Michael Cera Delays Arrested Development Movie

Looks like the hopes for an Arrested Development movie have hit a stump. Ironic since the name of the show roughly translates into Stopped Progress.

And all fingers seem to be pointing at George Michael, played by Michael Cera.

Cinematical Says:

Fancast reports that ONE person is holding out. That’s right — eight have signed on to reprise their roles, but one hasn’t jumped on-board yet. During a recent interview, creator Mitch Hurwitz was asked about the rumors that Will Arnett and Michael Cera hadn’t signed on yet. He said: “I don’t want to talk about who is holding out right now because we might still work that out and I don’t want to pressure anyone through the press. Although I will say that Will Arnet is gung-ho, so there’s a big clue!”

Now I believe that ANY actor can be replaced in a role for a movie.

However, in this case I wonder if Cera doesn’t sign on, will it close the book for this project? Is it too important to have the whole cast? Unlike in a movie, you have two or three installments to like someone in a role. Maybe only one. So in the next glorified episode if someone else plays the character its an adjustment, but if done well you adapt.

But Cera has played George Michael for 53 Episodes. That makes the replacement that much more difficult.

For the sake of the fans, I hope they don’t have to replace him. Or worse, they can the project over one actor.

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20 thoughts on “Michael Cera Delays Arrested Development Movie

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  2. Michael Cera is an ungrateful little prick. Arrested Development is the reason his ass isn’t in fuckin cereal commercials it made his career what it is today. And now what does he do… he butt fucks the creators of AD by delaying production because of who knows what? He’s to damn busy playing the same socially awkward teenage douche bag in every single thing he’s in. If Cera isn’t going to say thank you to the Hurwitz by appearing in an Arrested movie then he should at least try and to be in something other than sappy teen dramedys. Jason Bateman and Will Arnett need to get together find Cera and in the words of Alec Baldwin “Straighten his ass out” because Cera’s forgotten where he comes from.

  3. As much as I loved Arrested Development, I probably wouldn’t do this movie either if I was Michael Cera. Its gonna be a flop, and like Cera or not, the guy has a pretty healthy career right now with two films already in production for 2009. Doing an Arrested Development movie is something he woud do AFTER his career is over.

    Like I said, I liked Arrested Development, but I have no interest in seeing this on the big screen. TV shows turned to movies (Sex and the City excluded) have been known to flop.

  4. he was so unimportant in the show to me that I wouldn’t care if he was replaced or even better, make it into the plot that George Michael was sent away to military camp or something. He did almost sign up for the army in one episode. :)

  5. I always found George Michael the least-interesting character in the series, so I wouldn’t mind if he wasn’t in it.
    I just hope the cast-chemistry won’t suffer if he skips this project.

  6. the guy will happily play George Michael in every movie -except- Arrested Development. they should’ve have just tricked him into it by pretending it was some sort of teen dramedy.

  7. just say hes away at college…blah blah. Or replace him and have it really awkward with his character cuz the show is intentionally awkward anyway.

    Still, if he isn’t gonna do it I’d rather it not be made cuz the show is based around him and his father basically. Unless they go another route with the movie.

  8. Come on Cera! I recently just bought all 3 seasons on DVD and I always love hearing news of an Arrested Development movie, but I’ll take this as good news. If everyone but Cera is willing to go, I’m confident that this movie will be made.

  9. Considering this program made his career, you think he’d feel like he owes them. I love Arrested Development, and would still happily watch a film without George Michael, I’m sure they could write a decent explanation as to why he’s not in it. And yes he is a one trick pony and people will get bored of his style soon enough.

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