Michael Caine sets Sights on Nolan’s Inception

Just because Christopher Nolan apparently only knows 12 actors in Hollywood, Michael Caine is speculating that he could have a role in Nolan’s sci-fi Inception.

MTVMovies Blog says:

Michael Caine could be the next big addition, with a final decision to be made as soon as later this week.

“I think there might be a part for me,” Caine told MTV News. Caine appeared as Alfred Pennyworth in both “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight,” as well as Nolan’s Oscar-nominated film “The Prestige.”

Now quite frankly, I will take anything out of Caine’s mouth as a fraction of a grain of salt. He is still going about telling people that he thinks Riddler will be the next villian despite Nolan making a very public statement that he hasn’t written word one of the script so any casting rumours are automatically false.

But at the same time, it’s not like Nolan using the same actors for other projects is exactly rare. So there is still a possibility that this would happen.

Caine will be in meetings this week before an official announcement will be made.

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9 thoughts on “Michael Caine sets Sights on Nolan’s Inception

  1. Michael Caine is highly talented actor and I would have no problems with his inclusion. It’s not at all uncommon for directors to regularly team-up with actors they enjoyed working with and Nolan hasn’t given me any reason to not trust him.

  2. Rodney, there’s nothing wrong with a director using the same actors, as long as it doesn’t hurt their film. If you contribute some of your success to a group of people, it’s probably natural to want to show you’re appreciation and help them out in that way, also pretty noble. A lot of directors do it, even more so than Nolan.

    That being said, I think Michael Caine is awesome and welcome the idea of a part for him in “Inception” (even if it does just turn out to be wishfull thinking on his part).

    Also, I find myself very excited for “Inception” and I’m glad Nolan is doing this, rather than immediately starting the next Batman film. I’m one of the few who thinks that “The Dark Knight” was overrated, still really great, but not like top ten movies ever made great and i thought it had a few bigger sized flaws. So, i could use a Batman break for a couple years. And I know we barely know a thing about “Inception”, but the fact that it’s a Sci-Fi film not based around aliens and/or robots (which we get plenty of both this year), the cast is shaping up great, it’s directed by Nolan, and, more specifically, it’s a psychological film directed by Nolan (“Memento” is probably my favorite of his films so far) has got me very interested. Hopefully it’s great.

    1. Didn’t say it was a bad thing, but its starting to become Nolan’s trademark to reuse actors.

      I would be shocked if (as mentioned above) that Inception was a working title for the next Batman and it gets released without the fans knowing a damn thing about it.

    2. Fair enough, your first sentence sort of read like you had an issue with it. No harm, no foul.

      I’d be shocked too if “Inception” turned out to be “Batman 3″… I’d also be kind of annoyed, but in total awe and pretty confused about how they pulled it off.

  3. ‘Now quite frankly, I will take anything out of Caine’s mouth as a fraction of a grain of salt.’

    That’s a bit harsh surely?

    1. Check out recent stories that feature anything Caine says recently. You would think he was writing the series. He is still telling people Depp will be Riddler and Hoffman will be Penguin. Nolan doesn’t even know that.

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