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Good sweet gracious! It looks like we have another poster to share today, this time the Leatherheads are up thanks to our friends at comingsoon via slashfilm:


I think this could be a delightful film, I enjoy Clooney and John Krasinski; and from what I have seen, they seem to have great chemistry. Clooney looks surly with the black eye and should consider wearing one out to his next red carpet appearance. That would be bad-ass, he could bring a feral wolf as a date and hold his pants up with an cut off piece of an extension cord (with the plug end still on). Then he could use a stone hatchet to scalp Joan Rivers whilst screaming “I have the Scalp Of The Demon Queen (+3 Charisma), my mission is accomplished!”

Leatherheads is set for release April 4, 2008.

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9 thoughts on “Leatherheads Poster

  1. Does anybody think the 2nd guy from the left in the back row is Mark Walhberg? I know he isnt in this movie, but doesnt seem like a gag that George Clooney wouldnt try to pull off.

  2. I love Clooney’s look in that poster. He looks like some obscure cartoon character.

    Krasinki on the other hand has yet to prove he can do something else than be Jim.

  3. “Token fat guy and token black guy for the win!”.. too true!. The black guys expression already tells me he’s gonna be the comedic relief in the film..one to avoid for sure. Also Clooney and good taste.. often but not always.. think spykids, oceans 13 etc!

  4. Renee “lemon face” Zellweger is in this. That puts me off a bit. She does zippo for me. I’ve never liked her in ANYTHING. Even in Jerry Maguire, she was an annoying, needy, whiny little trick.

  5. the Football theme is a major turnoff for me, but I have enormous high regard for Clooney who constantly surprises me in his very good taste in projects, his willingness to take some artistic risks and his status as the only real great old fashioned Hollywood Movie Star. He’s got that same charm that Cary Grant had.

    Even though Krasinki’s forays into film have been disappointing, I am a huge Office fan and he has my support.

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