie blog.

    2. i agree with john a, its amazing that people can knock fans of something because they dont like the source of the fanhood.

  4. I hate it, I mean–Twilight isn’t a comic, god damn it!

    Why don’t they have their OWn convention or something, because they’re hogging up the ques for other fans that are into stuff OTHER than Twilight.

    Now here at Otakon, basically every HATES Twilight–we had some gear and fan art but now panels or shit like that. Why? Because it’s an ANIME/MANGA convention.

    But seriously, this Twihards are so obsessed over a crappy piece of abominable “litterature” that TREKKIES look like they have lives.


  5. Funny how everyone I’ve seen blogging and twittering from CC has said how awesome it is, and everyone who isn’t there is saying they don’t want to be there. I guess no one wants to feel like they’ve missed something worthwhile, or that they’ve wasted their time and money.

  6. That’s just insane. I’d love to go to Comic Con at some point but seeing stuff like that makes me perfectly content with reading updates online

  7. Reminds me of Disney World when I was a kid. In order to do ANYTHING you had to wait in line for almost two hours no matter what ride or exhibit you wanted to see.

    This is why i don’t bother going to comic con.

  8. DAMN.
    That doesn’t look like fun!

    They should just have a separate Twilight event, like Comic-Con but just of Twilight, that way all the Twihards can go to that event instead.

    1. I would say the same, but I doubt that they are ALL no-lifers. And really, who am I to question their actions, and their motives? It’s their time and they can do what they want with it. As long as they aren’t hurting anyone, I really don’t care.

    2. testify. This was the main reason I stopped going, it was just getting to crazy and over crowded. Wizard Con was good while it was in long beach, but then moved to LA convention center and that was the end of that. oh well.

    3. Tiglet – would you say the same thing if this was for Star Wars, Star Trek, LOTR, Harry Potter, The Dark Knight, etc.? It seems to me that the same guys who line up for those movies are trashing the girls who are showing up for Twilight. It may not be your thing, but who are you to diss other people’s passions? BTW – I am a fan of all of the above listed francises as well as Twilight and I really see no difference in people’s devotion to their favorite movie francise.

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