April Fools Day Blog Roundup

Yesterday we saw a pile of April Fools jokes that made it very difficult to find topics to discuss. I didn’t know what to trust. Even the above article about a third Men In Black made me wait to see if it was a gag.

We were no stranger to pulling the pranks as we said Lucas was making more Star Wars Films. In case you missed some I gathered some links from around the web sharing their pranks with you.

InContention Says Nolans next Batman would be Shadow of the Bat with Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher Producing, and Jim Carrey as Riddler.. again.

MovieHole announced Johnny Depp would play Freddy Kreuger.

JoBlo said Nolans next Batman would be Battle for Gotham with Depp as the Riddler, and using Avatar’s technology, they will bring Heath Ledger digitally back as Joker.

Cinematical reported an Iron Man Teaser titling it “Iron Man 2: Shock to the Heart” and series of viral sites that lead from naming Rourke’s character Metal Head and a linkfest that ranges from Russian Martial Arts to a recipe for Iron Man 2 Cookies. The big reveal is an April Fools image hidden in a link that promises a half beaten, half naked Scarlett Johansson.

/Film announced they would be making a fourth Matrix film titled The Matrix: Resurrection. The threat is a computer virus named Sloof Lirpa.

Screen Rant caused a wave of adolescent heart failure with their announcement that Robert Pattinson stormed off the set of New Moon leaving Twilight without its lead hearthrob. In a quick decision the studios bring on Zac Efron to replace him.

The Official site for the Star Trek Online MMO video game said they would be changing direction making the game Star Trek Babies Online citing the overdue return of “babifying” popular characters like the successful Muppet Babies.

And while I deviate from movies to Video Games, World of Warcraft reveals their new in game Dance Battle system. Now players can dance battle in PVP arenas with judges from So you Think you Can Dance.

Lastly ThinkGeek has a Tauntaun Sleeping bag. The only bad part is that it’s not real. I would buy that for my kids in a heartbeat. Provided it doesn’t smell worse on the inside.

Did you see any that fooled you?

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15 thoughts on “April Fools Day Blog Roundup

  1. Damn it, my friend and I fell for the Tantan joke…we thought it was so cool. LoL

    The Twilight joke is awesome. I think Vic and ThinkGeek had the best ones.

  2. Film Junk’s Mimic story was reposting the April Fools joke from Twitchfilm.net. They didn’t know it was a joke. Which I guess made it successful.

    1. I think Rosenbaum is done with Smallville. Last summer at FanExpo he said he wasn’t going to come back because after 7 years he was finally enjoying hair again.

      If he does come back it will be a cameo or short story arc for a few episodes, but he already said he would wear a baldcap. He isn’t shaving again.

  3. Although i must say… the Tauntaun sleeping bag makes me want to go out and have a kid simply so i can buy one for him/her and stuff them in it! Awesome!

  4. The /Film one was pretty awful…

    “Uh… Batman 3 will star Wierd Al Yankovic, who will star as a new crime boss named “Johhny ‘ThisIsBullshitImNotARealCharacter’ Crimeboss”…

    … … … Uh… did i fool ya?!?!?!?

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA… Not.

  5. Movieweb.com said that Zack Synder is going to Direct the remakes of Star Wars 4, 5 and 6 but they have denied this isn’t true! People in the comments aren’t sure either!

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