Ryan Reynolds Talks Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds was recently interviewed by a couple of websites about his role as Deadpool. Questions came up about how he liked working with the crew, his expanded role with the reshoots, his passion for the character as well as the possibility that they would do a Deadpool spinoff movie.

ScreenRant shares:

“I’ve had a couple of people approach me about meetings for a “Deadpool” movie but I think it’s absurd to think that way until this movie comes out. And I don’t even look at it like I play Deadpool in this movie. I really think I more or less play Wade Wilson, and I’m playing the creature that will eventually become Deadpool but in this movie it’s his newly formed version….so to speak.”

I like that he describes the Deadpool in this movie as the man who will become Deadpool. He also cleverly dodges the “mask” question. I doubt we will see him in the red and black mask and some fans will think that matters, but if this is his origin story, then he doesn’t have to jump to their favourite part of his history in this movie.

He does mention in the interview that Deadpool is a character who knows he is in a comic book and admits that a stand alone Deadpool movie wouldn’t really fit in the same Universe as Wolverine and the X-Men films. Of course, I agree that as amusing as it would be to have a Deadpool movie where he breaks the fourth wall for comedy, but I would prefer they did a version that would be more in line with the X-Men films and just bring along a more comedic violent anti-hero like Deadpool.

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16 thoughts on “Ryan Reynolds Talks Deadpool

  1. Ray Park/The Toad broke the 4th wall in X-Men 1 after he sends Storm down the elevator shaft, so really we should be expecting this sort of gag anyway.

    As long as they don’t overdo it.

  2. I wouldnt like a film that breaks the forth wall, Im an uber-Deadpool fan, and would like to see something along the lines of blade, except instead of a hip/hop attitude, we get a sarcastic wise ass, who swings swords and shoots bullets. it fits perfect, thats why i was so excited when new line were trying to get the rights to Deadpool back when blade trinity was released, but fox just didnt wanna let go. But i hope we do get a deadpool film, in a good spin off, unlike that of daredevil, and elektra.

    1. Right right but im curious to know wether he plays the disfigured version of deadpool….

      in the trailer they show the cancer disfigured version of deadpool and his face didnt look anything like reynolds (you can usually tell even with make up if its him or not) so i guess my point is; if hes only playing the pretty face version then he doesnt even have to be in the sequel…deadpool will be wearing a mask 100% of the time and it might be a waste using ryan reynolds when you can just use some guy with ugly make up in a mask

      one thing though….and im sorry if im being a comic book nit picking nazi, but…

      the disfigured deadpool ALWAYS wears a mask…thats his THING..hes ALL about respecting the mask…i never read a comic book in which he wasnt touchy about his mask (i havent read all of them)
      “always respect the mask…”
      Seeing him with no mask made me cringe in the trailer
      but whatever it wont make the movie better/worse

    2. The “Mask” could be anything. As I have mentioned before, in the comics Wade often went without the mask using an image inducer to disguise his face as Tom Cruise. This was a running joke that I hope they pay homage to making him look like Reynolds.

      I have no issue if they don’t put on the mask or hint to it that side effects of the Weapon X program and his cancer would eventually cause disfigurement of his face. As long as they respect the source material, I don’t mind if they circumvent it.

    3. Yeah in the rest of the convo he goes on to say that the fight sequences are pretty intense so im glad itll be cool
      Although the face mask thing is cool..i HAVE to see him at least once with a real mask on…just because of how cool it is
      again, if not its okay..the movie looks really good anyways

      im kinda excited to finally see gambit though

    4. In the convo he also says that in the comic books the real deadpool makes his face look like the actor ryan reynolds with plastic surgery

      which is pretty cool
      and proves that what you said was correct rodney, theyll probably be doing the face thing with him (or not)

  3. ryan is a star. he was ONLY thing good from blade III. i’d say he was the only that saved the movie, but not even he could have saved. biel is just too much of a joke. anyway, he’s the perfect deadpool. and judging the scenes with schriever’s miscasting, he may the one to save this film.

  4. the man who becomes deadpool is pretty psychotic in his own right, a few things that kind of scares me, his mention of callimg him a creature and also “but in this movie it’s his newly formed version….so to speak.”….wtf? im still glad that its ryan though, dont get me wrong.

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