Batman Gotham Knight DVD Trailer online

Yahoo has released the trailer for BatMan Gotham Knight. A direct to dvd animated anthology of 6 short films that tie the span between Batman Begins and this summer’s Batman Dark Knight.

Each film appears to have its own look and feel, yet coherently similar as not to tread on anything in the other bits. If they can fit tidbits of each of these 6 films into a minute and a half trailer and not make it look like a preview for 6 different cartoons, I think they are doing ok!

So far in the trailer we see Batman doing cool Batman stuff, and facing off against what I assume to be Kiler Croc, the ManBat, and Deathstroke. There are others there I didnt get to identify, but they were on the screen for half a second each.

You can see the trailer at Yahoo!

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6 thoughts on “Batman Gotham Knight DVD Trailer online

  1. The trailer looks great, but I’m just hoping the animation will be brill – part of animated movies /is/ the animation, and so expect these shorts to be in par in that area. By the looks of the trailer, they use way to much CGI, but otherwise the animation seems like it’s going to be great.

    Kevin Conroy as Batman again is going to be fantastic, too.

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