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  1. I just saw the happening. I had read a blog yesterday about the movie and thougt “they must have previewed the wrong movie”. After seeing the movie I can honestly say it was a utter dissappointment. I am a fan of Shyamalama and like even the essence of lady in the water, but even beyond the movies ultimate theme was the absolute disasterous acting. I like all the actors in the film an like thier work, but it almost seemed like a high school musical wth “hey theres a house lets go there”. I have no issue with the idea of changing the way we treat our plannet but so much of the moive just seemed like an awkward distraction that I found my self not only bored but ultimately angry with the films message and its delivery.

  2. It looks interesting. I’m checking it out – myself being a Shyamalama ding-dong fan anyways….

    As far as the ending to Signs not making sense – I understand the complaint but why should a water planet stop aliens from wanting to come here and investigate it? I mean humans have been trying for years to figure out how to leave earth for other planets – other planets that we couldn’t possibly live on without massive amounts of specialized equipment and advanced technology. We can’t breathe the air or drink the liguids and survive on other planets. yet we are still trying to figure out ways to get there.

    Signs is my favorite Shyamalan film.

  3. OOps I meant to say I loved the Sixth Sense…not Signs…Signs was a good movie until the end which made it a stupid movie. Can someone tell me why Aliens who come to earth, to possibly conquer and pillage, where 2/3 of the planet is water and their one weakness is water? What was Night smoking?

  4. the village was good but too weak storyline… i mean the whole movie was weak ecept the ending which piss me off, the lady in the water i heard sucks, but happening looks fantastic, the first two trailer looks crap, but this one here, I AM SOLD !!! Paranoia, im in !

    I like Shamylan but he needs to calm down when he direct movies because he think suprise ending makes movie look good, and I am not a fan of that !

  5. OMG…I love Zoey Dechanel…I would pay her millions to bear my children…but man that line about “what’s going” on is bad!!!! In fact the acting overall seems really stiff. And the music??? What am I watching…bad 80’s movie??

    I loved Signs and really had High hopes for M. Night, thinking he was going to be the next Speilberg giving us great popcorn movies for a generation. But his subsequent movies have been so bad! One after the other getting worse and worse. Was he a one shot wonder? I don’t know but if this movie tanks this really could be it for his career.

  6. Looks great to me. I really want it to work for him after the crap-hammer that was “Lady In The Water.” The acting does look a bit weak (the little girl’s “Call mommy, call mommy, call mommy!” was horrible) but Wahlberg’s pretty solid, so hopefully he can carry it.


    Actually, this movie looks like it’s reeking of a big twist ending. I just hope the twist isn’t as lame as “OMG! All we have to do is throw water on them! Swing batter batter SWING!!”

  8. Agreed. I’m going to give this one a chance. I actually always look forward to his movies but the acting looks really weak. I’m hoping this movie creeps me out as much as The Sixth Sense and Signs did. I also hope there’s no big twist in this movie. Just give us an all-out balls-to-the-wall thriller.

  9. Looks horrible. Honestly, what’s going with Wahlberg? It’s like the worst line-reading I’ve ever seen.
    I heard nothing good about this movie so far. One reviewer actually said that it is the worst Shymalumdidum film so far. Now that’s saying something after THE VILLAGE and LADY IN THE WATER.

  10. The acting seemed kind of weak to me from everyone except Wahlberg; but “maybe that’s what they were going for”.

    Anyway, it still looks interesting to me. Even though I haven’t liked all of his movies, I’ve always appreciated and respected the spirit that Shyamalan has towards movie making… so I always give him a chance.

  11. Well that was nice ….
    Thats was the first time in a long period that i actually got goosebumps by just looking at a clip
    Think i am gonna give Sham the man another chance

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