5 Lesser Known Comic Character Movies I’d Like To See

Some people will often complain and lament about the sheer number of comic book movies coming out these days. For some, it’s not that they mind comic book movies per se, but rather wonder why so many are getting made. Do we really NEED all these superhero movies?

Well, obviously we don’t NEED all these Superhero movies… for that matter we don’t NEED any, but we sure seem to enjoy them. But to get back to the question of why so many are made, I think there are 2 important reasons:

1) They make money – No, they are ALL huge blockbusters, but for the most part these comic book films pull in a decent amount of cash for the studios

2) Pre-existing Characters with loads of source material and a pre-existing audience – This one is hard to ignore. It’s one thing to try to create a character for a movie that you think will be marketable and get an audience interested in… but if you can get a character that already exists… that people already know about and already has a built in audience, then you’re starting with one leg up.

In my opinion, a number of comic book characters are some of the richest characters in all of fiction and thus have some amazing stories that deserve to be told. So even though there are tons of comic book movies already made as well as on the way, I’d like to suggest a few lesser known (By the average non-comic book fan public) characters that I think deserve their own movies.

The following list doesn’t necessarily represent movies that I think would actually make any money, nor do I think they deserve their own movies because of how cool their powers are… but rather because of how rich I think the characters themselves are along with their stories.


His real name is Dick Grayson and he was the original side kick to Batman known as Robin. Eventually as he got older he went on to become his own hero and called himself Nightwing. Another kid become Robin… the Joker eventually killed him, and now Batman on is his third Robin. Good help is hard to find I guess. Anyway, what makes Nightwing so interesting to me is the troubled relationship he’s had with both himself and Batman. They love each other like a father and son, but Grayson is also often enraged by Bruce. They’ve had several falling outs as Dick struggles to get out from the Batman’s shadow and be his own man. Still, they’re always there for each other. As a matter of fact, Grayson actually become Batman for a while after the events of Bane which culminated in one of the best scenes I’ve ever read in a comic book… when Bruce returns and they have a very moving Father/Son talk (I actually think this was the first time Bruce referred to them as Father/Son). He’s a rich character.


For some time in the X-Men universe, Cable was a mystery. An man of insane power… arguably one of the most powerful beings in all of the Marvel universe when unchecked… but he often has to use up most of his considerable power to keep a deadly techno-virus in his body in check or it will kill him. Even though he is a being of almost cosmic power, he comes off more like a Rambo character. A solider. A grim hard nosed warrior. He’s actually the son of Scott Summers (aka Cyclops of the X-Men) and a clone of Jean Grey (it’s a long story) who was sent as a baby to grow up in a future time line, later to return fully grown and quite jaded. With his parents being who they are, it’s not surprising how much power he has. For a time Marvel had another version of Cable running around, a younger version of Cable who wasn’t infected with the techno-virus that they just called X-Man. Cable was one of the few characters that could go toe to toe with Apocalypse.


Bishop is another character from the X-Men universe and played one of the most pivotal roles in probably my favorite comic story line of all time… “The Age Of Apocalypse”, in which he is the only being alive who retains a memory of the alternate universe that was destroyed when Professor X’s son, Legion, killed Magneto in the past (it’s a REALLY long story). Bishop was actually born in the future and came back in time. To me, it’s not so much Bishop’s past that makes him interesting, but rather his personality… his character. He’s one of those “deadly serious” chacraters… I’ve always sort of pictured him as the “Worf” of the X-Men universe. Bishop has the ability to absorb and redirect or store energy that is directed at him. This power actually helped him last a little while in a fight against Apocalypse himself… but Apocalypse was just too much.


I simply love this charcter. His real name is Jean-Paul Valley. Genetically bread by a secret order to be a lethal assassin (this guy is just loaded with mental health issues) he eventually meets Batman and they become allies. After Bane fought and defeated Batman (leaving Bruce Wayne paralyzed), Bruce leaves Gotham and passes the mantle of the Bat onto Jean-Paul who became the new Batman for over a year. Slowly however, his “issues” start to get the better of him and he becomes more and more violent, even killing criminals. When Robin confronts Jean-Paul about his tactics, Jean-Paul threatens to kill him and sends him away. Eventually, Jean-Paul (as Batman) faces Bane and does what Bruce was unable to do… defeat him. As Jean-Paul begins to go more and more over the edge, Bruce Wayne finally comes back and battles Azrael to take back his identity of the Batman. Bruce barely prevails and let’s Jean-Paul go who then reclaims his “Azrael” identity. Later, a healthier Azrael (who later becomes known as an Agent of the Bat) begins to work with Batman again. It’s such a twisted little story, but so deep and so rich of a character that I can’t believe how many people have never even heard of the guy. I’d love to see a movie made about him (it’ll never happen though).

Comic-BenBEN REILLY (Scarlet Spider / Spider-Man)

You know what sucks? Waking up one day to find out that you’re not who you thought you were, but rather just a clone of who you thought you were. That’s the situation that Ben Reilly (a name he later gave himself) found himself in when he discovered that he wasn’t Peter Parker after all… but rather just a clone of Peter Parker and had been living his life for a some time. Although the “Clone Saga” isn’t really loved by faithful Spider-Man comic readers (It was ok, but I didn’t like it all that much myself) I was fascinated by Ben Reilly. Not so much for who he is, but rather the issues he has to face. I don’t know how on earth you could do a Ben Reilly (Scarlet Spider) movie apart from a full fledged Spider-Man movie, but if a way could be found I’d love it.

So what do you think of these character? Would you be interested in seeing a movie based on any of them? Why or why not? Also, what other lesser known (ie, the average person on the street probably doesn’t know who they are) comic charcters do you think would make for a rich movie?

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86 thoughts on “5 Lesser Known Comic Character Movies I’d Like To See

  1. I totally agree with you on the whole nightwing movie. I been a fan of grayson for a long time and I think he deserve his own movie, or at least an animated series. it would be great to see how they capture his agility abilities and martial abilities on the screen, cause let face it the kid have some crazy ass moves that make spider-man look like a bitch with training wheels on : )

  2. I think the X-Universe has so many possibilities…Cable and Bishop along with an Apocalypse arc would be phenomenal. I would imagine at some point, Marvel has atleast kicked this idea around the board room, so maybe it will become reality.

    Having said that, some of my favorites who I’d love to see in a movie would be:
    Gambit – the ragin cajun! I hear he might make a cameo in the Wolverine origin movie. Fingers crossed.

    Black Widow – A sexy russian super-spy in tight black leather. Let me purchase my tickets now! Witht he success of the Jason Bourne movies, TV’s Alias and countless others…this could be a slam dunk.

    Havok – I would love to see an X-Factor movie and a little spotlight for Scott’s younger sibling.

    X-Calibur – quirky and fun…and let’s face it, Nighcrawler was one of the better parts of X2. I was really hoping to see more of him. And my favorite doc Moira MacTaggert has already made a cameo in one Marvel flick.

    Finally…in X2 when Colossus showed up and offered Wolverine some help…what fanboy wasn’t jumping off his seat in excitement for two seconds before Wolverine said no? Hahaha. And then he was under used in X3. He needs more screen time.

  3. Okay I’ve been saying this for a couple years… I loved the X-Men movies… sure they could have been better, but they were good enough for me… now they are doing all these spin offs that will probably be good, but they are also talking about X-Men 4…. Why not call it “X-4ce” as in X-force, where Cable would come in to take over for Xavier and round up a few mutants maybe one or two that were cameos in the movies and a few others that would be better additions… Then do a trilogy of films with an Apocalypse/Sentinel storyline…. This way you could still keep true to the movies that are there… you wouldn’t irritate the studios and they’d get their sequels to the X movies, and you could tie in Bishop and a few more X-men foes for Apocalypse’s horsemen… maybe even taking Angel and turning him into Archangel!…. Anyone Agree?

  4. I’d love to see a X-title spin off, possibly featuring Cable, but definitely focused on Chamber (Jonothan Starsmore) from Generation X! One times exploding chest of psionic energy that took down Omega Red all on his lonesome! Yeah baby!

  5. Despite the fact that Deadpool will be in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, I still think having Wade Wilson aka The Merc With A Mouth in a movie would be insane. For those who have read Cable & Deadpool the comics you would understand that Deadpool is one of the most funniest, hardcore character in the Marvel Universe…He makes Spiderman look like a Gallagher joke spewing pansy.

  6. I think a Pheonix movie would be cool. Not sure if that’s her name, but she was the eagle woman with the red hair, the giant spike ball and oh yeah, the wings.

  7. The Ben Reilly idea would be KINDA cool (it probably won’t be as good as Spiderman 1,2, & 3). The movie can be about the clone and not about the original Peter Parker, just to summarize the “Clone Saga” that many Spidey fans probably haven’t read yet. The movie can start off as Ben, not knowing he’s a clone, and at the end they reveal that he is a clone,. What I’m saying is that if they WERE to make this movie, they shouldn’t reveal that the story is about Ben Reilly (not even in the trailers), kinda say that the movie is Spiderman 4 (kinda hard to explain, but I think you understand). And when people come to watch it, they’ll see that it’s not Peter Parker, but his clone. Then everyone would be like:

    “Holy crap! It’s a clone. I didn’t expect that……. SWEET!” =]

  8. I would like to a movie about NIGHTWING. I think that would be soooooooooooo “KICK-ASS” NIGHTWING is a bad-ass dude. he was trained by the best. Why has Nightwing never got a “invite” from the Justice League? Maybe DC Comics can hook up a TV special. Now “THAT”…..would be “BAD-ASS”! !

  9. John – Dude – if you really loved Age of Apocalypse, you’d know that Legion killed Professor X in the past, not Magneto…

  10. Okay, Jamie…you got me…

    Moon Knight fought Midnight Man, Bushman, AND MUMMIES?!??!!?

    And he’s JEWISH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Holy crap, how did I miss this…Moon Knight is clearly the coolest comic book character the universe has ever seen!!!!

    You had Moon Knight delivered 2 whole years ago? Wow, the things you’ve seen…(OK, so I’m not done with the sarcasm).

    “um..well i read it in ultimate spireman and i have the west coast avengers in which hes in and the moon knight (Marvel 2006) comic books which are like only 12. thats it. the rest of my stuff is ultimate spiderman and civil war books”

    Wow, that’s one hell of a reference library you’ve got (I just can’t stop the sarcasm!)

    Jamie, you sound like a nice kid, but you’re out of your depth here. You even said, “i also like ironfist cuz he doesnt need superpowers…” Ummm….Iron Fist HAS superpowers…you know, that whole “Iron Fist” thing he does. The powers he has as the Immortal Weapon of the city of K’un L’un, the powers he won by defeating the dragon Shou Lou the Undying in single combat. You know, when his fist glows…..never mind. This is like trying to teach Calculus to a kid who just learned that 2+2=4. (It does, you know. When you have 2 of something, and add 2 more, then you have FOUR of that something. Try it if you don’t believe me. Take 2 of your comic books, and add 2 more….wait, do you even HAVE 4 comic books?)


  11. you can totally tell John grew up reading comics in the late 80’s-early 90’s by looking at this list lol.

  12. What pissed off fans was the irrational belief that revealing Peter to be the clone somehow invalidated all the stories from Amazing Spider-man 149 and afterwards since it was a “clone who experienced them” and not the real Peter Parker as if a clone is somehow less of a person than the original.

    There were some good stories when Ben Reilly took up the mantle of Spider-man. Especially those in which Peter would give brotherly advice to Ben on how to fight so and so. The Lost Years limited series which covered Ben’s days as a nomadic drifter (before he meets Peter again) was a very good story as was its sequel Redemption.

    Having said that…

    What led up to a lot of it was awful. Having a storyline questioning whether Peter was the original or not in itself wasn’t a bad idea but revealing Peter to be the clone and having this be permanent was an extremely bad idea.

    The glut of new characters also convoluted everything. Jackal, Judas Traveller, Scrier, Spidercide?? Lame. Also having Peter hit Mary Jane…WTF!?

    Kaine the first, failed spider-clone who was angry and decaying with modified spidey abilities (including being able to burn people with his hands) was cool.

    Apparently increased sales was to blame for the dragging out of the clone saga (and the idea that a single Spider-man has more story possibilities than a married one).

  13. @ Mr Death

    um..well i read it in ultimate spireman and i have the west coast avengers in which hes in and the moon knight (Marvel 2006) comic books which are like only 12. thats it. the rest of my stuff is ultimate spiderman and civil war books

  14. kritptonyte

    WOW i had moonknight comics delivered to me MONTHLY 2 years ago and i have a stack and i can see it now- and yes all that that i sayd hapened in ONE comic book and it wasnt even HIS. alls i read is moonknight ultimate spiderman and the civil war books- the reast i read online

    before you tell me he never fought a big character just remember he fought doctor doom.

    in the comics i recieved he fought midnight man, demogoblin, bushman and some werewulf creepy ass dude. he fights fucking MUMMIES.

    he was also like a army ranger or marine or some shit like that-

    i never sayd hes the best i sayd hes my favorite- i also like ironfist cuz he doesnt need superpowers like superman (who i hate) i sayd hes extrenely overrated

    hes got an awsome costume, hes mental, he came back from the dead like 9 times AND HES JEWISH.

    i could still keep going dude i only went back and read the 1st 3 comic books of my stack im sure theres more i forgot in the other 9 hundred

  15. Onslaught !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is all need be written.


    The more I think about it the better a Wildcat movie could be. Especially if it was set in the 1930s.

    For those who don’t know, Wildcat is a 1930s era Heavyweight boxing champion who’s been slugging it out with gangsters and bad guys for 70 years.


    Hawkman could be great because the character is pretty compelling, and could be done either as science fiction movie, or a WWII movie, or both. In the DC universe, Hawkman is about the most bad-ass superhero.

    Hawkman is an archiologist who’s the reincarnation of an anciant egyptian king who stumbles upon an alien ship made of a mysterious metal that gives him flight snd superstrength.

  17. In random order (and for those that know me, this is no shock)

    1) Sleepwalker.
    Not a successful comic by Marvel, but I truly feel it can be adapted well to screen.

    2) Enemy Ace.

    3) Mach One.
    formerly Marvel villain The Beetle. The idea of a “reformed” super-villain becoming a “reformed” hero who even has to re-invent his identity is interesting. Having him face off against people who steal his fmr criminal identity and ruin his name again? Gold.

    4) Plastic Man

    5) Morbius.
    And put MM in the early 70’s.

    6) Killraven

    7) Moon Knight (sorry Jamie)

    8) Dial H for Hero

  18. If someone was going to make a movie about a couple lesser known super hero’s, I’d love to see a BLUE BEATLE (Ted Kord) and BOOSTER GOLD movie. The potential for action and comedy would be tremendous.

    Aside from that, I’d love to see a Wildcat or Hawkman movie.

  19. And one last point, Jamie….all of the things you are referencing about Moon Knight happened in Ultimate Spider Man, which is not even part of mainstream Marvel continuity. Have you ever even READ a mainstream Marvel Universe book? Regardless, my points stand. Moon Knight isn’t even the most powerful character in Ultimate Spider Man, never mind the Marvel U at large.

  20. Jamie….

    You could really go on? Really really?

    Let’s do it.

    You said, “…moonknight who has at some point beaten every single marvel character.”

    Yet all you can reference is 4 victories for him. NONE of them against powerhouses. Spider Man is by far the most powerful character you referenced. Has Moon Knight beaten the Hulk? Thor? Silver Surfer? Gladiator? The Thing? Captain America? Hawkeye? Wolverine? The Human Torch? Iron Man? AUNT MAY?!?!?!?!?!?

    No, he hasn’t. Your posts are so full of hyperbole as to make them nonsensical. Come back with a rational argument you can back up with facts, and I will listen. Until then, you are a second rate fanboy of a second rate character.

    Don’t make a big deal about killing Elektra. EVERYONE has killed Elektra at one point or another. This September, it’s scheduled to be MY turn to kill her (I just hope she’s still a Skrull when it’s my turn).

    And by the way, the only person who can be knocked out with a “poll” is a politician.

  21. @kryptonite

    okay. moonknight happens to be the one that put the kingpin behind bars in his FIRST try.unlike daredevil who has been trying to do it for YEARS. hes got the best costume.
    he WOOPED spidermans ass knocked him out and brought him in.
    also knocked out kitty pride with i think a poll. KILLED (i will say this again) KILLED electra.
    came up with the most awsome ninja character EVER who is known as Ronin and then daredevil copyed him.

    um- what has ironfist done??mmmm oh yeah! the hammerhead mopped the floor with him! i forgot!!! wasnt ironfist the guy from the sinister 6 that ratted all the characters out like a snitch? and wasnt moonknight SHOT IN THE HEAD AND THROWN IN A RIVER AND LIVED?

    i could really go on with this really.

  22. In terms of X-Men, my favorite “lesser-known” character was always Banshee, but we know how lame a Banshee movie would be.

  23. Jamie:

    “no. nightwing is more then capable to be a superhero but he never got that chance with batman so he became nightwing. he is the most underrated character in comic books ever next to moonknight who has at some point beaten every single marvel character.”

    First, I never said Nightwing wasn’t a good superhero. I actually said he was a great character. But carrying a movie? Doubt it.

    Next….Moon Knight? Are you fucking kidding me? “Beaten every single Marvel character?” You are out of your mind, and woefully uneducated, my friend. Probably why you like Ben Frickin’ Reilly, one of the worst mistakes in Marvel history…

  24. Maybe they could simplify the CABLE story a little…
    Just Make that into a action packed movie, vs deadpool (ryan renolds)
    drop a lot of the history, maybe bring that up in movie 2. kinda like making the origin story 2nd.

    ALSO about dethlok, im pretty sure there was talks about that a year ago, going into script mode or getting the rights i forget.

  25. Superhero movies I’d like to see:

    I think Marvel is sitting on two niche’ franchises

    Heroes for Hire (Colleen Wing , Misty Knight , Tarantula, Shang-Chi, Humbug, Orka & their nerdy secretary guy who can’t be killed version)
    This would have 3 diverse females in the lead roles (Black, White, Latino). And have crossover appeal because Tony Stark gave Misty (when she was a beat cop) her robotic arm after she lost it in a bombing accident

    Power Pack – A potential kids movie blockbuster of Harry Potter potential.

  26. I love Cable, too, but it could be difficult to make sense of him in two hours. And I just have one word for the villain: Deadpool. A darker story with a ninja/assassin-for-hire feel to it could be done well.

    @Real Keeper: No love for Rob Liefield? I loved it when he came on the scene. He was a self-taught artist, broke into the business at 20, and turned New Mutants and X-Force into hits. He made a bigger splash before 25 than most artists make in their careers.

  27. I’m all for a Nightwing movie but I’m on the fence for a Cable movie.

    I think we need a Thunderbolts movie myself. Thunderbolts people! Who’s with me!

    Green Arrow with Black Canary as his side kick would be great.

    And of course Transmetropolitan.

  28. Personally I want to see A Guyver (reboot) movie. Original one sucked, second one was going in the right direction but is only enjoyable for the cheese and sweet fight sequences.

    The Maxx would be awesome as well.


    2 bad guys wouldnt be bad- carnage and ben or lizard and ben (itll be lizard AND carnage vs spiderman so this conversation is pointless)

    i actually am like- the only person in this website that liked spiderman 3 lol

    but let me say this reguarding your last comment- i think that ironfist would also kickas IF and only IF jason stathan plays him- hes the only one qualified for the role.

  30. i like the idea of a Cable and Bishop movie, and would prefer either one of those to an X-Men 4.

    movies i’d like to see made:

    1. Grendel (the Hunter Rose version)
    2. Iron Fist
    3. Batgirl (the Cassandra Kain version, though this is unlikely as female superhero movies have yet to do well)
    4. Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner with an appearance by Hal Jordan)

  31. kryptonite

    no. nightwing is more then capable to be a superhero but he never got that chance with batman so he became nightwing. he is the most underrated character in comic books ever next to moonknight who has at some point beaten every single marvel character

    i know nothing about the azrael guy but he looks raw as fuck

    and ben reilly is awsome no matter what the spiderman fans say- lots of heros get impostors- daredevil had like 4. all the villains from flash are flash replicas cuz the writer has no imagination but this is the only one thats got something to him- ben reilly has actually got a better suit then spiderman!

    maybe not a movie for himself but it would be cool to have him in say- spiderman 4 as a bad guy (change it up a little) and theyll have him do bad shit and spiderman takes the hate from the people…

  32. I say Cable would be awesome. He could face the four horsemen, Arc Angel, and Apocalypse.

    Others: and their respective villians

    Doctor Strange vs. Baron Mordo

    Black Cat vs. The Cameleon

    White Queen aka Emma Frost vs. Sebastian Shaw

    Scarlet Witch vs. Mephisto

    Iron Fist vs. The Mandarin

    Out of these I would like a Emma Frost film where she fights mutants from The Hellfire Club lead by Sebastian Shaw.

  33. If I’m gonna criticize, I’d better man up and give my own list.

    1. Iron Fist: The “7 Capital Cities of Heaven” story arc that just wrapped up had EVERYTHING we need in a movie: a kung fu tournament (a la Enter the Dragon), explosions, terrorists, explosions, runaway trains filled with explosives, secret ninja armies, more explosions….amazing film material, wrapped around deep characters.

    2. Booster Gold: A guy who (illegally) comes back in time from the 31st century with advanced technology, just to seek fame as a superhero…a complete goofball, for years no one ever took him seriously…now he has teamed up with Rip Hunter, another time traveller, to go to pivotal points in DC history and ensure that events happen as they should. He has become the most important hero in the DC Universe, but no one can ever know. Funniest comic book ever.

    I’ll throw down more ideas as they come to me….

  34. There are REASONS why these 5 are “lesser known” characters:

    1. Nightwing: will always be known as Batman’s apprentice. I love the character, but this limits him immensely as a star in his own movie.

    2., 3. Cable and Bishop don’t work unless you are a walking encyclopedia of X-Men history. Any movie with these guys would take 12 hours to tell properly.

    4. Azrael: Sorry, but this guy was LAME! The Knightfall story you are referencing was all about “You think Bruce Wayne is crazy obsessed? Now watch this!” No real depth to him at all. This is a B-movie, straight-to-DVD release at best. I’m thinking Elektra without the sharp dialogue.

    5. Ben Reilly? Are you kidding? You actually picked the lamest storyline in Spider Man history to base a movie around? Why not just use Brand New Day, and piss off EVERY Spider Man fan on the planet? (although that would remove Kirsten Dunst from the films. Not a bad idea after all….)

    1. unless you stick to the comics in which batmans dead now XD.
      I’m actually for turning Nightwing into a movie. Although he has relations to Batman he isn’t automatically subjected to falling inhis shadow. some of these could include him in bludhaven or new york on his own like he has been in the comic books. he certainly has existed without the aid of batman in most of his comic book series.
      howeevr if there was a love intrest i’d have to suggest barbara gordon as oracle for that.

  35. i think that if they make a 3rd batman and they introduce robin…they should name him nightwing just because robin sounds homo and nightwing sounds raw.

    i know that nightwing is only nightwing after he leaves batman but i just think it might be kinda cool

  36. dude!!!!
    i used to ALWAYS play with that ben reilly suit in the spiderman videogame for playstation 1. yeah a film with that guy wouldnt be too bad. and that batman villain ive never seen before but he looks extremely badass. nice list man

    1 thing though

    moonknights my favorite superhero, but hes too much to be in this list- but not famous enough to be in a movie but id still put him in this list

  37. I always liked Deathlok, but I think those unfamiliar with the comic (i.e. just about everyone) would assume it was a RoboCop rip-off. It would be a very dark tale, but if handled correctly I think it would make an awesome flick.

  38. Agree on everything, but have to especially agree with the “Age of Apocalypse” being one of the best story arcs ever, followed closely by the Onslaught saga (where Bishop’s “traitor” arc closed).
    But we will never see these on the movie screen, although a straight-to-DVD animation may happen (please!).

  39. @John

    Great Post, totally agree with you. Cable and Bishop are complete badasses. Here are a few I would like to see.

    1.Quantam and woody
    2. Pride and Joy (ennis)
    3.XMAN (who is cable)
    4. battlechasers
    5. The Tick (high budget film)
    6. Iron fist

  40. I think I’d have to toss my vote in for Azrael. He’d definitely be an interesting character to see in a movie, given what kinda part he plays, not to mention the whole Knightfall story arc was pretty sweet and if they ever decided to adapt it, it could make for a real kick-ass Batman flick. ‘Course, that means they would probably have to throw in Bane, too, and I’d like to see that guy put into action when it’s not Schumacher behind the wheel.

  41. All those late 80’s/90’s comic characters SUCK so bad. Cable is in the top five worst comic characters ever created. Ever. Right in front of Bishop. 90’s X-men = some of the worst comics ever written. X-Men with guns, STUPID! Also some of the worst comic art EVER!

  42. I actually think Nightwing could be pulled off in the proper hands and I would love to see it!

    I also would like to see Cable and Bishop have movies, but wow– to tell Cable’s story. Hollywood would F that up. They couldn’t even bring the Phoenix story to screen without murdering it. So many good stories in the X-verse, but in a way they are better off left on the pages of the comic.

    @Grettin –
    I would really enjoy seeing a Sandman movie, but I do wonder how well it would translate to film.

  43. I think NightWing would make a great movie if done in the same realism as the newest Batman flicks.
    For Cable and Bishop, I think time travel is a real hard thing to do well and have people except it. I think the more sci-fi that goes into a comic book movie, the more people turn away from it (not that it should be this way).
    I like a lot of the ideas mentioned, I just also want to state I am against an AntMan movie.Really….Antman?

  44. I believe Nightwing could make for interesting movie, not too crazy about the others though. Cable and Bishop have always seemed to go through periods without direction or interest, and Ben is a sore spot for Marvel.

    I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Azrael, cool look anyways.

    My list of the obscure, but deserving of a movie, comic characters are:

    Cloak and Dagger: (Marvel):

    Shang-Chi: (Marvel) A modern action/martial arts movie done in the old HK way, with Donnie Yen.

    Unkown Soldier: (DC)

    Death: (DC)

    Usagi Yojimbo: (Dark Horse) Out of the shadow of the Ninja Turtles.

    And finally;

    Rocket Racoon:(Marvel) His story must be told!

  45. Hey Klandathu

    Did you know they’re already making a Jonah Hex movie? The Crank guys (Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor) have written and are directing i.

  46. With the exception of Ben Reilly i would like to see all of them. What if they actually made the “Azrael takes over”-storyline into a two-parter. Personally i think that would be great.

    I have been watching the Teen Titans cartoon. In that there is a character called Raven that i think could make a great movie

  47. The thing about those guys is that they’d need appearances by the other major superheroes in order for their origins to be told (except for Azrael, unless you’re doing the whole Knightfall thing). So either you have a superhero cameo, or the minor character makes an appearance in one of the movies focused on the major heroes. As much as I’d like to see them, I’m afraid they’d come off as nothing more than cheesy spin-off movies.

    Now, give me a Jonah Hex movie.

  48. As for Cable and Bishop, I feel that a solid introduction in a future X-Men film, or perhaps even series of films dealing with the epic “Age Of Apocalypse” storyline would more than do them justice, and is actually perhaps a much greater possibility than any of the Batman characters… The current direction of that series doesn’t seem to lend itself to either character just yet… but perhaps The Dark Knight might change my mind?

  49. I’m with you on Ben Reilly. I personally think it’d be great if Marvel announced a “reboot” or a new take of the Spiderman franchise – and have the character of Peter Parker actually turn out to be Ben… it could be a perfect excuse to tell the story from a different perspective, and would be a perfect set up for a much wider arc that could be picked up with the Scarlet Spider, and perhaps even the Clone Saga being introduced in there somewhere. After the dissaster that was Spiderman 3, this could be a great way to reintroduce the franchise and characters.

  50. i think the problem is that the stories are very complicated, “he’s the son of the seventh clone of the third nephew of the fourth batman and was born in the future in a spaceship that was traveling to the past”
    leaving that aside, bishop seems to be the coolest of this characters.

  51. Let me say first off, I love superhero movies. And I repeat, I love superhero movies, but… I really don’t want to see an offshoot of Spiderman or Batman. I just think they would be less than the originals, for me. Why not make the others that John mentioned. I have never heard of them for one and they do sound interesting. I don’t know why they don’t make a new one that no one knows anything about. I think that was why The Matrix was so cool, well the first one anyway. Was Neo a superhero and is he relatively new, like from the eighties or so?

  52. who the F cares about spidey clones…what really would be nice is the cable bishop idea….dude bishop is the man….kinda like a gun toting rogue…and cable hates vegetables! ….ps bishop can kill at will if he had a little more game and cable did have serious issues.

  53. Yeah it came out that he was the real Spiderman after the backlash that the comic received…if they really thought it was a good story they would have sticked to their guns…but its the beauty of comic books…you can undo what went wrong with a simple…OH…I’ve changed my mind or…OH…it was all a dream.

    I know I’m partly biased about this I just feel that it would be a hard story to sell, especially now they have established the Spiderman character (fairly well) on film.

    I’m not saying I wouldn’t see it if it came out, I just don’t think its a great idea.

  54. nice article Campea. & kudos on the Why Iron Man Is Better Than Batman Begins one. i totally had the same thoughts on it.

    yeah i’d like to see most of these guys on film except maybe Ben Reilly. the Clone Saga which featured him would be better suited to a tv series as it’s too long & convuluted to be resolved in a film or two. as for Cable & Bishop not being known by non-comic readers, i’d have to disagree somewhat there as there are at least 2 generations of cartoon watchers who know both of them from the different animated X-Men series that probably never picked up a comic. most older heads know Nightwing as the original Robin. Azrael & the KnightFall arc of Batman would be a cinematic masterpiece under the right director. plus then maybe we’d get to see Bane not get treared like stepchild.

  55. Hey Jason,

    Gotta disagree with you. First of all, it comes out that Peter IS the original Spider-Man. Secondly, who cares… Ben is an amazing character and his situation would make for a great story.

  56. I’d have to say 100% no way on the Ben Reilly flick. If anyone who saw a film based on this story, came away loving it…then they need to be put down. It made an entrie mockery of the Spiderman comic book by basically saying that Parker was never the orginal Spiderman.

    Makes me sick thinking of it.

    A spinoff of The Lizard from Spiderman would be cool…doing it from his perspective.

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