MGM to Produce Stigmata 2

in the category of “Movies no one asked to be made” we find out that there may be a sequel to a movie 9 years after the modest success of the first – Stigmata.

Cinematical Says:

According to Shock, the sequel will be written by one Sean Hood, the art director turned screenwriter that horror freaks will no doubt remember from flicks like Cube 2, Crow 4, and Halloween 8.

Seems like they have picked the right guy to pen this thing. He specializes in sequels we didn’t care about.

Frankly I didn’t really see the big deal with the first movie so I don’t see much of a “need” for a sequel. The Hollywood equation seems to imply that if a movie makes money, write a sequel.

Wring every drop of blood from those biblical inspired flesh wounds.

Baby Jesus would be proud.

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5 thoughts on “MGM to Produce Stigmata 2

  1. What the hell? Did some producer see the original being played on TNT for the 1,000th time and think “Hey, I could totally make a sequel to that!”

    I hate people.

  2. No need for this & good luck with MGM getting Patricia back for the sequel. With the success of Medium they will have to pay her half the budget.


    Maybe this is a blessing in disguise for my film “For Christ’s Sake”

    Maybe we will get more hits and potential viewers when this comes out. Never know.

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