Apparently Patrick Swayze May Have Something To Do With Point Break 2

Well, it looks like Swayze may be involved in Point Break 2 after all. News came out earlier this week that he would not be participating, and now we have a follow up piece that says he’s in?! We get the most recent update from our friends at the moviehole:

An insider for “Point Break: Indo” tells Life + Style magazine (via Contact Music), “The producers are trying to figure out a way – any way – to get Patrick in the movie.One day, two days, a week of shooting – whatever they can get Patrick for, they’ll make it work. He was so pivotal to the first movie.”

And Swayze, who announced in March he’s battling pancreatic cancer, will be part of the sequel whether he’s actually in the film or not.

I only want to see this film if Swayze has a substantial role in it. I don’ t want to see a brief cameo, nor will I be content to have him working behind the scenes as a consultant. If Swayze is in – he better be the star of the film or I fail to see the point.

News has been going back and forth about his involvement, and who knows, this news could end up being false as well. We will be sure to keep you abreast of all the Swayze updates. Including the one where the doctors proclaim that he has defeated cancer using his will and the healing power of ballet.

Get well Swayze, your work is not yet finished.

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4 thoughts on “Apparently Patrick Swayze May Have Something To Do With Point Break 2

  1. Alright, once again, I’m pretty sure the Bodhi character DIED at the end of the first Point Break. Unless they’re bringing him back as Aquaman I don’t see it happening.

  2. ya man i am with you 100% if he isnt the main man then wtf is it good for….maybe they should make him forced to work undercover to catch a huge marijauna drug ring run by guys who are “EXTREME” that would be cool as hell and u know what adding tons of reefer jokes, asskicking, surfing , bank robbing, and w.e the hell bodhi does

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