Orci and Kurtzman will not Write Transformers 3

The team of Orci and Kurtzman have taken a bow out on Transformers 3, choosing to leave to pursue other projects. This leaves a job opening to pen Bay’s next scene of giant robots making splodey messes and selling GM cars.

/Film offers:

“Time for fresh blood!” writes Orci. “The main reason we would move on is because we risk getting stale and comfortable. If you only sing one song for too long, you miss the opportunity to sing news songs. We’ll see.”

I agree that it is a wise career move to get off the train at the stop while the engine is still running instead of getting tied down and too comfortable that it makes it hard to get other jobs.

You have to have a lot of confidence to let go of a paycheque like that on your own terms before the stigma of being removed from a project hinders your future.

I wonder what this holds for Transformers 3, already in the batting order?

The article also touches on Leonard Nimoy (who voiced the Fallen) who may return in 3 as well, suggesting that like Megatron, no Transformer is ever truly defeated.

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18 thoughts on “Orci and Kurtzman will not Write Transformers 3

  1. wouldnt it be smarter to wait and see how the second one does at the box office before they go ahead w/ the third? i mean this film could tank(not saying it will).

    1. Nope, that’s Hollywood for ya! ;p I mean they said they’ve already started working on the Dragon Ball sequel and Anime News Network gave it an awful review. And they already planned up to Shrek 4 or 5 either right before or after the 2nd one came out. It’s kind of a running theme in Hollywood now a days.

      Although I my self have allot of faith in the Transformers series, I’m sure part 2 is going to be just amazing and better then the first.

      But also I think if film makers are going to keep doing this, with whatever film series, they should at least only do it if they think the script for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc…film(s) are great before planning another one before the current one in the works even hits the theaters.

    2. actually saw 2-7 all got green lit before 1 was even done if you look at the trivia for 1 it says that the guy who plays jigsaw i cant remember his name but him signed on for 6 sequels

    3. No sir, VI is where it stops. Shawnee Smith is signed on for part VI as well. Five sequels means 6 movies. Do the math. And if you really wanna look into it, sequels 7-9 is just an internet rumor as of late.

  2. Actually Jeff, Hugo Weaving is confirmed for coming back voicing megatron.

    I really enjoyed the first transformers film, and Orci payed a lot of attention to the fan input the second time, so I will miss them, but I would certainly like someone else writing the third one, maybe JJ Abrams

  3. I remember reading somewhere that Bay had signed on to do the voice of Megatron this time around, so it would make sense to have Nimoy do the voice of the Fallen and kinda give another reference to the G1 era, even though Nimoy is not voicing Galvatron or Unicron.

    1. I was in huge protest they didnt use Frank Welker to reprise the role. But, Weaving I felt did a great job anyway. I love for Welker to do the voice now cause they can put it into the story of why his voice is diffrent. For Nimoy to be the Fallen is a great idea. I loved him as Galvitron and Im liking the Fallen character. My only worry is we will be getting more of the same “human story > TF story”

    2. Frank Welker is possibly the voice of Soundwave in the next movie, not Megatron. Michael Bay himself said he considering getting Welker.

  4. “Nor did Nimoy voice Unicron as /Film state, that was the legendary Orson Welles”

    Actually, Welles died before he could complete his voice work and Nimoy stepped in to finish it. That’s why all the sites list Nimoy as also voicing Unicron.

    As it is for the current movie though, Nimoy is not confirmed, as Michael Bay is currently trying to decide to go with either Nimoy or the dude that voiced Megatron in the G1 cartoons, due to fan reactions and such.

    1. Sorry but I have the 25th Anniversary of the film and no one said that Orson Wells died before finishing. They said he finished it but his voice was in bad shape so they had to remix it to make it sound better. Wells was reported to have past away before the movie was goning to be premiered. I say it was his last great role.

  5. Sorry to get all geeky, but Nimoy voiced Galvatron not the Fallen (whose voice hasn’t been heard in any medium yet, he’s only ever appeared in comics).

    Nor did Nimoy voice Unicron as /Film state, that was the legendary Orson Welles

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