Re-Edits a Concern for Fanboys

One of my most anticipated films ever has been Fanboys. Its taking forever for this thing to come out, and its been a LONG time since I heard about it being made. For those of you unfamiliar, the story is about a group of dedicated Star Wars fans in the late 90s who have a friend who is dying of cancer. It doesn’t look like he will live long enough to see Episode One so they set up a crazy scheme to break into Skywalker Ranch and steal it so they can share in their common passion of Star Wars with their friend.

Well maybe not. Cinematical reports:

The “dying of cancer” storyline was completely dumped, and, instead, the fanboys are now trying to sneak a copy of Phantom Menace simply because they’re fans and want to see it. According to my source, the story is now “disjointed, nonsensical and lacking any heart.”

After a pile of test filming, they have decided to go with the version they spent a ton of money rehashing. Maybe just to justify the spedature of an extra $2million.

I think this is totally the wrong way to do this. The cancer story gave us a believable “in”. Why else would crazy fans want to go to such lengths to see this unreleased movie that will just come out in general release a little later. There is no urgency. Why risk everything just to say you did? Its an empty motivation, and as suggested it removes the “heart” from the film.

This is what made Superbad such a good movie. It wasn’t the cussing and awkward teen sex gags that made it great, it was the heart in the middle of all the gags. This is something I was hoping to see in Fanboys. Mostly since it is about Star Wars (which I am a superfan of) and because it had some real story value. Now it looks like they are making it into a fluff gag movie.

The very fact that this movie is called FANBOYS means that fanboys are going to be the target audience. Fanboys are passionate about their fandom, and this film deserves better.

If I find out they removed scenes of Kristen Bell in the Slave Leia costume I am going to stage a boycott.

If this does wreck the film, I hope one day a directors cut for this film comes out so we can see which version we really would have wanted.

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13 thoughts on “Re-Edits a Concern for Fanboys

  1. Maybe the cancer aspect is too dark for what the story to be fun and light hearted? Sure, it may give the premise a better story arc, but you can’t deny that stupidity often plays a large part in what people do… Just look at Jackass and that should be proof enough…

  2. And agreed about Superbad’s heart. The first thing I think of when I think of Superbad isn’t McLovin’ or the dick drawings…it’s that shot at the end of the guys turning back and having that one last glance. Perfect.

  3. “This is what made Superbad such a good movie. It wasn’t the cussing and awkward teen sex gags that made it great, it was the heart in the middle of all the gags”

    well put rodney…i completely agree with you. we need to make campea understand that…he does not think superbad has any heart and that is just crazy. that is why it manages to transcend the teen sex comedy genre into something else entirely.

    sorry…i juts fucking love superbad.

    I agree with kristina. i have no hope for a film that has been cut and re cut to this extent this film has.

  4. This movie is never coming out, and if it does, I’ll skip it until it comes to my local bittorrent. A movie that’s been butchered and re-shot and re-edited to this extent has to be a piece of shit.

  5. * SPOILERS *

    Anyone see Y Tu Mama Tambien. That film wouldn’t have had anywhere near the impact in the end if you hadn’t found out she had cancer.

    *End Spoilers*

    Keep the big C in. It changes it from being a stupid road movie to a touching stupid road movie.

  6. The moment I found out they were taking out the cancer storyline I lost interest for the same exact reasons you stated above, Rodney.

    It becomes a cheap lame story if these kids just break into the Skywalker Ranch for the sake of seeing Episode I before everyone else. The nobility behind the act disappears and these kids become no better than criminals. We might have some laughs along the way, but that is not enough of a reason to care.

  7. I would of loved for them to keep the cancer story. They could have made the most awesome Dramedy that there ever was if they had kept the original premise.

  8. Well, you have a point. But I think it’s ultimatley the right decision. It sounds like this is supposed to be a comedie. The cancer premise takes the funny right out it.
    Remember that movie One Last Thing, where the cancer kid uses the One Last Wish Foundation to get a week alone with a super model? Awesome idea, but you just feel bad watching it, because you know the kids gonna die. No, if your going to do a cancer movie, make it serious, don’t put it in a comedie.

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