All Good Things

GoslingMichael London will be producing a mystery film named All Good Things starring Kirsten Dunst and Ryan Gosling, we get the scoop today thanks to our friends at comingsoon:

Kirsten Dunst (“Spider-Man” films) is in negotiations and Ryan Gosling has signed on to star in the period love story/murder mystery All Good Things for Michael London’s Groundswell Productions. Set in the 1980s, the story centers on the scion of a New York real estate dynasty (Gosling) who falls for a beautiful girl from the wrong side of the tracks (Dunst). But the fairy tale ends when the girl disappears. As a down-and-out detective stumbles on info that may lead to the truth, the political stakes get higher and people close to the case end up dead.

It sounds like Gosling will play a young Trump type character; like the Donald he will rule the 80’s from the urban jungle of NYC. There have been tons of “falling for someone from the wrong side of the tracks” films, but this one does throw in a delightful splash of murder. When it’s Kristen Dunst that’s being axed; suddenly the movie starts to sound very appealing!

Sometimes a film set in the 80’s is just a waste of time. Other than funny haircuts, not much seems to be different culturally. One film that used an 80’s setting to great effect was American Psycho. Focusing on the materialism and decadence of the decade suited the film perfectly and gave you a greater sense of the pressure placed on those in the rat race. If this London production uses the era in like fashion, I can see it being worthwhile and appropriate.

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