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Sometimes a fandom gets so creative that they express themselves through art containing an element of their favourite movie. There are fanfics, fanart, and even fan films. But this one stood out to me as truly unique. I am tempted to try a similar project just for the hell of it.

/Film found this treasure:

/Film Reader Teymur (aka Icedsoul) is 80-days into a 365 day art project entitled Troopies365, where he takes a photo each day of LEGO Star Wars stormtrooper figures in different situations. Below are some of our favorites, but you can check out all of the photos and continue to follow the project’s progress on Flickr.

Aside from being terribly cool, Teymur is a talented photographer and he isn’t just propping up some toys in funny poses and snapping a shot or two. These are well thought out, whimsical and truly captivating subjects.

Excellent job Teymur!

You can check out the rest of these wonderous shots over at his Flickr Page – Troopies365

I already have one as my desktop image.

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