Brett Ratner on God of War?

No, this is not a shameless plug for John Campea’s Documentary Prince of Peace-God of War, and it also is not about Brett Ratner adapting it to a feature film. I am talking about the video game. In a recent interview it was suggested he is on board to make God of War, based on the very popular video game.

Cinematical says:

Ratner might be working on a big-screen version of the best-selling video game, God of War.

For those of you who haven’t played it (and I really recommend you do), here is a quick primer: God of War centers on Kratos, a celebrated soldier who is haunted by his past transgressions and his debt to the Gods of Olympus. It could have just been your typical hack and slash game, but the cinematic approach and highly entertaining story line earned it a reputation as one of the best around.

This is not the first time we have been teased with the idea of this game being brought to film. Back a few years ago Paramount was named to produce it and more recently its been said Djimon Hounsou might embody Kratos.

So while the Ratner haters might not like this, they will cheer in the streets when you consider the original director for this was Uwe Boll.

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5 thoughts on “Brett Ratner on God of War?

  1. God of War is a gerat game with a great story, so I don’t mind it being turned into a movie. And Ratner is a decent choice as director for this film.

    I’d take Ratner over Boll anyday. At least we can’t automatically assume that it’s gonna be bad because he does have a good resume (a few Prison Break episodes and Rush Hour). Unlike Boll, who is probably the producer/director equivalent of William Hung.

  2. nonononononon okay this website says that videogames shouldnt be made into movies and thats mostly true- but i wouldnt say thats the main reason to keep them from making a god of war movie- ive played the game- it sucks! whats next? pac-man?

    that videogame is so bad everytime i play it it makes me want to push a senior citizen off a cliff..its so dumb….good thing i only rented it.

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