Elizabeth Berkeley Joins Donnie Darko 2

Elizabeth Berkeley-1We have the unexpected news of the day. It appears Elizabeth Berkeley has been brought on board the Donnie Darko sequel! We get the scoop from our friends at the moviehole:

Elizabeth Berkeley, the “Saved by the Bell” actress who butt-rumped a thousand childhood’s with her performance in the racy “Showgirls” (1995), has emerged from the B-land (that the film put her in) to land a role in the “Donnie Darko” sequel.

It really sucks that Elizabeth Berkeley fell off of the radar after Showgirls. Who can blame her for wanting to shake the squeaky clean kids TV image? I just watched the pool scene online from showgirls, and she did good work. With luck she will find her way into bitchin’ B movies rather than lame ones, but for now she will have to settle for this much maligned Donnie Darko sequel.

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2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Berkeley Joins Donnie Darko 2

  1. She’s a “judge” on Bravo’s “Step it up and Dance.” I don’t know her career and I don’t know why she’s even on that show. Don’t even say because of Showgirls.

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