Christina Aguilera to star in Burlesque!

Christina Aguilera will be wiggling her size -1 jeans off the concert stage and onto the sound stage to star in Burlesque.

Coming Soon says:

Christina Aguilera will make her big screen debut for Screen Gems in Burlesque, a contemporary musical that Steven Antin will direct, reports Variety. Antin wrote a script that was revised by Erin Brockovich screenwriter Susannah Grant.

Aguilera will play an ambitious smalltown girl with a big voice who finds love, family and success in a Los Angeles neo-burlesque club.

Would this really be Christina acting? Isn’t she basically going to be playing a sexy dressed dancer… so .. herself? But I imagine at some point in the film she will have to do some actual acting unless the whole movie is done to song and dance.

Aguilera has a gift that supermodels are made of to look pretty and be able to naturally fit into different looks, but for obvious reasons the lingerie clad versions are always my favourites. She is a gifted singer, and lingerie just loves her. I figure the scenes where she performs will be killer and this is a musical, so it sounds like a good fit. But I wonder if she can act – or if she will even need to.

I am always hesitant when singers get jobs as actors in movies. I don’t mind it if they are playing singers, or they are in supporting roles where they are basically just being themselves. But there are rare occassions when a singer does alright in the role. Whitney Houston wasn’t terrible in Bodyguard. Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar for her role in Dreamgirls. And I didn’t realize that Britney Spears was acting in Crossroads until reality TV showed us what she was really like (movie still blew)

At very least the movie should provide some fun Burlesque dancing and some eyecandy with that impressively powerful voice. If you have never been to a burlesque show, I recommend it. Its a lot of fun and not nearly as dirty as some people think.

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20 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera to star in Burlesque!

  1. It is a shame that this film would exploit the life and career of burlesque icon Tempest Storm. The media reported two years ago that Christina would be playing the life of Tempest in a film. Now it has come to fruition and the people behind the film are denying any connection to Tempest, who is now 82 years old and living in Vegas. It is hard to imagine that either Cher or Christina would willfully be a party to such an exploitation without Tempest having any role in the film, promoting the film or being compensated in any fashion. She is beside herself in angst over this and has indicated that she intends to initiate her own media blitz. It is truly a pity when artists who get older are taken advantage of by the modern day millionaires who care little about authenticity, tradition and the artists who paved the way for those reaping the benefits today.

    1. You make a lot of assumptions there. You assume it is the story of Tempest, but the studio has said this is not Tempest’s story.

      That Christina was once attached to a biopic about Tempest has nothing to do with this project. Perhaps when that story was canned (for whatever reason) and they came across ANOTHER story that involved Burlesque and required a pretty singer. Done. They knew a girl that would be perfect for that.

      You assume. You have no proof that this is exploiting her story just because it also has burlesque in the story.

      1. Dear Rodney,
        Perhaps you are representing the studio or some other people involved in the film production, but your comments do nothing to address the facts that have been compiled. It is an old familiar ploy to attempt to skirt exploitation of older people. I’m sure Tempest has full intentions to pursue and remedy this matter. The correct thing to do would be to treat her appropriately in the fashion she justly deserves. You can have anyone involved in the project contact me and I will certainly make sure it reaches Tempest Storm.

      2. I dont represent any film or studio.

        The point is that unless there is some evidence that says this is the story of THAT person, then its just another burlesque themed musical movie.

        That Christina was once attached to that other film where she was to play a famous burlesque dancer/singer doesnt mean THIS one is about that performer.

        I am not “skirting” any issue. There is no issue. You are making assumptions that they are exploiting her story and not paying her. When there is no indication that this is her story.

        You also assume that you are “sure” Tempest will remedy this matter. More guesses. You can contact the studio yourself, I am not involved with it.

        But if Tempest really feels she is being wronged here, she can get a lawyer. You complaining about something you assume online is not accomplishing anything.

  2. 50 cent was so bad.. You can be bad even if you play yourself. We will see about eminem. He has a movie coming out this year doesnt he?

    1. Where he starred as a white rapper from the poor part of town in Detroit.

      Yup. He played himself even though the movie was not autobiographical.

      I could play ME in a movie too.

  3. I get the feeling that Christina could surprise us. It’s anything but an Oscar-yielding acting school, but Christina was trained as an actor, too, during her days at the Mickey Mouse Club (don’t shoot me, I’m only pointing out that she’s no stranger to on-camera direction in a sense other than a concert or video).

    And honestly, she surprised me years back when she hosted SNL. She was one of the better singers to perform on the show as a guest host.

    Dear Lord, I’m a straight, married, US Midwestern man in my mid 30s defending the dramatic potential of X-Tina. :-)

  4. I wouldn’t under-estimate her at all, she is an amazing singer and could have coasted on that incredible voice a la Mariah Carey (All voice, no heart), but she expanded her repertoire to include Jazz (performing with Herbie Hancock, Classics (Her performance of Etta James “At Last is breath-taking), and soul (go to youtube and check out her version of James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s World”). This could be another step for her. To branch out into films. She has the heart when it comes to music, I have every confidence that heart will translate to film.

  5. Size 1? I knew she was small…I am interested to see her in Burlesque. Seems like great musical artists have a knack for bringing emotion to the screen. If not, she’s still okay to look at…

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