Megan Fox on the Cover of Empire Magazine

Looks like the very tasty Megan Fox will be gracing the cover of Empire Magazine this month in a very special edition they call the Hot Issue. We have a look at the cover right here:

Some people are on that hate wagon but I find Megan Fox to be a rare beauty. I say rare because I don’t often find girls who weigh as much as my DVD collection to be attractive. This girl needs a sammich!!

I do find her autobot tattoo to be incredibly sexy. Any girl who would strut her geek cred like that scores points in my books. (Yes, I know its just for the photo op – let a geek dream for a second kay?)

But allow me to go Perez on her for a half second and suggest she do something with those brows. Aside from that. VERY hot cover indeed! I hear there may even be articles in this publication.


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30 thoughts on “Megan Fox on the Cover of Empire Magazine

  1. haHA that’s funny you mention the eye brows cuz damn! she looks like a female teen wolf on that cover. But I’ve seen her in person 3 feet in front of me and I know for a fact that she is hot as all mighty hell.

  2. the hate wagon that follows here is pretty justified in terms oif her acting ability.
    she is absolutely terrible. I haven’t seen anyone deny she’s hot because she is very nice looking but she cannot act.

    Maybe she will get better with time but she is so bad in transformers is distracting and she was terrible in how to lose friends as well. I

    I won’t write her off after two films. I will give her a chance but so far it has to be said that she is lucky she looks as good as she does because if it was based on talent she would be starring in the transboners not the transformers

  3. Not a great picture of her. I agree she needs to get her acting chops a little MORE refined if she hopes to have any staying power. Otherwise, “Dancing with the Stars in 4-5 years! Now, the MAXIM cover for thios month of Malin (Watchmen) Ackerman—Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr—Woof! And a former ballet dancer to boot! Oh yeah buddy!!!!

  4. I must differ with chris because e said that megan doesn’t act well Please do’t say this, she is not only a beautifull and sexy actress but also a brilliant actress. She acted very well in Transformer. I think she is one of the best new actress in u.s.a now.

    1. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think she is a terrible actor, I just don’t think she is a GREAT actor. But reality is that Fox will likely have armcandy roles for the rest of her career until she shows something better than she did in TF.

  5. That’s actually a recycled picture from a Rolling Stone photo shoot 2 years ago, they airbrushed that Autobot tattoo on. I HAVE TO SAY THAT EMPIRE IS PRETTY LAME! But that is a nice picture.

  6. Megan Fox is hot but I have to admit I’ve almost lost interest in her beauty because her acting is just so godly awful. Simon Pegg tried to help her in alienating friends but honestly you can be beautiful but can be hard to look at if you can’t act. So I’m probably one of millions that says not totally impressed anymore

    1. Actually, in HTLFAAP I think that is what they were going for in the character. In fact, she her performanace gets even better while promising to have sex with Simon Pegg near the end, if he gives her his ring. (I’m sure that’s probably what her real life is like now! LOL)

      You can’t really determine whether someone can act based on one performance. E.G. Karen Allen is a great actress but in IJ4 OMG!!
      (or maybe she WAS a great actress)

      Actors are very capable of mailing in a performance.

  7. She is a rare beauty, but that picture makes who look even more crazy thin than normal. Almost freakishly thin. Didn’t I read somewhere that Bay made her put on some weight for Transformers 2? Where are the muscles?

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