Spiderman 4 in 2011?

With the creation of Marvel Films many people started asking about how this would affect other Marvel properties from overlapping with the existing Marvel Films.

Well we get a clue as far as the future of SpiderMan and its looking like Sony stepped up to secure the webhead.

IESB.net says:

Marvel Vice Chairman Peter Cuneo was asked about the status of Spider-man 4 today. He confirmed that Sony has made the payment to renew their rights to make the film.

Cuneo said the following, “As far as Spider-man 4, it’s really up to Sony and it up to them, most likely scenario is 2010 or 2011 but we can’t speak for them and I think that we don’t know. They have given us their re-up payment for that film so you know they’re going to make it within a reasonable timeframe.

Sony got first dibs on the property. If they decided they were not going to make another Spiderman film, they could have just let the deal expire and it would have reverted back to Marvel, and then of course to Marvel Films.

The other side of this coin is that Sony is therefore expected to make this film. I would imagine that they had to put down a sizable sum of money to secure the rights to your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, so they might want to make it worth holding on to his underoos.

Spiderman 4 has been met with plenty of speculation over casting, directors, story etc. Despite Spidey3 getting the tongue lashing from the fanbase and bloggers, it made more money worldwide than the first two outtings, so they are calling it a success. But people will be hesitant to go to a fourth movie if it doesnt look to be shaping up in the right direction.

Either way, the Marvel bosses are anticipating this is going to happen in the next couple years, which means we can start speculating on cast, story and directors pretty soon.

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26 thoughts on “Spiderman 4 in 2011?

  1. i just hope that the sony couldn’t ever made the movie, they lost the license, and marvel could make a spider-man which is start from the teenager peter and stay true to the comic books (smart n funny peter parker, mechanical web shooter, gwen the first love, supermodel Mj, halloween green goblin, uncle ben not killed by sandman, etc), and of course he could interact with iron man, hulk, avengers, etc that lives in the same universe..
    what a dream

  2. I’ve hated the Spider-Man series since the second film. If they don’t axe Mary Jane, focus on Peter and his crime-fighting, and introduce the Liazard, then I will NOT see a fourth film.

  3. Oh god, I hope they have an Electro/Vulture team-up in this movie and preferably with Black Cat coming to aid Spidey. But I think Morlun definitely has to be the villain for the last movie. Has anyone seen Morlun and Spidey go at it? It’s incredible.

  4. “As a member of the cum generating half of the human race, I have to admit I have never used my cum to swing from buildings or tie up badguys or even use it to slow the pace of a speeding subway train.”


    That is YOUR failing my good man.

    You need to be less domesticated, and go out in the world and start using your dicksneeze to save mankind.

  5. I’m not that big a comic book fan on Spiderman. Spidy3 might have sucked for some of you, but as far as being part of the full 3 movie story line, it was good. First movie about his uncles ideas, 2nd movie about his aunts ideas, and finally the 3rd about peter coming into his own and screwing things up all on his own and making a choice. The third brought out the final truth to Goblin Jr. Now the 4th movie hopefully will be independent of the beginning concepts of Spiderman than these first 3 movies had to take on, I know it would have been hard to make all these concepts into 1 single 2 hour movie (look at the Harry Potter series). There are too many other badguys that can be put into play in the next movies (yes maybe enough for 2-3 more movies if planed right). And there can be more action than we saw in Spidy3. Plus in the comics Spidey teams up with other Marvel characters like Daredevil or Elektra. Now that would be a great teamup for the next movie to battle The King Pin after he gets out of jail.

    So keep your minds open and give idea’s not lip to Sony for trying.

    The symbolic cum comment or interpretation was totally wrong to have been stated. Kristy, you need to go back to college and take some interpersonal and child communication courses if sex is all you think about. Spiderman is about morality in our society, and stressing it to the next generation.

  6. Here’s an interesting point to bring up guys. Seeing as we’ve got nothing and some of you think Sony should just start completely fresh…what about doing something more based off the Ultimate series? Would that work at all you think?

  7. I closed the book on Spider-Man series after seeing the third movie in theater last year. I could not bring myself to re-watch it.

    A trailer might spike back my interest but right now Spiderman is dead to me. Sad :'(

  8. Electro, Lizard, Kraven. or Jonas Harrow (with minor showups from Hammerhead, Kangaroo and Willow Wisp)..aw, I don’t mind who the baddy is really, just as long as they have a good story which doesn’t water down the characters. I also don’t think Spider-Man 3 was horrible, but it was a letdown. It would have made more sense to simply have Sandman and Goblin II.. and intro Brock …then..Venom comes in the closing scenes…a cliffhanger or character waiting for a moment to strike…and there’s a new story arc right there.

    Whole new cast? I’m not 100% on that. We’ll see what’s what first.

  9. I’ve discussed this announcement with a number of buddies via email. They all live in different parts of the U.S. with different personality types and backgrounds. But they all have one thing in common. They think this movie will suck because Spidey 3 sucked.

    I just…I don’t get that. All I can say at this point is: good luck Sony.

  10. i enjoyed all 3 spiderman movies, the weakest being Spiderman 3 by far. I enjoyed it, only MAJOR problem i had with is Venom taking his “mask” down. That was fucking retarded. I REALLY hope they do a better job with Carnage (if they use him)

  11. jim carrey would make a great carnage. i heard theyll use the white guy from “white men cant jump” though.

    i thought this movie was going to come out in 2009!?!? fuck!

    i liked this movie too (i loved it lol) but i do want like 14 more i dont think 3 is enough. shit introduce all the bad guys.

    Jason Stanley
    im sure black cats always wanted to get some of his cum. mj is a lucky woman. OH! thats why he liked the black suit! UNLIMITED WEBBING!

  12. Kristina, I am often amused by your blunt commets but this time I have to ask. How are these rope like webs like cum?

    As a member of the cum generating half of the human race, I have to admit I have never used my cum to swing from buildings or tie up badguys or even use it to slow the pace of a speeding subway train.

    Just sayin.

  13. Joseph.. just curious but why is it that you think this is going to suck?

    They have no cast, directors or even a story in place. There is nothing to judge about this film aside from the fact that its happening.

  14. Despite harsh criticism SPIDERMAN 3 made a shitload of money so it’s safe to say that the studio wants another sequel.
    It’s also probably save to say that the trio Raimi/MacGuire/Dunst is done with the franchise and I don’t think that that’s a bad thing.
    Get some new blood in, new director, new cast and a new storyline.
    Shouldn’t be too hard to find some decent talent for this enormous franchise and get things going again. Start fresh and don’t build up on the three films so far. That storyline is done.
    What I would also love is some way to tie things into the IRON MAN / HULK / AVENGERS universe just started by Marvel, but I guess with Sony at the helm this won’t happen.

  15. There’s an interesting thing that happened with Spidey 3 that doesn’t usually happen…the film made SHIT loads of money and broke tons of opening day records.

    I remember a similar film with ‘too many cooks spoiling the broth’ called Batman & Robin. Granted that made money too (not enough to make it a financial success however) but that combined with terrible reviews killed that franchise…for eight years at least.

    Spiderman 3’s hype probably brought in more money than expected thus giving the go ahead for yet another flick. What they need to do (if they feel another movie is necessary) is wait. What else is there to see? Mary-Jane and Parker breaking up? Peter getting tired of living two lives again?

    As a MAJOR Spidey fan I really don’t want this to happen.

  16. I thought Spiderman 3 was good, but I disagree with fanboys/girls a lot anyway.

    Personally I thought that three films was enough. When they start making too many they tend to degrade in quality.

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