The Ruins, Leatherheads, Nims Island Open This Weekend… Who the Frack Cares!?!?! Battlestar Galactica Is Back On Friday!!!


It’s been soooo bloody long. But finally, after a YEAR, the final season of the very best television series of all time is starting this Friday. Everything else is dead to me. My phone will be off, my computer will be unplugged, my doors will be locked… women wanting sexual intercourse with me will have to hold it (ok, that never really happens anyway)… because frack everything else. Battlestar Galactica is back on the air baby!!!

I still remember when I first heard they were re-making Battlestar Galactica. I thought it was such a stupid idea. And holy hell… they’re making Starbuck a WOMAN!?!?! Dirk Benedict would roll in his grave (if he was dead)! But totally by accident I stumbled across the series premier while hanging out at my parents ranch… and within 10 minutes I was totally hooked.

I won’t go into some long diatribe about why I love this show so much… I’ve done that enough over the last couple of years. All I can say is that like a crack addict, I’m overcome with joy to see my sweet sweet sugar on the horizon again! I love movies above anything else… but this weekend George Clooney can kiss my ass. Jodie Foster can go fly a kite and some little bad horror movie about a jungle will have to wait. Battlestar Galactica is finally back, and my precious attention can not be divided.


(I’m such a nerd)

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17 thoughts on “The Ruins, Leatherheads, Nims Island Open This Weekend… Who the Frack Cares!?!?! Battlestar Galactica Is Back On Friday!!!

  1. Battlestar Galactica, even when it’s so-so, is still one of the best shows on television today. It’s a series that was definitely done right and I’m glad that we’re going to get a definitive beginning, middle, and end with very little floundering in the middle unlike some other shows… *coughLOSTcough*

    I can’t wait to see what happens.

    So say we all.

  2. I cant wait but I think Season 3 sucked. The whole season felt like a large filler episode. Offcourse I did like a few episodes but for the most part it sucked.

  3. I am sooooo excited about this return. God I hope it finishes with a bang. I believe we get ten episodes this year and then ten next year. Is that the plan still? That instead of a twenty episode stretch we get half now and half later. Can anyone confirm that?

  4. Oh, yeah, a lil BSG. Thought season three was just OK, but they sure ended it with a mindfrack. I’m counting the minutes and I’m excited about the fact that the new season picks up right where last season ended.

    Hulu is cool… spent my last two weeks of lunches watching firefly… and when I’m done, I might just start over again. God that show kicked ass.

  5. I am as giddy as a little girl. The last year without BSG has been torture. Let’s just hope they won’t wait until 2009 with the last half of season 4.

    And while we are talking TV, anybody see South Park last night. Canada went on strike

  6. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s final season and Doctor who series four…. ahhhhhh…. GEEK heaven!

    These two shows are some of the best programs on television right now and are really showing just how good that scifi(and tv at all for that matter) can be if handled the right way. I don’t really consider either show scifi though… they’re more drama with heavy scifi elements than anything else.

    As much as I love BG though… I gotta’ say it, Doctor Who is my real passion. This show has been nothing short of excellent since Russell T Davies brought it back a few years ago and this new series looks to be the best one yet. I mean c’mon, how can you go wrong when you’ve got Davros and Rose Tyler(who would have ever thought that Billie Piper, a girl who was once the English equivalent of Britney Spears could have ever ended up becoming such an outstanding actress?) both coming back in one series?!?! Besides, any program that can make a grown man break down and cry(which this show has done on several occasions) is OK in my book!

  7. Yeah and The Office returns tonight as well!

    PLUS I get Entourage Season 3 in the mail today!!! WOOHOO! (I’m freaking ADDICTED to that show now).

  8. @Phil

    That’s where the light is. That longing for the next episode, watching past episodes for fun bits (zoom to the console screens above the main ships), and waiting in anticipation for someone to scream frak while sitting at the bar…. Okay, so gathering people at a bar to watch the new season premiere is a little unorthodox, but what’s better than BS? BS and beer. BS and women. BS and women with beer. Hell, all the vices.

  9. “I won’t go into some long diatribe about why I love this show so much… I’ve done that enough over the last couple of years.”

    But we’ve missed you and Darren talking about it. You’ve both made me determined to watch all of Battlestar Galactica when it’s finished. The only reason i haven’t already is because i didn’t want to end up like you guys, longing for new episodes like crack addicts needing a fix.

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