New ‘Prom Night’ Remake Trailer

Hey for the few of you that care to see another horror remake which makes a mockery of the original, has posted the official trailer.  Click HERE to view the trailer.

The film stars Brittany Snow and Jonathan Schaech. I refuse to watch the trailer, so comment below and tell me what I’m missing. :P  

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21 thoughts on “New ‘Prom Night’ Remake Trailer

  1. Now why exactly should we care about this remake or the original? I’ve never seen the original and its IMDB rating (4.9) suggests it is a pretty bad movie. Also, the writer of the remake is the same guy who wrote the Covenant and a lot of mediocre straight-to-video flicks. The director has also only worked in television so far, directing 1 episode here and there. So it will most likely be a crappy remake of a crappy movie. Just ignore it.

  2. This PG-!3 shit really makes you want to boycott hollywood. I mean they do this to make money, but they really don’t make anything until the UNCUT UNRATED DIRECTORS EDITION DVD comes out, because people actually think they’re going to see a scary movie, which you still don’t. I’ll continue to watch my movies for free until they make something worth paying for. Hollywood can go SCREW!!!!!
    Compliments of Anthony Cumia. Haji.

  3. PG-13 means it’ll make more money. This isn’t really a big deal, there are plenty of better movies than Prom Night to get your gore quota.

  4. If they are going to remake it, remake it right. The Original Prom Night was rated R for a reason. Why make it PG-13, cause teens will see it. Hollywood throws all respect for older fans out the windows, for this junk. What’s even more stupid is that is doesn’t even come close to anything remotely the same as The Original.

  5. “i don’t understand why people bitch and moan so much every time a remake surfaces as it’s only going to keep happening as there a very few new ideas coming up nowadays.”

    This is a common battle cry from people who defend remakes. There are plenty of original ideas and twists on established formulas out there. The problem is that remakes are bringing in the money, so studios are going with the safer bets for now.

  6. You’re missing nothing. Just another lame kill some teens movie…yet again….and again…and again…

    I would like to get up one morning and have no more of these “kill a teen” type movies. At least stop making them for a few years. Try to get ppl to forget. Maybe then these flicks will make actual $.

  7. So very happy to see Idris Elba getting work post-Wire. I really dig this actor and would love to see him in more stuff.

    A Seriously talented cat.

    The movie itself? Likely a pretty generic horror where pretty people get picked off one by one. Until the shocking ending you just won’t believe. Except that you saw it coming 5 minutes into the film.

  8. Hollywood (and certain people on the blog) think that if you throw money at something you will have a good product. Every time they try to remake a horror flick it turns out to be utter crap. Maybe the originals lacked production value, but at least the filmmaker was passionate and genuine about what they were doing. Economically driven horseshit is all these remakes are! I guess I keep forgetting how young some of the posters on this site are.

  9. No need to call it a mockery. Just call it crap. Cuz that’s what the trailer makes it out to be. You guys think that looks decent? Good acting? All around terrible except for the main cop guy. Nothing about the trailer was remotely scarey or suspensful. Half of it is playing some crappy song that seems completely out of place.

  10. though it’s not likely to climb much higher than say 58 on my most anticipated movies of 2008, the trailer isn’t half bad for what it is. And I’m sorry but the original was a piece of crap rip-off of Halloween so anything might be an improvement, the best thing they can do is make a mockery of the original. As mentioned before it’s got a pretty solid cast with actual acting chops. At least it seems to be moving away from the torture porn slasher style.

  11. No, of course you’re right serena. This site is one of the fastest and best for news, hence the reason i always come here. I just hate it when people bag on something before even seeing it. But seeing as John is the editor of this site, i should get used to it!!!!

  12. Some good acting talent in that movie though. Brittany Snow was excellent on American Dreams just like Scott Porter is on Friday night lights. Idris Elba played Stringer Bell in The Wire, which ought to have won him a bucket load of Emmys and Golden globes. The strongest character on the single best piece of art ever created in the history of the world should make a decent addition to his CV. You people better be watching the last season of the Wire that is starting this weekend. Can’t believe we only have 10 more episodes. A fucking shame.

  13. Dean,

    I posted this trailer…because it WAS NEWS…simply that. NEWS! Other sites posted the trailer and did not watch it. If you haven’t noticed, the guys have been away, and I have to keep up with what’s going on in the movie world.

    Everybody on this site has knowledge on all different aspects of movies…(NOT ALL MOVIES) Just because I haven’t seen something, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t put it up. The fans come first, right?

    So please, stop being such a smart aleck! :P

  14. Serena, this is the second time i’ve noticed this about your reporting, and i think it is very poor of you to comment on something without even watching it. If you haven’t looking at the trailer, how on earth can you know that the re-make is going to be “a mockery of the original”.

    I think some people need to realise the times in which we are living in when it comes to movie making. The late 70s early 80s hey day is at an end. studios want cash. i don’t understand why people bitch and moan so much every time a remake surfaces as it’s only going to keep happening as there a very few new ideas coming up nowadays.

    And besides, who says remakes are a bad thing? The original prom night looks extremely cheesy and dated in certain parts so why not give it a makeover and introduce people to a film that they might never have heard of?

    Once again serena, why don’t you watch something before being so harsh to it??

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