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Jeff Daniels has never let me down. The guy is a wonderful actor that will rarely show up on anyone’s greatest actors list, but should. He plays such a diverse set of characters and does it well. So who better to pair him up with in a dramatic romance film than Lauren Graham, while stunning is a slight variation the same person in everything I have seen her in.

Jeff and Lauren will star together in The Answer Man:

Jeff Daniels plays a reclusive author of a landmark book that redefined spirituality for a generation. Lauren Graham is a struggling single mom and Lou Taylor Pucci a young man fresh out of rehab. Like many others, they seek out the author because they’re convinced he has all the answers — but he just wants to be left alone.

This is going to play on the stereotype of a super famous recluse falling in love with the only person who doesn’t know who he is, but I am sucked in.

As much as I liked to poke at Lauren Graham’s range of character acting, she does play the sweet lovable single mom role very well and it works for this. And Daniels always appeals to me.

I’d give this a shot.

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6 thoughts on “The Answer Man Trailer Online

  1. I am one of those women who cannot wait until the next romantic comedy is released, but I am just going to pass this one up. I just do not feel the chemistry between the two co-stars. I know my decision pertains to their individual appearance and age gap. When the casting directors select actors, they need to ask themselves. In a crowded room of singles would these people end up exchange numbers? If the answer is,”No”, cast people who look more like a couple.

  2. And it has Olivia Thirlby in it.

    As much as many here will deride them, these ‘purpose in Life’ films are really tough to craft. (You know this from experience, don’t you, John?) When they work, they’re stellar. (When they don’t, they’re poo.)

    Fingers crossed.

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