Djimon Hounsou Set To Star In Comic Book Trilogy

Dij-1We have news today that Djimon Hounsou is set to star in his very own comic book trilogy! We get the saucy scoop from our friends at IESB:

At today’s Never Back Down junket, star Djimon Hounsou revealed to IESB that he’ll be starring in his dream project soon — a comic book trilogy. He’d say no more than that so let the speculation begin… starting with me. The obvious answer is that Hounsou is talking about staring as The Black Panther in the inevitable Fantastic Four 3. Tim Story mentioned in an IGN article nearly a year ago that Hounsou was his ideal choice for the Wakandan King. If this is the case, it’s actually perfect casting (outside of it being another Story-directed Fantastic Four film).

The other possibility, though, that I’m not entirely willing to shake is that Hounsou might be talking about Tintin. Hounsou mentions that this is a dream project for him. While Tintin may not be the biggest bit of pop-culture this side of the Atlantic, it’s still extremely popular in Europe — especially in France where Hounsou moved when he was 13. Add in the Spielberg connection and the fact that Tintin’s being done as a trilogy and I think its speculation with some potential.

At the Never Back Down junket Djimon Hounsou discussed his intensive MMA training for the film, but also his previous training in Boxing and Kung Fu. He has a strong personal interest in Martial Arts and spoke of their benefits at the round table interview. He said he enjoyed the light hearted nature of the film as opposed to some of the heavier dramas he has been in; so it doesn’t surprise me that he wants his own comic book trilogy, and I think he will make for a great super hero lead.

To the above guesses I am going to add Power Man. I would love to see a film based on the marvel character Luke Cage. He could have his own trilogy and then we could continue on with the team up of Power Man and Iron First. Power Man is not necessarily the most popular character, but neither is Ant Man and they a making a movie about him. With so much money to be made from comic book films, I think they are going to try as many different characters as possible; that means we will start to see B-List heros being called up from the bench. I think using lesser known characters could make for some fantastic films, and find it exciting to see people with vision make the most of them.

Whoever the character – I will say this. Djimon Hounsou has the stuff needed to be an action hero, and it is high time they took advantage of this. I look forward to the announcement that lets us in on the news of who this hero will be.

International friends, what character do you think Djimon Hounsou will play?

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9 thoughts on “Djimon Hounsou Set To Star In Comic Book Trilogy

    i hope this is so that he can be in the avengers- HE BETTER BE!
    i dont care if its him or not but….just have black panther in the big screen i dont care…

  2. I was just going to say how extremely racist the early Tintin books were. And it was not only black people, jews , native americans and latinos got their share of stereotypical imagery.

  3. Black Panther will not be in Fantastic Four 3. Dijion signed on for 3 films on a dream project. Black Panther is part of the Merill Financing agreement with Marvel Studios and is in their facility. Fox will never see Black Panther unless they buy Marvel out.

  4. Trilogy, eh? Well, TinTin, a character I’m not that familiar with, can be updated/adapted to alter any contreversies it may or may not have had. My bet is on that *because*

    Let’s say he IS T’Chilla in “Fantastic Four 3”. As much as I didn’t mind the second film…even I have to concede my disappointment at the central reason that film was hyped- The Silver Surfer wasn’t in it all that much and his biggest two fights was a choke hold on the Human Torch and giving a power zap on Doctor Doom. That was…yeah. That was it. Now we’re going to put a non-cosmic powered hero dude in the midst of The Fan Four.

    Makes sense to me

    The main reason? Spin Panther off as one of the Avengers.

    Makes sense to me

    Oh, one last thing. Now that New Line is being disinegrated…I wonder if that means BLADE falls back to Marvel…

  5. Djimon Hounsou is a great actor and he deserves better than supporting roles. About Tintin, it may be popular in Europe but don’t forget that some Tintin’s Albums, drawn in the 20’s-30’s, are racist (especially “Tintin in Congo”). So I’m not sure Djimon is necessarily a big fan of Tintin.

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