Corey Haim’s Attempt at a Comeback

Today I was browsing through my guilty pleasure site, and I saw something that made me put my hand over my mouth in shock. Take a look at the full page ad Corey Haim put out in Variety recently:

After viewing this, I felt like I had just witnessed two hours of bad auditions on ‘American Idol.’ I feel so humiliated….for him. Honestly, this article should make you feel better about any embarrassing thing you’ve ever done in your lifetime.

This ad will NOT help his attempt at career, however, at least he got a small role in ‘The Lost Boys 2’ after all. :)

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23 thoughts on “Corey Haim’s Attempt at a Comeback

  1. Give the guy a break. It kills me to see a guy with so much talent lose it all because of addiction. What I see is a man trying to find himself and when he does find himself he will get the help he needs before it is too late. Corey do not give up on yourself you will make it through this just believe in yourself. No one can help you but yourself. Show the world that Corey is not a fluke. There is to much hate in the world, maybe it is time to start having faith in each other.

  2. Heidi: I think what people are irked about, what I am anyway, is that all this is is a ploy to get noticed in Hollywood again. Wanna make amends? Go call up or visit everyone you pissed off….privately. Why go public about it? That’s like donating to charities and then making sure everyone knows about it…..wink, wink Angelina. Now if Corey Haim is really interested in getting back into Hollywood, which is my guess anyway, start with opening the trades and showing up for auditions…..*straight*.

  3. Some of these negative comments are so sad. What gives any of you the right to judge? I’m not condoning his past behavior, however, ALL of us are guilty of doing stupid things. I think it takes guts of steel to open himself up to negative, ruthless idiots. I hope he makes it and I hope he betters himself in every way.

  4. I think he is very brave for doing this..All of you that are downing him, can ya’ll say ya’ll are brave enough to make amends to people that you have wronged? I bet ya’ll won’t even admit to doing anything wrong..

  5. Very Very Sad…I had a friend who knew him, said he acted like an 11 year old. Also said he was still drugged out of his mind..lots and lots of pills. Maybe instead of making money off this pathetic kid..someone could get him some help??

  6. @4LeggedPiper
    Take it easy dude, I dont think anyone is really poking fun but the situation is a little Sad but also a little amusing. Its a Blog people are intitled to their opinions. Anyone why are you still posting you said goodbye already

  7. well, you just made my point. Making fun of him is just something everyone has already done. That’s all I was saying. It’s too easy to poke fun. Be original for once, but you can’t. Sure I laughed when I saw it, but at the same time I saw the other side to it. All I’m saying is that most here just seem to mimic the thoughts that others have repeatedly stated over and over. blah blah. Yes I’ve moved on, but that doesn’t mean I won’t check the comments to what I said. I am normal.

  8. Wellll personally, I reserve the right to make fun of people who publicly demonstrate that they just don’t know when to let go and move on with their lives. I think it’s fun and it’s funny and maybe it will help others to get a clue and move on with their lives in similar situations and not take themselves and things so seriously as you so obviously do. I would hope that others would do the same for me if I ever became so clingy to a person or situation.

    That said, I am glad you are moving on, as is true of anyone who wants to tell people to ‘shut up’ and censor them in a public forum.

    There’s a screen door to the kitchen that’s become too hot for you. Make sure your butt doesn’t hit it on the way out.

  9. personally I think it is a sad situation. But to make fun of this guy is an even worse thing to do. Who cares about this ad? Not me. And if the guy can really back up what he states in this ad then so be it. He burned a lot of bridges.
    But WE ALL HAVE. Give the guy a break instead of laughing for once. There are many people out there with serious problems who try to move on, but yet get drawn back into desperation because, like half the people here on this board just laugh and make a joke of their lives. Sure, the ad may look ridiculous, but why be like everyone else. Not one person here has said anything that a thousand other people haven’t. You are not original in your thought so just shut the hell up. TMB posters really have nothing original to say anymore. But I guess your pampered lives are soooo much better aren’t they. Kicking an addict when he’s down is so gratifying isn’t it? So long to this website and good riddance to the people that post here.

  10. Granted Corey Haim is a little bit of a joke, but let’s say someone decides to give him a chance beyond this small part in LB2? And what if he does a decent job? Anything is possible… If he’s sincere then what is so bad about a second chance?

  11. i don’t see what is so bad about this.

    he would appear to be trying to come to terms with his problems. i appreciate the transparency.

  12. At least there’s a reward for surfing porn ;)

    Corey Haim needs to realize that he burned too many bridges in Hollywood and needs to find something else to do. I just don’t think he’ll ever be at the status he was back in the 80’s, he is no John Cusack. Not to mention his acting is just bad, and just from seeing what I saw on his reality show he’s a drama whore. Yes, I watched some of his reality show…I work nights damnit!

  13. whats with all these kewl kids trying to pick fights with John, Doug, and Serena all the sudden. Why come here just to say “You suck!” to the people that run the site with no reasoning behind it?

  14. lol….give her a break jeez….it is kinda funny looking at this ad….and sad.

    but yea serena, this was a poor attempt at getting work. i dont know what makes him think that agents are gonna take this seriously. on one hand poor guy. on the other….LOL. and what did he do that he needs to make amends?

  15. Honestly, Serena, I have significantly less respect for you now that I know you visit Perez Hilton, even if it is a “guily pleasure”.

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