Bryan Singer Would Like To Return To X-Men Franchise

The first two X-Men films are a couple of my favorite comic book movies ever (I still think X-Men 2 is THE best comic book movie of all time… but that’s just me) thanks to one of my favorite directors Bryan Singer.

Singer (who also directed the amazing The Usual Suspects, Apt Pupil and Valkyrie) left the X-Men universe to pursue another dream project of his… Superman Returns (which, even though I know most people disliked it, I thought was brilliant)

But it may appear that Singer is looking to get back into the X-Men franchise. Coming Soon gives us this:

“I’m eternally intertwined with X-Men now,” he told them. “What takes an audience four hours to watch – the first two movies – took six years of my life. So, to not be part of it….It’s a shame.” They also asked Singer whether he wished he had directed the third “X-Men” movie, to which he replied, “It’s weird for me to watch it, because I’m so close to the universe. And also Brett is a good friend of mine. But, of course, I would love to return to that universe.”

I’m one of the few people who didn’t hate X-Men 3 (directed by Rush Hour director Brett Ratner), it was clearly the weakest of the 3 X-Men movies, but I still thought it was “OK” (seeing Beast fight was awesome). With that being said, I would LOVE to see Singer returns to the X-Men universe, even if it’s just for a Magneto origins.

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55 thoughts on “Bryan Singer Would Like To Return To X-Men Franchise

  1. I agree with John completely about ‘X2 X-Men United’ being one of the best comic book films of all time, if not, THE best.

    When it comes to Singer and whether or not he’ll direct this thing if the powers-that-be decide it should get made, it’d definitely be a smart ass decision. Lets face it, people, 90 percent of what Singer does is always good. At the same time, while being an X-men fan, I’m not really a Magneto one. I think that if he were to get hired to direct, the green light shouldn’t get turned on unless there’s a big enough demand for it. I mean, I loved ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but it’s pretty obvious the film had a few problems, and wasn’t met with extroardinary reception.

    Oh and yeah, I also loved ‘Superman Returns’, John.

  2. I think I read somewhere that Fox left Singer hanging. They held off on green lighting a new movie or picking anyone to direct. He waited around, assuming they would give him the thumbs up to go ahead with part 3. But since they never did, he just went off to do Superman. So it wasn’t really his decision not to do X-3. I know he said he was a big Superman fan and always wanted to work on a movie version but you’d think he’d want to finish the X-trilogy, something he had already invested a lot of time and energy into. I think it boils down to money, Fox just wanted a way to make these movies a lot cheaper. The main cast were getting to be bigger stars with larger salaries. The solution was to kill off a lot of main characters, maybe that was something Singer wouldn’t have done.

  3. Fuck You, Singer! You killed the X-men Franchise to make a high brow Superman movie, then you killed that one too. How do you kill two comic book franchises in the span of a year??
    Favreau, Nolan and Del Toro showed us all how to make Comic book Movies, you can go fuck yourself now.

    1. LOL, damn. Really I don’t think it was all him myself that changed X-Men so much from the original comic books. Fox films had a huge part in it. Infact, to me, Fox has yet to make ANY of their Marvel films “right”. And the only Fox Marvel film that did turn out even half way right, was X2, which singer directed.

      Even their latest, the Wolverine movie, was WAAAYYYY off base, which singer had nothing to do with the directing or writing, other then ideas that were based on his original ones.

    2. How did Singer “kill the X-Men” franchise? Not only is it still going strong, but that’s like saying James Cameron killed the Terminator franchise because he felt there was little if anything else more to say and moved on. (In a way, he turned out to be right)

      I wouldn’t say he “killed” Superman either. Someone else will pick up the mantle somewhere down the road.

  4. I am reading a lot of Singer bashing here. Don’t forget that X-Men and to a lesser extend Blade 1 was the reason we had the Super Hero resurgence of the 2000’s. If it wasn’t for Singer and X-Men there probably wouldn’t of been any, Spider-Man, Batman, or Daredevil movies.

  5. I don’t understand any of you people, the usual suspects, apt. pupil those were good movies, the x-men trilogy is terrible. Theres nothing good to say about any of them, there isn’t any particular actor that holds any kind of intrest in any of these movies. They were sadly all a waste of time, superman returns was just such a massive log, the only thing good out of that movie was brandon roth, I thought he did a magnificent job playing christopher reeves, and reall thats not saying much sense the movie is like almost three hours long, I was tired and bored.

    1. Wasn’t Christopher Reeves the actor who portrayed Superman/ Clark Kent in the previous movies? I didn’t know that he was a character in superman returns? WoW, that changes my perspective about the whole movie. So it was a bio pic?
      I feel that the x- trilogy starts out strong, but finishes kind of weak, but all in all was alright. Superman was good, but I feel that it should have gone in a new direction and moved away from luthor as the villain and given superman a real threat to face; someday it’ll happen.

  6. I also enjoyed X3. X3 is like Temple of Doom. It was clearly not as good as the other two films, but by no means a BAD film. Hell, I don’t think Spidey 3 was bad either. If you chopped that film into three parts and aired it on HBO as a Spidey TV series, fanboys woulda been drooling.

    Superman Returns was exceptional.

  7. Superman Returns is my favorite Superhero movie of all time. I want him to make a sequel to Superman Returns and close off the franchise(first 15 minutes kill the kid and lets get a movie full of pissed off Superman). Let someone else reboot it after that. He needs to remake X3 or just simply return to the X-Men Franchise.

  8. This news is good news.
    And bad.

    Let’s start with the bad. This announcement pretty much kills off his involvement with Superman Man Of Steel, which wasn’t a horrible film. Everyone picked on The Kid, and that The Kid backed the franchise into a corner. I always felt that was an extreme narrow way of thinking. There were (are) a hundred different ways to solve the “problem”, if in fact it was a “problem” at all.

    This means for the time being that Millar’s ideas may not necessarily be used (epic reboot, origin and all) but it does put more weight to those ideas.

    On the plus side, Singer is returning to the franchise. I see a lot of folks are pointing to Wolverine, rightly so, because he was offered the chair at one early stage. But I didn’t think the final film “sucked”. I liked it a lot…but because of being a prequel with at least four characters whose fates are not in danger due to appearing in a later timeline, it felt under cranked. But it’s not a bad film.

    But I look at the current roster of X:Men films currently planned.


    Now I’m not saying this will be the X film Singer will do and/or be a party to. But that is the one right now that’s “hot”. Indeed, it makes sense to me. It comes right on the heels of Ryan Reynolds talking character, and a former BSG actress and her recent research.

    Given the notion that ‘Deadpool’ could return movie time wise between the end of XO: Wolverine and Last Stand (or post Last Stand), the sky is the limit.

    By the way, that reminds me. Folks= at some point before X2, Deadpool/Weapon XI has to lose his built in adamantium eskirma. (“I thought you were the only one. I was wrong”)

  9. john, did you like or dislike Valkyrie?

    about him returning, i’m guessing Singer is just trying to get another hit movie on his resume. He knows that if he makes an X-men movie, it would be a guaranteed hit.

  10. His X movies were the best of the bunch, but to be honest there are way better directors to be used on X-Men, Singer should stick to ruining superman.

  11. This is good. Superman Returns was okay, could have been better. He should have moved ahead and told something new with superman though.

    The first two x-men movies were amazing, part 3 was so-so. Singer on the Magneto origins would be good.

    Is it too soon to have him reboot Wolverine, or X-men: last stand? I’m just saying.

  12. i think what they really messed up in Xmen 3 is when they start killing everybody, which really sucked, and made Rogue turn into a normal person,
    IF they do a X Men 4, I hope there is a way they can bring those people back from the dead.

  13. This is the best movie news I heard in a long time! If he comes back I hope he ignores X-3 and finishes his trilogy as he originally intended with a proper Phoenix story.

  14. I didn’t like Superman Returns at all. I didn’t think Xmen 3 was that bad either though. I mean, I’m not a rabid comic book follower and maybe that’s why I wasn’t so disappointed with it. 2 was definitely incredible though. Brian Cox as William Stryker was sooo good.

  15. i hated x men 3 sooo fucking much, i hate it as much as john hates spiderman 3. The only thing worth watching in x men 3 is “i’m the jugganot bitch!”

    1. I liked X-Men 3, and sadly, Slum, that was the worst line in the film, said only to appease the few handful who thought the fan made/edited internet cartoon was funny. The placement of the line in X3, however, was, in my view, questionable and inappropriate.

  16. i loved X1 and X2 – hated X3. sounds like Singer was being polite by not directly answering whether or not he wished he directed X3.

    i liked Superman Returns as well.

  17. I cannot BELIEVE anyone though that Superman movie was brilliant!!! It just stole from the first two 80s versions and made it terrible!!! Granted Bryan Singer did a fantastic job with the first 2 X-men, but it is soooo hard to believe that Superman movie came from the same guy. And I believe this latest X-men would have made even more money if Bryan directed it.

    1. Thank you and well said LAgirl.

      Superman Returns had 1 good thing going for it, Brandon Routh looked like Christopher Reeves.

      They need to completely reboot Superman, have Lex Luthor be a background master mind that acts like a man misguided mad man trying to save humanity from the alien rather than the used car salesman he was portrayed as in all the movies (I love Hackman and Spacey, but they both brutalized Luthor). Have him manipulating one of the powerhouse villians (Parasite or Metallo comes to mind), to try and destroy Superman.

  18. I don’t know… I loved what Singer did with the X-Men franchise, but I’ve loved what he’s done since then even more. I too thought Superman Returns was brilliant, and I loved the hell out of Valkyrie. I think what I’d really love to see Singer take on is an original science fiction movie. Now that really would be amazing!

  19. Oh man, i hope this news comes true.He did and amazing job with Xmen and X men 2, and John I also loved Superman Returns.Singer is the guy who can bring that great story and action in the new Xmen movie.

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