Will Ferrell And Heidi Klum Photo Set

Will Ferrell and Heidi Klum did some cross marketing for Semi Pro and the Sports Illustrated 2008 Swimsuit Edition. Thanks to cimematical for the heads up!

Here are some of the pictures from their photo shoot:




The release date for Semi Pro will soon be upon us. Feb. 29 is almost here and the promotion for this film has been massive, everywhere I go i see the face of Jackie Moon looking back at me. The photo shoot with Klum was a pretty cool idea, and you can see the full set of pictures at Sports Illustrated.

The buzz for this does not seem to be there. On the boards people generally do not seem to be enthused about this one, and as much as I like Ferrell – I am not feeling it for Semi Pro. The trailers haven’t been able to hook me, but I am hoping for the best; now we wait and see.

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