The Movie Blog: Uncut – May 18th 2009

Hey there guys. Well, I’m back in Los Angeles after being up in Canada for a couple of months and it’s about time we got another podcast up and online. Joining me today via the magic of Skype are none other than Chuck Norris (my old producer… not the movie star) and Soul Video.

Today we discuss topics like:

1) Waiting in line for 3 hours for a movie you don’t get to see

2) Star Trek

3) All theaters going digital and what that could mean

4) Should he have been fired?

You can just download the MP3 here

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33 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – May 18th 2009

  1. Oh my god! Is the podcast really back? Well one should never abandon hope!

    I would really really really love to have a regular uncut podcast again! You guys were the highlight of a podcast listeners life!

    Please, do make more of these!

  2. Great show! Doug,Darren,and Bruxy will always be missed, but Soul and Chuck were always regular moderators anyway, so they’re familiar voices, plus entertaining as well. If you could keep these guys on and bring on Tapley, you could have Monday Roundtables again!

  3. I work at a Kerasotes theater and we are slowly going digital also. Currently we have one digital theater and the movies are shipped to us via a hard drive. We then download the movie to a computer that plays the movie. At this point in time we still have to push play on “projector” witch beat treading the other 11 theaters any day. I just watch Angels and Demons in the theater with digital projector and is was so clear almost HD quality.

  4. Glad you enjoyed the show guys! I miss you Darren, PhilGee, Robert, & Dan (not Kristina… NEVER Kristina ;)

    Hopefully we can all light a fire under Campea’s ass and get some more of these out soon!

    P.S. Finally saw Terminator!

    1. Soul,

      what’s the name of the website that you used to give advanced tickets? it sounded like or something

  5. like the Chuck Norris said we need to hold up some signs that says will suck d##k for more movieblog uncut but gald you guys are back.

  6. Another great thing about digital cinema is that the quality of the presentation will always be top tier. Distribution film prints are usually sixth or seventh generations away from the original print in which the resolution is theoretically less than 1080p resolution. On the other hand, digital files are digital duplicates of the final digital intermediate which are scanned straight from the ORIGINAL negative with no generation loss.

    1. It’s only as good as they treat it. Having a Red Camera doesn’t automatically mean that the picture will look any different from regular HD video. You need to color correct it to get the look you want.

  7. I do miss Doug though, if you can get him on for a podcast in the future I think the long time readers will EXPLODE with a joygasm… their pants.

  8. The format you used worked. Especially for Chuck because we’re all used to hearing him like this anyways.

  9. Soul, you need to come to Raleigh. We get free early screenings all the time. I’ve been to dozens of them and have yet to be denied entry. They only reseve about ten seats for media, and the rest are for us normal folk.

    The reason why they overbook the theater is to ensure that they reach capacity. Like you said, they always put the disclaimer on the tickets that you have to arrive early, but THREE HOURS? Sheesh, we don’t start lining up until an hour beforehand.

    Come to Carolina, ya’ll!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. finally, ive been waitin sooo long for another one, i was gettin sick of listening to uncuts from 2 yrs ago!!!!

  11. Been a long time, can’t wait. I only choose to commute to work while listening to the Uncut Podcast, that said I have not been to work in months.

  12. John when do we get an Angels&Demons review from you? I saw it last week and well i gave it an 8/10 details have been changed compared to the book but it works so well for the movie. Cuz its a movie! Ok some scenes where a lil too short but thats all to criticize for me. McGregor ruled!

    Uhm i will listen to the podcast tomorrow :D

  13. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t seem to get the damn thing to play, or even get the download to work. Damn it! I want my Uncut Podcast!

    1. As do I. My life used to be defined by SoulVideo hanging up on me when I called in. My life is meaningless without that. MEANINGLESS!

      In serious and as always though good sirs, thank you very much for the show.

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