Raimi Talks Spiderman 3 and Moving Foward with 4

Sam Raimi did an interview with Empire Magazine for their May issue, where he talks about his experience with Spiderman 3 and speculates on how he is moving forward with that under his belt.

ScreenRant quotes:

“They really gave me a tremendous amount of control on the first two films, actually. But then there were different opinions on the third film and I didn’t really have creative control, so to speak.”

“The best way for me to move forward on films, I realize…and this was a lesson I had to learn for myself…is that I’ve gotta be the singular voice that makes the creative choices on the film.”

I gotta respect Raimi for these statements.

Most fans are willing to give him a pass on Spiderman 3 and let him direct Spiderman 4 without an uproar because we remember the first two films and are not ready to crucify him over one bad one. But he also throws credit where it deserves. He admits that the studio pushed him into including Venom, which seems like a waste now. But if the guy is going to get crapped on for what happens in his films, he is willing to earn that target on his back.

Credit where credit is due, even if its bad credit.

He doesn’t completely dodge the blame for the less than well receieved film, but he is learning from his mistakes and is putting his foot down on 4. Speculation is pointing towards Morbius and Lizard, however the fans are grasping at the logical step after Venom’s defeat to bring in Carnage. I think Carnage can wait for now.

Hopefully this means we can resume our regular schedule of Spidey flicks that looked to be improving until he hit his speed bump with 3.

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