Vin Diesel talks Possible Sequels to his Hit Films

Vin Diesel sat down with Latino Review to talk about Hannibal, XXX3, Riddick and even the idea of doing a Fast and Furious 5

Vin talks about Fast and Furious going to Europe:

I think a few pictures at a time ahead. I try to work out stories in the way I approach sequels. In that, Coppola way. I try to think out the story, even before we go to shoot the film that’s at hand. So yes, I have been thinking about it. I actually brought up the idea of shooting both of the movies back to back to the President of Universal. He was like, “What? We’re just getting our feet back together.”

I will give Vin Diesel this much, the guy has ambition. You can never say any of his failures were from lack of trying but he fell out of the limelight for a reason.

The interview goes on to talk about returning to the Riddick franchise (Which Vin parallels to Lord of the Rings a lot) as well as his directorial effort while staring in the upcoming Hannibal the Conqueror.

He talks a good talk, and makes me wonder if he is just right off his rocker, fully unaware of what he is saying or if he is a lot deeper than we ever give the lovable lug credit for.

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15 thoughts on “Vin Diesel talks Possible Sequels to his Hit Films

  1. I had fun watching XXX with my friends back in high school, even though that movie is utter shit. He has no career anymore and he’s got a kid to feed now. Time to turn tricks, I guess.

  2. Dude…I don’t advocate another Street Fighter movie, but…Vin Diesel for Guile if they do! Look at that square jaw! And we know he has the guns! Get him some phony eraserhead hair, teach him to flip kick, job done! There’s only one line he needs to learn, too…”SONIC BOOM!”

  3. Call me a sucker for shitty movies, if you like, but I enjoyed Babylon A.D. So let the hate ensue. Hope he does get back to the Riddick franchise, looking forward to the new game coming out.

  4. Vin Diesel is a good actor, alright. I thought he did a great job in Sidney Lumet’s Find Me Guilty. I think the new upcoming Furious looks nice (I hope that’s not *all* the chases seen in the trailer) and I would not mind another Riddick film.

    xXx3 on the other hand? Not so much. Hell, they knocked off his character and stuck it as a bonus feature in a reissue DVD of xXx. They had a Vin look alike as a pilot and cracked a joke in XXX2:State Of The Union. They replaced him with Ice Cube.

    I’d much rather see Vin go for more roles like he did with the Lumet film, or get into another ensemble like Ryan.

    Maybe Stallone can call him up for Expendables II…

  5. i put on saving private ryan the other day, and had COMPLETELY forgot that Vin Diesel had a role in that great war movie….

    the guys early career seemed full of potential..but if all hes reduced to is now just sequels to his previous work, then hes not progressing the way he COULD…..ill still check out his movies, and this new fast and furious looks like it may have the same potential i saw early in diesels career.

  6. Vin is a likeable guy who has made some good choices (Pitch Black, the 1st F & F) and some really awful ones (A Man Apart, Babylon AD), and he sure has a lot of ambition. He could have been a top notch star, but tried to soon to diversify himself and lost touch with his core audience. I don’t know if he can get back to a higher place in Hollywood, but I give the guy credit for trying. I’ll always give the big guy a chance.

    1. I wouldnt call Babylon A.D. a failure because of Vin Diesel. That movie was a failure because of piss poor editing by the studio. I can name a dozen people I know who went and saw it and there main comment was….. WTF why was this picture cut at the end, the ending totally pissed off movie viewers. I must admit I was a little pissed myself.

      I can say the same thing for Chronicles of Riddick, way to short at theater. The Directors cut is worlds better. This has got to stop these f*#kin editors butcherin films to make time constraints for theaters.

      Its retarded to do so.

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