Ninja Gaiden Trailer (By Uwe Boll?)

A couple of Movie Blog readers wrote to me about this, and I’ve got to admit I haven’t heard anything about it till now. Apparently there is a Ninja Gaiden movie that’s been produced and there is a trailer and everything. Not only have I not heard about it until now (which isn’t that big a deal), but the production credits at the front are for Uwe Boll’s company. Huh?

A quick check of Uwe Boll’s IMDB page doesn’t list anything for Ninja Gaiden… so although this looks real enough, I’m not 100% sure it is.

Still… sit back and… ummm… “feast” your eyes on this Nina Gaiden trailer:

Ninja Gaiden (2009) Directed by Uwe BollThe most amazing bloopers are here

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28 thoughts on “Ninja Gaiden Trailer (By Uwe Boll?)

  1. I dont know why you all are saying this is a fake trailer. I just saw the trailer on the commercials and it said ninja gaiden. The trailer looks bad ass. But of course Hollywood got a hold of it and it will not be based on the game. I hate when they do that.

  2. I’m an extra in Uwe Boll’s new film “Max Schmeling” filming next week in Zagreb :) I love Uwe, he’s my favorite trash moviemaker, and i’m proud to see him “direct”

  3. I have to agree with what most are saying here, this isn’t the Ninja Gaiden movie trailer, but another movie instead. The trailer it’s self actually looks pretty cool and I might have to check this movie NINJA out. I’ve been waiting for a long time for a good movie about ninjas to come out again after all these years and this might be good for holding me off til Ninja Assassin comes out.

    But I am so glad this isn’t a trailer for a Ninja Gaiden movie either and that Boll isn’t doing it. Ninja Gaiden is an amazing series that this trailer, if the movie version of Ninja Gaiden were done right, could not even hold a candle to. But if the Ninja Gaiden movie were to be made and done right, it would be the ultimate ninja movie for a long time to come.

  4. This film is indeed called NINJA and is by Isaac Florentine, the man behind UNDISPUTED 2 with Michael jai White and other direct to video martial arts movies.

    The star of NINJA is Scott Adkins, an Australian martial artist turned stuntman.

    Adkins is the real deal and has done stuntwork on Jet Li’s Unleashed and Wolverine Origins.

    I see a bright future for this guy. Go on YOUTUBE and check out his demo reels and also his fight scenes from UNDISPUTED 2.

    Keep an eye on this guy!

  5. no this cant be uwe,trailer is too good.Also for me i would want to see the main role go to Asian actor,preferably to Colin Chou(matrix,and dead or alive).he was hayabusa i believe that’s what ninja gaiden is about,but as long as the character fits i don’t really care who hayabusa goes to.

  6. Well, the action scenes look good. I’ll give it that. But as for the script and the acting…

    Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually was Boll.

    I mean, it looks more like Batman than Ninja Gaiden.

  7. Phil Wheat is correct.

    It is a film directed by Isaac Florentine called NINJA.

    Not sure why someone would take the time to change out the title cards.

  8. This is just result of someone who has no life, and they occupy their time by making fake trailers. Though the actual movie (Ninja) will probably suck, it looks 10x more awesome than anything Boll could ever dream about.

  9. I saw this trailer a few weeks ago and this is no way in hell a Boll movie. The action scenes in this look pretty good. The evil ninja looks alot like the new Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe.

    1. yeah i agree ive seen the the movie “Ninja” Great film, but i pray to god for a “Ninja Gaiden” movie maybe Micheal bay should do this movie after all he did an awsome job on the Transformers movies!!

      1. I love me some ninja gaiden and I don’t disagree with transformers. But if they were to make a gaiden movie. I feel it would be necessary for it to be directed by a Japanese director. With subtitles. Or else I think it would turn out to be something you would rather not step in.(shit)

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