First Prince Of Persia Footage

All video game movie suck. Tis a Universal law. Hey, don’t hate the weatherman… hate the weather. But I’ve always expressed some mild optimism in a Prince of Persia project. There is a vast world with a lot of potential narrative… and the fact that Jerry Bruckheimeris behind it doesn’t hurt its chances either.

Anyway, in a recent interview, Jerry Bruckheimer revealed our first glimpses at Prince of Persia. Thankfully it looks like they’ve gone very large scale with the project (which is really what they needed to do). Jake Gyllenhaal looks fantastic and it appears they’ve put action/adventure high on the priority list for the movie. I think this looks great so far.

Now granted… I’ll hold to my starting assumption that it’ll suck because it is afterall a video game movie… but who knows right? Maybe this will be the one to end the streak?

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21 thoughts on “First Prince Of Persia Footage

  1. You know what *could* be a good video game movie if they don’t F*** it up too bad? Kingdom Hearts. I could see that being good, I just think it would be hard to do.

    1. they’ll probably add it in once for a long gap towards the end.oh an it will probably be cgi.not sure why but it will be.the easy most achievable stunts usually are.

  2. Jake honestly looks a lot like the prince in the games. Maybe it’s the goatee. >_>

    The Prince of Persia games weren’t really all action, but mostly about the adventure, wall-running, puzzles and story-telling. If they’re not going to adapt this stuff to the movie, then it’s not really ‘Prince of Persia’. The game also taught some life lessons (well, the most recent one that was made did; don’t know about the others). They should really add this kinda stuff into this movie. Go Paul Coehlo or get some ideas from the movie Five People You Meet in Heaven. =]

  3. I am guessing this project will have a similar fate to the one of Pirates of the Carribean. Promising cast and lots of space for adaptation from the videogame-movie transition. I think it is hard for them to go wrong here. This is a genre type that still hasn’t really been explored for a long time. We had similar movies like Troy, Alexander, etc… I believe this will be bigger, I have no doubt it will become a sequel.

  4. First off, this may sound really weird, but Jake Gyllenhal in this reminds me of a Mog, from “Spaceballs”. I’m not sure what it is but it’s like he’s John Candy’s, buffed out, half-man, half-dog, younger brother. Go ahead, call me crazy.

    Honestly, that video has left me numb. It doesn’t look good or bad to me really. Could be either, I don’t know what to think yet. That’s better than it looking horrendous, at least.

  5. I don’t care if it’s fantasy or not. I can tell by the trailer it sucks. One dead give-away…No Persians in the movie. lol Typical Hollywood bullshyte. Fantasy used to be an exercise in capturing the imagination with brilliant writing supported by amazing (or not so amazing but who cared) special effects. Now, Fantasy is an excuse for suckering the imagination with overblown (sometimes brilliant – often times still fake looking CGI) special effects substituting for crap writing and mediocrity.

    Prince of Persia with no Persians in the movie or at least in a lead role. I’mma make a movie called King Arthur with no White people in it and see how it is received.

    1. Ahhh the race card! I love it when people do this for the just cause secnario.
      Truly I fail to see a connection with old sfx and new sfx with writing and racism. Lets get some things straight. First off its not a trailer, their is still alot we dont know about the film as far as what is going to happen. As far as CG sfx I didnt see any in the clips so why bring that up. Honestly I dont see how having no Persians in the film is immidiate grounds for failure. I thinking your letting your hate of hollywood and racist mind jump the gun in not liking the film.

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    3. Well you no what if you think the movie will suck then suck.Prince of persia is the best game in the world and the movie will be to.

  6. I so didn’t think Jake was right for this role when it was announced but he fits.Although i didnt like the footage because its already different from the game i played.the game more centered around a sort of fallen prince with no one to rule over.and here the city if plenty fill with the game u more got to know the prince because of his loneliness.i see only one chance of this when they previewed Jake(prince)on the mountaintop alone.this movie resembles scorpion king & a knights tale.

  7. just wierd that the game series other then the first 2 original ones long time ago….had realy no scenereay other then castles that looked anything out of persia…or iran w/e the fuck u want to call that area….it was all in a fantasy world etc…im sure they wont really even touch that and try to make it a epic movie like indana jones….so im guessing true adaptions are few n far between…though personally i would hate the fantasy setting.

  8. Hopefully this film can have the production quality of a Kingdom of Heaven or Gladiator but more fun and light hearted in content. I am not holding my breath for this though. These days Sir BK can be had for any movie with a moderate check.
    I also think Hollywood should start slow before spending big money on video game adaptations. learn to walk before running. A nice small production of Tetris or Bejeweled would be a good start. On the frozen streets of Moscow a square seeks its destiny….

    1. when u say vast i wonder what your talking about….ive played just about all the PoP games and really there isnt much story line IMO…this isnt god of war or something its about a guy who just continuesly jumps like mario to save the princess…let alone really persia isnt even in the games lol.

    2. You’re kidding, right? No storyline? All three of the games in the new trilogy tie in together in a continuous plot. The plotline for Sands Of Time in particular was rather ingenious.

    3. I do agree with you jake i think it should follow the story line of all three prince of persias i love the game and ive won each one twice. I cant believe there not including Pharaoh,dark prince, and the dahakara.

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